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Comment Re:The judge;'s job isn't to get livid. (Score 4, Informative) 404

PJ addressed this in her post at Groklaw, but very basically information that is already in the public domain can not effect the court, as the jury has already been instructed to avoid news and any other external information source containing information about the trial. Samsung's press release didn't contain anything that wasn't already in the public domain.
From Groklaw:

Remember in the SCO v. Novell trial, SCO's hair was on fire because it worried that the jury would visit Groklaw if an exhibit included the url and made Novell remove it after the judge refused to ban the exhibit itself? And why did he refuse? Because he said he relied on the jury to follow his instructions, adding that if you can't trust them to do that much, we might as well just quit.

Comment Re:GPU Parallel processing (Score 1) 973

Maybe something else is going on, maybe not. It was only a few months ago that slashdot was reporting that the wireless video feeds on UAVs were trivial to listen in on.

fake edit: found the orginal article here:

$26 software to "decrypt" the satellite video feed on a UAV. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that the US military didn't do a better job of covering itself this time too.

Comment Do not operate heavy machinery. (Score 1) 750

The fact that this question is even being asked indicates that not much thought has really been put into it. The patch fixes a problem you haven't run into yet, and may never run in to. Maybe patching it will be inconvenient or ultimately unnecessary. But when the consequences of running into the problem that the patch fixes include injuring or killing yourself and others, where's the debate? If the consequences of running into the bug only ran a risk of you killing yourself, with no possible harm to others, then and only in that case would I recommend against installing the patch.

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