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Red Steel Impressions Roundup 50

Ubisoft is working on one of the more 'adult' titles slated for the early days of the Wii launch, and there are lots of folks with opinions. From IGN's Red Steel hands-on: "Another important element to the gameplay, which is closely related to the story, is the idea of choice. In Japan, the Yakuza are not senseless killers -- they will only do so when forced into the position. With your girl in possession of the Yakuza, you'll need to become part of the culture, and earn opposing groups respect to get where you need to be. So you'll have to make choices with both your sword and your gun; you may want to perform a headshot or slash a guy's throat, but you can also force them to surrender. In the Yakuza this mutual respect and honor, this admission that one is beaten, is a real thing." More views below, if you Read More.
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Red Steel Impressions Roundup

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  • I want this game! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Stormwatch ( 703920 ) <<moc.liamtoh> <ta> <oarigogirdor>> on Thursday May 11, 2006 @02:06PM (#15310523) Homepage
    from the article:
    There are breaks in the gameplay where cutscenes roll, but they will be untraditional in that you will be able to look around as you please, and even interact in some cases.
    *cough* Half-Life *cough*

    But seriously, the Red Steel videos are impressive. That sword duel part was really exciting. There is another first-person swordfighting game, Maken X for the Dreamcast, and great as it was, its problem was that no control pad could ever have the precision for a "real" swordfight. I think Red Steel may end up being the Wii's killer app.

    • *cough* Half-Life *cough*

      Well, in defense, 'untraditional' still fits here since, while it isn't the first, it certainly isn't the norm.

      I'm hella excited about Red Steel.
    • Well if there wern't breaks your arms would KILL you. I'm guessing/hoping there are serious plot elements here where you spend 80% of your time negotiating/exploring and 20% fighting.
      • I'm seriously hoping this won't become an issue. I can't imagine anyone making such a huge fuss over a little exercise, but i do live in America.
        • Ok, YOU try holding your arm up infront of you with no support for more than 10 minutes.
          • i perfectly understand the point that is trying to be made here, and i won't say that there will be no difficulty in doing so, but it's all about conditioning. give yourself a week with that game and you'll be supporting your arms for a great deal longer than ten minutes. besides, your arms aren't fully extended. they'll remain somewhat close to your body. your elbows will eventually stick to your body for support. it's not that much of a work out because it will mostly be your forearms and triceps doing al
            • Either way an intelligent designer (no that that type of intelligent designer) will understand this issue though and design their games with breaks though. I've seen clips of people playing game that where for the most part they can sit and rest their arms on their legs just making small hand movements. But then periodically they must stand up for serious battles. Otherwise people will quickly tire of your game.. A game that people don't realize they are excersising is great. A game people quit because it
          • Obviously the game will have breaks. Do you think that they'll just throw sword fight after sword fight like a fighting game? ...

            That would be *awesome*! The Wii will make fighting games much more epic because when you get to the big boss you will actually be _tired_.
          • I've played tennis for 4 hours at a time whimp. :)
            • ok, but you take short breaks right? it's quite impressive that you do, but i think their concern stems from the general gaming popoulous which isn't very athletic. i myself do heavy lifting for about 45 mins straight but that's because my body is used to it. when i stop working out for a month(or more)and go back to it, the first three days are hell.
              • I originally shared your concerns -- using the new controller seemed like it might turn out to be a workout.

                After seeing more clips of the games (esp. Red Steel), I have to say I'm a heck of a lot less concerned. If someone were to offer to spend time teaching me how to paint, for instance, the last thing I'd be worried about is how tiring it might to hold and manipulate a brush for hours at a time.

                Maybe a better analogy might be an orchestra conductor moving his stick around in terms of movement. And if
            • Try playing tennis without ever letting your arm rest to your side inbetween sets. Your arm will literally detach itself from your body and strangle you to try and stop the agony.
          • Ok, YOU try holding your arm up infront of you with no support for more than 10 minutes.
            10 minutes is nothing. /old drum and bugle corps guy
    • "There is another first-person swordfighting game, Maken X for the Dreamcast, and great as it was, its problem was that no control pad could ever have the precision for a "real" swordfight."

      personally, i will stick with daikatana and superfly johnson. thank you very much.
    • Apparently, in Red Steel, the NPCs get pissed off if you try to leave while they talk to you. It's not like HL or XIII where you can fuck around and they'll keep talking.
      • I'd imagine eye-contact and speaking at the right time is very important culturally, especially in the Yakuza. Yeah I could see turning around while someone is talking you being a fast way to die. Then again there may be times when you are insulted and must react appropriately to keep your respectm maybe there IS a time to turn around when someone is talking to you, but listen for the sound of a sword being unsheithed or a gun coming out of hostler.
    • *cough* Half-Life *cough*

      They're different than Half Life. They said that if you wander off while someone is talking to you, they'll get angry at your "impudence".
  • Nintendo claimed it was targeting the Wii to a wider audience, old people, little kids, so on. Will this title advertised all over Wal-Mart's electronics aisle, and the demos running at Best Buy drive all but the geekiest gamers away?
    I think Nintendo needs titles like this to avoid being relegated to the casual market only, but I'm wondering how they will market it when they are also trying to sell to non-gamers.
    • Easy: it will be sold as the most realistic gun shoot-'em-up game hack and slash people with a sword game ever. What's more realistic than actually aiming at the screen and pulling a button-esque trigger?

      I highly doubt the honor and ability to force others to surrender is what's going to sell this game to non-gamers. Instead, the flagrant physically realistic violence will. ...are anyone else's Jack Thompson senses tingling? I sense... disgusting, slimeball joy. Eew.
    • Simple. Different commercials for different audiences.

      You run commercials for Red Steel during wrestling and other male oriented programming. You run commericals for more casual games during more female or generic audiences, like American Idol. Advertise the kid oriented games during cartoons and other childrens programming.

      Multiple advertising plans for multiple audiences.
    • "I think Nintendo needs titles like this to avoid being relegated to the casual market only ..."

      Good Lord, more of this garbage from people about how Nintendo needs senseless violence, hookers and people killing cops in order to "break away" from the casual gamer. Go back to playing your GTA LLVIII and I'll handle the casual gaming for you.

      The casual market (read Nintendo DS, et. al.) is KICKING THE FUCKING SHIT out of anything around. The 'casual' market is what made a title like the Sims one of the #1 s
      • There's nothing wrong with variety in your titles...

        I can't wait to play this game... I also can't wait to play the new Mario and the new Zelda. Nintendo catches a lot of flack because they don't really offer a variety, for the most part the titles on their system are equivalent to a Family film in terms of their content. They obviously don't NEED a variety to keep themselves in business, but as a gamer I really appreciate it when they offer me some adult oriented titles to round out their catalog. Lets
    • The game itself may not appeal to kids, or those who prefer nonviolence (or less violence) in videogames. That's OK. It shouldn't affect the console's sales.

      Nintendo will surely be advertising the next harry potter game, or animal-crossing-ish games, etc, for other demographics.

      I would love to see someone roll their own fencing simulator for the Wii. ;)
    • by Anonymous Coward
      Casual and Hardcore have almost nothing to do with the actual content, or the presentation of the content, it is more about the quantity of games played and their knowledge of the industry. You will have both Casual and Hardcore gamers which play everything from Animal Crossing to Grand Theft Auto (in fact many Hardcore gamers will have played both games). Games like America's Army have always been a pretty Hardcore game, not because they're graphically violent (there no blood or gore in AA) but because the
    • isn't Ubisoft in charge of marketing Ubisoft games on Nintendo's platform? So simply put, Nintendo is targeting Wii to a wide audience. Ubisoft (being mostly "hardcore" games maker) is targeting the hardcore audience, presumably to get a foothold as the "killer app". On a side note, When's the last time you heard a casual gamer say "killer app"?
    • I would imagine that the bulk of the promotion for the game can be handled by Ubisoft, no Nintendo needed. Nintendo can show a bit of the swordplay in commercials with a large montage of games but they don't need to promote the game on it's own.
  • DBtS (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    I wonder, does anybody else remember the game from Interplay called "Die By the Sword"? I remember playing this in the late nineties wasting many hours in the arena knocking limbs and heads off of other humans, kobolds, orcs, and ogres.

    It's main claim to fame was its sword control system. It allowed you to directly control a melee weapon with the keyboard, mouse, or joystick. It included force-feedback effects, which is how I played the game. Nothing like feeling the clash of your sword against a shield
    • DBtS was the first thing to pop into my head after seeing the Red Steel info a while back:

      "Holy crap, this controller thing would be PERFECT for a Die By The Sword remake/sequel!"
    • Yeah, DBtS was a fun game. I only had the keypad to play it with so it was tad awkward.
    • Die By The Sword would KILL on this system. I remember this is the first game (at least that I remember) where you could beat someone senseless with their buddy's leg.
    • Same here, DBtS was the first thing I thought of after hearing about this game on the Wii. I wonder if those guys are still alive out there. I remember a sequel to the game crashing in flames, with them leaving a statement that they'd like to upgrade the tech for a new game someday if fate allowed it.
  • Its true! (Score:5, Funny)

    by CarnivoreMan ( 827905 ) on Thursday May 11, 2006 @04:27PM (#15312039)
    The Yakuza are respectful. On an episode of The Simpsons when one of them accidently came flying through a window, he bowed before heading back out to rejoin the gang fight. He could have just killed everyone in site, like ninja's sometimes do, but no. He took the time to show the respect and bow. The're sweeties!
    • The Yakuza are respectful. On an episode of The Simpsons when one of them accidently came flying through a window, he bowed before heading back out to rejoin the gang fight. He could have just killed everyone in site, like ninja's sometimes do, but no. He took the time to show the respect and bow. The're sweeties! [sic]

      If Chuck Norris [] had been thrown through a window, just bowing would have killed everyone in the room!

  • It does look awesome.
  • I played it at E3 (Score:5, Informative)

    by Zovreign ( 974466 ) on Friday May 12, 2006 @10:22AM (#15317164)
    The demo needs more polish, the game still looks like a dreamcast/gc game graphics wise [not from screen shots but actually physically playin it], the control is neat, but the whole experience came off as some sort of cheesy virtual cop clone. Not in that its a shooter on rails, but its a shooter with limited exploration. Maybe the final game won't be like this, but at the Wii booth, you started in a building, go through some simple sword fighting tutorials [where the first guy is just standing there letting you him them. The second guy you fight with the sword actually attacked you back, but its nothing like what was shown in the wii demo videos.

    After some sword fighting you spend the rest of the game going down narrow alleyways where guys pop up ala virtua cop, and you have to mow them down. The enemys were shaded kinda odd, their lighting and shading didn't fit the environment they were in, you could be fighting in a panchino palour, and the environment can be full of red and purple neon lights, but the guys wwere being shaded bright tan or yellow with a really harsh rim light, making them look like they were just cut and pasted there.

    I'm really trying not to be mr. negative here, and I'm sure I'm going to get a ton of people calling me a poo poo head, but it was one of the weakest titles that was in the living room subsection of the wii booth [yes I'm counting Tennis and the Conductor game in that assessment].

    So hopefully the final product will actually be a good title, but as it stands right now, it feels like hype.
    • I agree it needs a lot more polish, but I'm not sure if this version is anything to judge by. It had the feel of being mostly a controller demo. I doubt that demo will make it into the game intact.

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