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Comment Re:better idea (Score 1) 128

I don't know if it is the same company or the same software, but I took a certification exam recently, and they are paranoid. They require you to install software that shares your screen and controls your camera and microphone. Some bored off-shore worker watches you the whole time. If you look away from the screen or keyboard too much, or they hear you talking they can invalidate the exam.

Comment Re:Just what I wanted.. (Score 1) 125

I knew there would be a comment about this, and you are right. For very quick games, especially multi-player, this would be detrimental.

However, I like to play turn-based strategy games. So, the minimal latency isn't really a problem. And, this opens up a big library of games that I didn't have access to before.

In addition, rhythm games like Rock Band already allow you to adjust for latency. So, theoretically they would work fine too.

Comment Existing Example (Score 1) 299

Every time this comes up, I expect someone to point out the obvious, existing example of how this would work: Airplanes. All airplane crashes are investigated, and airplane manufacturers can be held responsible for defects in their planes almost in perpetuity. Obviously, this means that they have all gone bankrupt, right?

Yes, airplanes are more expensive because of this (and a lot of other reasons), but they are also safer. If car companies are responsible for their mistakes, it might actually make things better.

Comment Re:Shady Stats (Score 1) 302

People, volunteer to install this app. Before smartphones, people actually carried around dedicated hardware that could detect sub sonic audio codes embedded in media. This was especially useful for radio ratings because people could be exposed to a radio station almost anywhere. Now that the ability to watch a TV show is just as ubiquitous, this app is actually a really good idea.

For a fascinating story about this kind of thing, check this out: Did Nielsen Kill the Radio Star?

Comment 100 Million, Really? (Score 1) 69

I need to do a sanity check on your numbers. The U.S. population is just over 300 million, including all ages, jobs, employed, unemployed, retired, disabled, imprisoned, with or without internet, etc. Out of this entire number, you are claiming that 1/3 are on linked in? That would mean that the majority of people that have jobs, have a LinkedIn account and I find that very hard to believe.

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