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Comment Re:Does it account for greedy homeowners? (Score 1) 116

Residential areas are lower speed because they're basically semi-permanent "school zones" with kids running around, riding bikes, chasing balls into the street, etc...

Just last night a 4 year old nearly rode his little pedal car right in my path as I was negotiating between an oncoming car and a garbage can. Good thing I was going slow and saw the kid.

Comment Re:Not dead, just a zombie (Score 1) 399

3D will always cycle back now and then as long as it requires the glasses.

I wonder if VR and AR will stick around on this current rise or if the headsets again limit use to a small subset of people.

It's like video phones. They seem obvious and the tech keeps improving, but fundamentally I hate having to change my clothes, fix my hair, shave, etc... before making a call; so it never really catches on.

Comment Re:What does this have to do with tech? (Score 2) 120

Oh yeah the looks they give you.
I suppose deep inside they feel like it devalues their life choices. Some can barely fathom it. "But WHY??" Yes why give up the most meaningful thing in YOUR life? Because it's mine, and I find meaning elsewhere.
(And I don't think a kid will save my marriage ;-)

Comment Re:Maybe he does support those values (Score 1) 600

What I find interesting there is the use of all capitals in LORD. That has a very specific meaning in many Bibles, as it typically represents the Tetragrammaton. I wonder how that winded up in translations of the Quran. It has to come from a different base word, obviously YHWH would be doctrinally awkward. Perhaps it was "allah" originally.

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