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Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 167

The spoofing makes the GPS receiver believe the airport is in 2 locations. One real, the other at the Kremlin. It's like you drew a circle around the airport and then copied and pasted that over the Kremlin.

It shouldn't have any problem finding the real airport unless it flies over the Kremlin and gets confused. The drone will react normally at the real airport and unpredictability at the Kremlin.

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 167

That wouldn't fly a drone off to the actual airport. It may do several things.

A drone with FCC style restrictions built in my immediately land itself instead of continuing into the protected zone as flying within range of an airport is banned.

It might try to correct its course and head further away from the actual Kremlin trying to find it. Like the robot from the Asimov book that was running in circles trapped between 2 zones.

It's extremely unlikely it could head to the airport from this, and most likely it would head in the opposite direction of the actual airport. If the airport was 20 miles East of the Krelmin, drone wants to blow up the Kremlin so it goes 20 miles West to find it. End result, drone is now 40 miles West of airport and 20 miles from Kremlin.

I think it would more likely get stuck along the radius but each drone could behave differently.

Comment Oh the memories... (Score 4, Interesting) 48

This reminds me of the old days on BBS systems using dial-up modems. You needed references to get into them, and had to work your way up into the higher quality sites. It was all about maintaining that upload/download ratio. Heck you didn't even care what it was, Kai's Power Tools, Aldus Pagemaker or some old Autocad version... log in, check out new releases, grab something the other sites don't have yet, upload it there, repeat...

Waaaaay back when 0dayz meant Warez and not exploits. Oh man I need to dig out my old MOD files. The nostalgia is killing me. This username used to be all extended ASCII characters with a custom color scheme.

Back to the story...
Never be the top uploader.

Comment Re:In all fairness (Score 1) 254

I turned into a one way street driving through Oakland CA. Was looking for parking at the same time and the streets were so confusing for an out of towner. Considering all the tourists in San Fransisco it probably happens fairly often. I'd trust most self driving cars more than myself in that town, especially at night.

I'll just let other people Beta test them however. :-)

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