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Comment 0days (Score 1) 348

Haven't seen it mentioned yet. Another reason to learn assembly (why I am right now) is for debugging closed source apps to earn bug bounties.

You have a few different groups of apps to target, with different rewards and challenges.
Web apps, open source apps, closed source programs.
Looking for bug bounties, the first pays less and there's tons of people looking for the same bugs. The second group is usually not going to pay unless you're looking at the Linux kernel or a specific server. You can use many source code analysis tools on these. The closed source apps are where the real money is at. Browser escapes, media player RCE, OS exploits, you'll need assembly skills to debug these and see what's going on internally. This is where you find $100,000 bug bounties.

Comment GPS hijacking (Score 2) 147

Fly a drone onto a ship with a GPS jammer. Flip the coordinates around so that it thinks it's going to New York but is really going to Jamaica. The whole time it's transmitting the fake coordinates back to the control office where they think it's on schedule. By the time they realize it's not there, it's already been unloaded and the goods moved on.

Comment Re:Mutah was banned by Muhammad (Score 2) 161

"Mutah" is not permitted in Islam, not sure where you got that from.

From Wikipedia, Nikah_mutâah.
There are many citations showing that this is still practiced and vigorously debated til this day. It also claims there is a form of this for both Sunni and Shiite. You can edit the page and fix any mistakes on it.

I meant no insult to devout men, only those who continue the practice or condone it. I desire to shine a light on cockroaches. shows that it is still a regular and profitable practice.

No mention of terrorism or daesh was made in my post. "Not sure where you got that from". :-)

Comment Ever heard of mutah? (Score 4, Interesting) 161

I used to think a certain religion was pretty strict about sexual matters. Very serious about adultery and things like that. Then I discovered "mutah". This is a religiously sanctioned allowance for "temporary wives". Let's say you're on vacation... Sleeping with a prostitute, escort or some random woman would be wrong. However, if you get a temporary wife, complete with payment and contract... You can do all the usual stuff you do with your wife and it's all good!

There is however strict laws about the women involved in this... We must not consider them prostitutes, after all, Mohammed himself did this so it must be proper and holy. (This is why both sects accept the practice to this day) For example, they cannot have vaginal sex with 2 different men within a week of each other... After all, they must grieve one husband before the next. But....... There's a loophole there. Mutah who want to earn more $$ with more frequent husbands can limit her activities to non-vaginal activities and skip the waiting period.

So I used to think a certain religion was very pious about marital fidelity and prohibited promiscuity and prostitution among it's members, then I learned about mutah.

Why hasn't this man? Did he deface

Mutah is prostitution. Mutah is adultery.
(Apologies to those who only use mutah to cook their dinners and iron their clothes)

Comment Hardly (Score 1) 951

You can use the exact same logic to prove we're living in a dream or characters in a book like Gumby.

"There are so many stories in books, imagine a universe full of books with the characters within unaware."

Someone posted this is just a fancy solipsism. Here's a good reply to solipsistic people... "You're all just characters in my dream" .... "Actually, you're a character in MY dream" (slap them hard) "Notice how you didn't wake up?"

Oh and if you're going to accept this simulation argument you may as well also accept the ontological argument for the existence of God. That's an equally absurd "if I can imagine it" sort of argument.

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