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Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 559

I'm not making this up you morons. Here's another story with the same info this goes back to 2005 at a minimum.


Did I bring anti-drug politics into this? No. I'm simply pointing out this isn't new info, perhaps the specific instruments and scan details are better but the concept is quite old.

Comment Re:Tomorrow will be interesting... (Score 2) 62

It's good for masking actual intrusions. Distracting the IT guys from the data exhilaration going on.

It's also useful for stopping up bank transactions long enough for the undo window to expire on fraudulent transfers. Say you do some real estate fraud and trick someone into wiring $200k to the wrong account. Doesn't do you any good if they catch it and roll it back in a day. Do the transfer, DDoS the heck out of the bank... that's well worth $15k a week.

Script kiddies don't pay that kind of money to laugh about taking Walmart down for a few days. There's real money behind this stuff.

Comment Re:Real world disconnect... (Score 1) 291

Read the comments. There's no reliable way to do this except asking drivers to voluntarily opt-in. Since this isn't accomplishing anything at all, most likely they'll want phones to auto lock when they detect a certain speed, or some kind of signal perhaps bluetooth, how will passengers use their phones then?

If it's user initiated, it does nothing. If it's system mandated, there's no way to distinguish drivers from passengers. Making something a law doesn't make it magically work in the real world.

Comment Re:Remind them that one day, their opposition can (Score 3) 359

The problem with that argument (and I agree with your point), is that both sides believe people are waking up from the lies of the other. They both see history as being on their side, and their position as the inevitable conclusion. Why fear the future? "We've won!"

If you're a nice approachable person, many people will assume you'd agree with them on politics, simply because you seem sane and decent. They absolutely cannot understand how anyone could agree with the other side unless they're stupid or evil.

While your point makes a lot of sense to a rational actor, in politics very few are.

Comment Re:Not exactly a high bar to clear (Score 1) 170

I mostly agree with your point.
Except I believe laptops really should standardize on passive cooling and sealed enclosures. A vent is just begging to clog up with dust and pet hairs. What percentage of laptop users is capable of maintaining their fans, often by opening up ththe case? Quite few I'd imagine.
So compare a thermally constrained (by design) sealed laptop and a higher TDP laptop clogged up with crap. They're both operating at lowered speeds, but one is dangerous.

Comment Re:I still telnet for usurper (Score 1) 181

I remember there was a limit to how many planets you could get into a single sector... people would find cul-de-sacs in space and block up the entrance with bunch of powerful planets and ships. Someone desperate enough could max out one of their own planets, add movement to it and get it into the other guys blockade. BOOM. No more planets. Takes a few months to do it though.

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