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Comment Re:Sure they do... wait, no (Score 1) 187

They should pull a Google Books on the DVD industry and rip all those rental discs. Heck Google didn't need author permission, they can even argue an accessibility exemption as they add captions to everything. Say they're doing deaf and blind a favor by captioning and descriptive audio'ing historical content. If they're lucky they won't even have to write a check to anyone.

Comment Re:A10 Fusion? (Score 1) 324

It seems to be based on their version of the big.little ARM chip concept. It's technically a 4 core processor but only 2 are active at a time. Previously they used Fusion to mean a magnetic HD along with SSD cache built in. Their OS applies to term to any set of spinning disk and SSD that you combine into one virtual disk.

So unless there's some other reason for it, it appears to be their marketing term for "slow and fast working together".

Comment Still waiting.... (Score 4, Interesting) 470

Whatever happened to those laser mosquito zappers? They were coming real soon at least as far back as 2009. The inventors claimed it was easy to do with off the shelf components and aimed at $100 mass produced devices. There were all those cool slow motion videos of mosquitos shot down in flight. Nothing ever came of it... I'd happily pay $200 or more for a working system. There's a real need for such products, maybe a DIY version could be invented and people could build their own open source control systems for them. Malaria was bad enough, now with Zika all over the news I can't understand why these guys aren't swimming in cash.

Comment Re: iOS sucks! (Score 1) 76

I wish Apple cared about sites like this. Have you seen their Mac hardware and pro software lately? Ignoring their technical and pro users is the #1 complaint against Apple these days.

iOS users diss android for the same reasons Mac users diss Windows. A failure to understand different criteria for choosing computers. Apple doesn't need to pay people to argue online.

Comment Re: iOS sucks! (Score 1) 76

You can actually do all that yourself now with their App Store app on your iPhone. They'll let you walk right out without even checking your bag. Someone keeps an eye on the door and they know when you pay with the app. Can ask for a bag if you want. Pretty slick, hope more stores do that in the future.

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