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Comment Re:newspapers capable and willing to censor (Score 1) 414

What this story really shows again is that newspapers are corrupt: they are capable of censoring the news, and they will do so if it benefits the companies or the people working there.

The biggest problem in this from my perspective, is that the traditional media was able to influence an open effort on the web to keep this censored. The traditional media has for a long time chosen what to report and what not to report. I'm not even saying that they were right or wrong in this particular case to not report the news. It makes me wonder just how open of an effort Wikipedia really is. The net is a tremendous communication tool, but we really need to fight hard to keep it at the point where we can say what we want without some established power censoring us. Sometimes people need to overthrow their government, Iran is a good example right now, and a communications platform like the net is huge help but only if we can maintain freedom of speech on it.

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