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Valve Developing For 360 45

1up reports that Valve is apparently developing a title for the Xbox 360. From the article: "In addition to enhancing their custom Source engine with improvements taking advantage of the Xbox 360 hardware, Valve's focusing on incorporating future releases into Microsoft's Xbox Live service. Xbox Live sure would make an enormous amount of sense with the studio's episodic content plans for Half-Life 2." As the article notes, this is a big turnaround for outspoken developer Gabe Newell.
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Valve Developing For 360

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  • by Rendo ( 918276 )
    This is something the 360 needs, if Valve can make another hit classic like Half-Life, there will be one more good game for the 360 with it's current lack of nice titles.
    • Re:Gasp! (Score:5, Funny)

      by gEvil (beta) ( 945888 ) on Friday April 28, 2006 @11:33AM (#15221274)
      ...there will be one more good game for the 360...

      I think your use of the word "more" is a bit premature at this time. : p
    • No body needs valve... They are very destructive. Take for an example their license for Cybercafes and LAN Cafes Here [battlegroundscafe.com]

      They don't care if you have legit copies or not. They don't care if you remain in business or not. They give you two choices. It is either get a VERY Expensive Licensing for Mass playing, or they sue you.. Wheres the third option to cease and desist? The Cybercafe they went against had to close down due to the hefty lawsuite.

    • Emphasis mine

      there will be one more good game for the 360 with it's current lack of nice titles.

      Let me look it up in my dictionary;


      1: (n) opposition between two conflicting forces or ideas
      2: (logic) a statement that is necessarily false; "the statement `he is brave and he is not brave' is a contradiction" [syn: contradiction in terms]
      3: the speech act of contradicting someone; "he spoke as if he thought his claims were immune to contradiction"
  • ...since Gabe has always had such a hard-on for Microsoft that he took a perfectly good cross-platform game engine and lobotomized it to make it Windows-only. (Can you tell I'm bitter? I'd love to play Half-Life 2, but won't buy it because it won't run on my Mac or Linux boxes).

    It's interesting to note, though, how much the his April 2006 statement (in the article) sounds like marketdroid-speak compared to his August 2005 one. Maybe now he's been lobotomized, too!
    • http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?versionId=2890 [winehq.org]

      HL2 works with Wine just fine. I know, I've done it. The only downside is that it only supports the DX8 renderpath, so you miss out on some of the eyecandy.
      • And time for me to eat crow - I've been using Cedega to play it, but I did come across some links that said it worked via Wine. When I googled it, I just grabbed the first one, and it actually said it didn't work when I looked through it.

        Here's a better link: http://www.linux-gamers.net/modules/wiwimod/index. php?page=HOWTO+Steam [linux-gamers.net]
      • ...it only supports the DX8 renderpath, so you miss out on some of the eyecandy.

        Unfortunately that means it doesn't work just fine. It only partially works.

        I don't believe that just because we're linux gamers we need to lower our standards.

        • Yeah, and I will never by it either because it won't play on my CollecoVision. Yeah! F Valve!

          Just becase we're CollecoVision gamers doesn't mean we need to lower our standards.

          You are an irrelevant ass. Why do you post on these threads?

          • I don't know what a CollecoVision is, but the point I was trying to make is that the game cannot be experienced under Linux to the full extent that it can be under Windows.

            Some features (in this case utilizing what's known in the windows world as DirectX9 features) are missing from the port. This won't necessarily make the game any less playable and some people may find it just as enjoyable but it's still not running to its full potential.

            These are the standards we should not lower. If a game works 95% as
            • You already lowered your standard when you chose to use linux as a gaming platform. Linux does many things well, gaming is not one of them, especially not windows gaming.
              Getting proper audio support alone is a crapshoot, I'd say 90%(*) of all linux desktop systems get no more than stereo audio, with one sound source at a time locking the sound (so no mp3s + game, or game + gaim im sounds letting you know you should alttab out and see whos talking to you).

              Then theres video support, which has improved a lot
            • The problem is you come on nearly every game post - games that are windows only - and then whine about it not playing on your nerd box.

              You are right up there with people who go and post on MMORPG stories that you'd never pay an ongoing fee / up front fee / whatever your complaint is with the payment system.

              You just don't add anything to the conversation.

              • The problem is you come on nearly every game post - games that are windows only - and then whine about it not playing on your nerd box.

                No I don't. I am a linux gamer (not an oxymoron despite reports to the contrary) and rarely post on windows-only game articles. I do of course read said articles.

                Recall that my original post was a reply to someone who claimed that HL2 worked fine on his Linux box. My 'whine' was not that the game did not work 100%, it was that people were claiming the game worked 100% wh
                • Maybe you should be ticked not at valve but at the linux devs who haven't made a driver for you to handle it?

                  You should buy the game and enjoy it. You may find it cost prohititive to buy a PC just for this game - sort of just like a PC gamer not being able to afford a Vid card to take advantage of the same feature you are missing.

                  And really, if a game is ruined for you because of a minor graphical feature, then it can't be so hot a game.

    • by Anonymous Coward
      From actually talking to people at Valve, next-gen stuff is annoying in part because there's no large, relatively high-speed storage device available as standard (the hard disk on the original Xbox was great for streaming stuff, while streaming high-resolution textures and high-quality sounds from an optical disc is painful); the Mac port of Half-Life was dropped because it could never function to the same standard as the Windows version (and none of the mods or mod tools would work, etc. - Mac users would
      • Something I've noticed about the doom3, quake4, and enemy-territory communities is that a majority of mods strive for cross-platform code. It seems unfair for valve to assume that their mod writers are too lazy to recompile for other platforms. So unfair, that I'm willing to wager that support of the mod community was not a driving factor in their choice to rip cross-platform support out of the engine. Also, does cross-platform support really cost that much to a company? ID software, which provide[s|d]

  • by zaguar ( 881743 ) on Friday April 28, 2006 @11:40AM (#15221341)
    Great, they will bring a lot of experience to the platLOADING


    • by Anonymous Coward

      Interesting Perl script.

    • Having Valve working on projects for the 360 will be great. Now Xbox gamers can enjoy the Valve team's amazing coding skill! For instance, when I play Counter Strike: Source

      - I lose my favorite servers list each time I play
      - I am forced to reconnect to a server multiple times before entering
      - I am forced to download incorrect maps for the server I try to connect to
      - Player counts are almost always incorrect

      But other than that Steam is fantastic...
  • What's the story - developer with long-standing ties to Microsoft decides to develop for Microsoft's console? Or maybe it's this...

    Gabe Newell openly expressed his distaste for working on next-generation game consoles in the past...

    This guy sounds like someone who actually learned something from the console wars: if you're sitting on a marketable gaming franchise, there's no reason to be "first mover" on a console unless that console has already achieved some amount of market penetration and the cons

  • by DingerX ( 847589 ) on Friday April 28, 2006 @12:05PM (#15221608) Journal
    We'll be seeing a kick-ass first-person Croquet game.
  • Another PC Dev making a FPS port/full game. While getting valve is great it doesn't really address what the system lacks, i'm not sure why there's so much press coverage.
  • XBox, especially XBox live, has to be Steam's target audience. Live users are used to the pay-to-play model, and that is what Steam is about. While there are millions of PC users who bought games over Steam, there are even more over Live. Eventually Valve will make the mistake and make a Live-only expansion or game thinking it will bring over PC users to the Live market. They will at that point see drop in sales, and will have to get a publisher/investor for their next project, bringing them out of the
  • it would look pretty good on my 32" TV. They were saying they were having isuess with the HD not aways being there, I say just make the game require the HD, and make the game better.

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