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Ghost in the Shell 2, Matrix Revisted, Daft Punk 123

NeoCode sends tons of juice starting with "Ghost in the Shell creator, Masamune Shirow, has talked about a sequel to GITS in a recent interview. The director of the original is working on GITS2. The Matrix Revisted is essentially a prequel to the original Matrix movie. My guess is that the anime story might be along the lines of the Matrix comics that are on their website. Anyways, here are some tidbits about the Matrix anime. And lastly, CartoonNetwork has a interviewed Daft Punk about their anime video and their anime" I saw the Daft Punk (as well as all 3 Gorillaz!) videos on Toonami last friday. Had to immediately hit Cheap CDs and buy the album. (Yes, I'm buying CDs again. I ended my boycott now that Napster battle is over) I thought it was just Gap commercial soundtracks, but those are sweet videos.
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Ghost in the Shell 2, Matrix Revisted, Daft Punk

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  • Quoth CmdrTaco:
    "Had to immediately hit Cheap CDs and buy the album. (Yes, I'm buying CDs again. The Napster battle is over)"
    So you mean when Napster was around, you were not buying CDs? Glad to hear that Slashdot is publicly admitting piracy. I thought everyone said they were buying more CDs when Napster was around. I see that argument has gone straight out the window. That will do great for the RIAA side of the case.

    Sorry to flame our mighty mentors here, but I really think Slashdot would do better if there was not personal commentary on story headlines. Most of the valid complaints people have about this site is the biased or foolish comments added into the headlines. It is quite frustrating.

    • There are two possiblities here

      1) Taco is referring to the RIAA boycott, and has given up (due to ...?)
      2) Napster is shut down and he's too lazy to run gnutella to do his music piracy

      Either way it's a nice way to start a flame war in the comments section, which seems to be all Taco's commentary seems to be good for
    • What do you think Slashdot is about? It's OPINION. My opinion, your opinion, and the opinion of those who post the stories. This is not a place for careful just-the-facts journalism. What do you want him to do, post the story then reply to it?
    • Is there really any songs you can't find... O.k. so Napster bit it, but i don't seem to have any problems finding mp3. I had Bjork's new album before it came out in CD. Mind you that really isn't the point.
    • by DeadMeat (TM) ( 233768 ) on Sunday September 02, 2001 @10:38AM (#2245374) Homepage
      I know they say "don't feed the trolls", but somebody was modding the parent up . . .

      Not buying CDs and piracy are two different things. You see, it would only be piracy if he didn't buy CDs, and then downloaded the music from the CDs anyway. What he's referring to is when many people in the /. crowd were boycotting the RIAA by refusing to buy their CDs -- just because you don't buy their CDs doesn't mean you're also illegally downloading MP3s in their place.

      By your definition, anybody who doesn't own a CD player is a pirate, because since they aren't buying CDs, they must clearly be pirating them!

      Just because CmdrTaco doesn't want to support an "organization" that he feels is bullying Napster doesn't mean he's using Napster illegally, or even at all. That's like saying that all people who support the Free Dmitry campaign are doing it because they're E-book pirates.

      • No (Score:2, Insightful)

        by pangur ( 95072 )
        He changed his comment without providing the usual "Update" note in the post. The original post said that he's buying CDs now that the Napster battle is over". The only meaning I see from that is that since Napster has been shut down, he needs to buy music since he can't get it for free.

        One thing about /. editing lately has been changing their original posts when they make foolish comments without saying that they changed the comment. When people that haven't seen the original story see the original posted comments of others replying, they think these original posters have rabid squirrels in their pants. That is disappointing.

        Instead, the editor is not boycotting the RIAA anymore because Napster has been shut down? Does that even make sense? It's a convenient boycott when you can get your music for free.

        It's like saying that if Microsoft should come up with some (supposedly) uncrackable anti-piracy distribution of Windows, then he would end his "boycott" of MS products by actually buying the software instead of borrowing it from a friend. A boycott is a moral stance against some company or product because of some stance or issue they support. A boycott is not simply stealing things for free and saying it's for some moral reason.

        I wonder how long it will take before the editors change the post again. It didn't used to be this way.
        • "The only meaning I see from that is that since Napster has been shut down, he needs to buy music since he can't get it for free."

          That's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard. I find it hard to believe that CmdrTaco hasn't heard of any of the Napster alternatives (most to all of which haven't been neutered by the RIAA, yet). Hell, just doing a search on Gnutella brings up quite a number of Slashdot stories: []

      • Just for the record, I go down to the store and buy a CD. I rip it to mp3. Then I take the CD back to the store. After that, I give out copies of the MP3's to all my friends.

        If I could do it with DVD's I would, but I do not have that much space on my HDD to be ripping DVD with good quality.

        There is no reason that this stuff should cost as much as it does, and there is no reason for the RIAA to be such ass holes.

        Oh, one more thing. I ride a skateboard, so already I am a criminal.

        • Just for the record, I go down to the store and buy a CD. I rip it to mp3. Then I take the CD back to the store. After that, I give out copies of the MP3's to all my friends.

          I'm not sure if this is accurate, but most stores stopped allowing returned media(including music, videos, software, etc) except for a direct exchange of a identical media. I guess its to combat piracy.
          • I'm not sure if this is accurate, but most stores stopped allowing returned media(including music, videos, software, etc) except for a direct exchange of a identical media. I guess its to combat piracy.

            Yep. I don't know of any software or music stores that will give you credit or moneyback for an opened product.

            An interesting note though: Barnes and Noble sells several software titles, as well a slew of boks with included cd's (often containing commercial/promotional software that would otherwise have to be paid for). Their return policy actually allows you to return the box (or book w/cd) even if it has clearly been opened. I guess they didn't think about it since they are in the bussiness of selling books. I'm sure it won't last long though...
      • So are you saying he wouldn't have gone out and got the music (in mp3 format) if the Napster battle was still raging? He seemed fairly enthusiastic about it (Had to immediately hit Cheap CDs...) And if you were doing the boycott, and you found some must-have music, would you not have done the same? Would I? Well, if you don't own it, that's piracy, buddy.

        Denial is a very hard thing to hide.
      • 1) Not trolling
        2) Agreed
        3) Please check out the reply by "pangur" which observes that they changed the article (presumably in response to my comment) to specify the word boycott. Thus, my original comment is now irrelevant.
    • Are you sure he didn't mean that during the litigation of napster by the RIAA he boycotted the RIAA's products and/or services?
      • No - it's obvious he used Napster, like everyone else (without exception, in my opinion), to pirate copyrighted music. What other reason is there to use Napster? To chat with people? To trade music you already own?

        taco is just to stupid to realize his slip-up and to change it now would be an even greater omission.
        • Hell yess to trade music I already own.

          I've been using napster/gnutella/audiogalaxy to replace scratched tracks on CDs that i've already purchased.

          I've used them to get copies of music I own on VINLY or TAPE.

          I've downloaded MP3 samples from TV show themes, funny commercials, speeches, and public domain recordings, all from Napster.

          There are plenty of non-infinging, fair uses for these file sharing technologies. Don't lump all of us into the "Pirate" Category.

          (FWIW: Yeah, I'll admit it. I've d/led tracks I don't own, mostly for albums not available here in the U.S.. Make of that what you will.)

    • You know it is possible: not buy new music and not pirate.

      You know that radio thing works quite well some time.
      • You know that radio thing works quite well some time.

        I don't know where you live, but where I am the radio plays a lot of shitty music intersected with annoying ads for used car dealers.

        I'll take peer2peer file sharing over that, thankyouverymuch.
    • I was just amused that Cheap CDs [] seems to slashdotted right now... guess everybody else's boycott is over as well :)

    • He's buying CD's again because Slashdot's parent company has shut down the broadband link to reduce costs. Without a fast fat pipe the only way to get music in under 3 days is to *gasp* buy the CD. Welcome back to 56k and the dark side Taco!

    • By "The battle is over", CmdrTaco means the boycott is over, in that it's pointless to continue "not purchasing from RIAA members", since Napster is pretty much pointless.

      The boycott of the RIAA was a show of support for the napster community- who was getting shite from them for a long time- about a bunch of bollocks.

      Indeed- piracy goes on on napster, but that's not the reason the boycott went on.
  • (Yes, I'm buying CDs again. The Napster battle is over)

    So whats that for a comment?Is it necessary? Is this now a political tension of slashdot? You're admitting you used napster just of piracy?
    Honestly I really broke one of my CD's and downloaded the mp3. Really honest I had bought it befor, so it was 100% legal.

    Taco gives his impression of the way the humanity should tread musical values just as a side in brackets?

    Pleh now why I am reading slashdot at all, for such smartass side-comments?
  • Why would you buy CD's just because Napster was destroyed? You can use Limewire for Gnutella, Aimster (though i would recommend it), audiogalaxy, imesh, etc....

    come on man...
  • "(Yes, I'm buying CDs again. The Napster battle is over)"

    So presumably you stopped buying CDs because the RIAA was picking on the little guy and you were showing your support by boycotting their products... but the RIAA won, so now you're going to suppot them again? What the hell kind of stance is that. I'm personally pretty displeased with the RIAA still. And the MPAA! You buying DVDs Taco? For shame... I personally have vowed never to support these tyrants again.

  • Daft Punk (Score:3, Troll)

    by Abstrakt ( 86571 ) on Sunday September 02, 2001 @10:44AM (#2245386)
    The French duo known as Daft Punk are well known throughout Europe for their amazing videos. They put out a DVD titled "D.A.F.T." containing all four videos from their first album, "Homework." You might want to check it out if you like their style... The disc even has commentary tracks and behind-the-scenes documentaries for each video... very cool stuff!

    BTW: The latest GAP ads are just a rip-off of the video for "Around the World" - directed by the great Michel Gondry.


    • BTW: The latest GAP ads are just a rip-off of the video for "Around the World" - directed by the great Michel Gondry.

      Just curious, where are you coming up with this from? I saw nothing in the GAP commercial which would imply that it was a rip-off of anything, unless you count Juliette Lewis dancing to Daft Punk's music, with Daft Punk themselves. And since Juliette Lewis isn't in "Around the World", and the song is from a different CD entirely, that leaves only the group, which means you could claim it was a rip-off of any video they appeared in.

      So why "Around the World"?


  • Coincidentally, I just got a copy of the Manmachine Interface (Japanese edition) manga and it is awesome. It's a very dense piece of work - the full-color pages are amazing - packed with so much detail that it took an hour just to get through the first couple of chapters. The machinery, the technologies, and of course the women are painstakingly rendered with much love by Shirow. Ghost in the Shell pales in comparison.

    The 3D rendering with the superimposed hand-drawn characters worked out well, and I think only he could have pulled it off to make them look good together.

    I haven't even gotten half way through the book yet (I've just finished the full color pages in the first part), so I'm just touching on the appearance of artwork. It seems that Shirow has also expanded and fleshed out details of his vision of virtual navigations (the brain dives).

    Needless to say, I highly recommend everyone to go get a copy! (Although, I'd recommend all of Shirow's work)

  • I have GITS - great sound, great story. Looks more like Hong Kong than like a futuristic Japan.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was free of CDD encryption. Making it much easier to play on my Linux desktop. Any idea anyone if GITS 2 will also be CSS-free? I am certainly going to buy it, if it is.

    • I have GITS - great sound, great story. Looks more like Hong Kong than like a futuristic Japan.

      As a tremendous Masamune Shirow fan, I think it's really important to point out that the comic (which Shirow did) is very different than the movie (directed by Mamoru Oshi). Important because the interview is with Shirow, who wrote quite a different work than the movie.

      Most scenes in the comic feature tiny personal tanks that have a shared AI called Fuchikomas... if you've seen the Playstation game, you'll know them. Also, Major Kusanagi is a practical joker, who has a rather crude sense of humor, goes in for quickie sex, and pisses off and is pissed off at her superiors. None of this is in the movie.

      Of course, the ending and themes of "what is self when memory is fluid?" and "what makes a soul?" are explored in much more depth, with seriously long passages of text. I'm not saying it's comparable to Critique of Pure Reason, but it's an enjoyable philosophic entertainment. It's also full of classic Shirow detail in background art and sidebars and footnotes explaining the tech used and political structure of the organizations.

      ( BTW - ditto for "Battle Angel", which, in the comic form goes way way past anything in the OVAs, and I recommend to anyone who is a fan of Shirow ).

      Evan, who has been up for 48 hours now at a LAN party. ... ungh ... Faygo, Mt. Dew, Ephedrine, Penguin Mints... Ahhh... no shower... heart fluttering... dying... "Oh, sure I'll jump in... I'll play Nod, and ally with John".

    • by jnik ( 1733 )
      Most anime discs in the US are CSS free and Macrovision free and R0 unless otherwise required by the licensor. Manga Ent., who distributed GitS, is now Macrovisioning all their discs.

      The movie rights to MMI have already been obtained by Miramax. I'm sure their disc will have CSS, Macrovision, R1, RCE, and contact poison for anyone trying to mess with them.

    • If you really want to play it on your linux laptop, you should get the perl CSS decoder. It's called "qrpff," which is just "deCSS" encoded with the ROT-13 thingy. It's only about 7 lines, although I know that perl can be written entirely on one line. I'd give you a link to it, but since I don't have linux, I've never really needed to have qrpff.
  • by Brian Kendig ( 1959 ) on Sunday September 02, 2001 @11:50AM (#2245461) Homepage
    I'm surprised there hasn't been more discussion of the Daft Punk music videos here. The recent ones are from their latest album 'Discovery.' The videos are animated by Leiji Matsumoto, otherwise famous for anime such as Space Cruiser Yamato (aka Star Blazers), Galaxy Express 999, Captain Harlock, and Queen Emereldas... it's great stuff! Especially since Matsumoto himself is more than seventy years old now!

    I had originally heard that only the first four tracks from the album would be animated, but the fourth video (which I saw on Cartoon Network's 'Toonami' the other night) doesn't resolve anything. Has anyone heard for certain how much of the album will be animated?

    The first three videos are available in RealVideo format from ''. The third video is my favorite. :-) A Quicktime file of the first video is available in three sizes from ' re_time_m.html'.

    I'd love to see QuickTime or MPEG versions of all four videos; anyone know if such is available?

    • Rumour I read (in Jockey Slut I think), was that they were releasing all the tracks from the album.
    • No MPEG, but WMV is better than real (and can be converted to avi->anything else): []
    • Not only are all 14 tracks from the album going to be animated, but they're going to release each track as a single. Not all of them are going to be full releases, though. For example, Aerodynamic (2nd track), and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (4th track) were only released on vinyl.

      In the interview, they mention that all the animation is "done", so now we have to wait while they drip-feed us new episodes of this masterpiece. I imagine one day we'll be able to buy a DVD with the whole thing.

  • True Intentions (Score:2, Flamebait)

    by pangur ( 95072 )
    Wow. It seems that the carefully constructed arguments of those that say "No, we only use Napster for fair use only" have been undercut by a throw-away comment by a Slashdot editor.

    There are people (I'm one of them) who ^might^ think that "hackers" are bad people like they are shown in the media. "Hackers" are the ones that come up with worms, virus toolkits, and remote exploits designed to make life miserable for others, and are generally dickheads. But after reading Slashdot for a few years, I realized that "hackers" can be legitamite people with legitamite concerns about copy protection, security holes, freedom of information, the centralization of power in one corporation in Redmond, the "fair use" provision in law, protecting the littlr guy against the big corporations, and other such issues.

    These last few stories have shown your efforts in a new light.

    We may think that lawyers are slimy because they sue for little reason hoping to fish for some settlement money. The reason the lawyer might give would be "I'm just protecting my rights", but under it all, it's for the money. It's disheartening to find out that the reason behind some supposed "civil rights" actions is merely greed in a socially acceptible form. It's frustrating to find out that the political party you support because they back a certain issue only back that issue so they can get more votes to promote a hidden agenda (Insert major party here). And it's frustrating to see a major player in the Linux news community admit in print that the reason they support "fair use" is to shield their illegal activity long enough to that they can get as many mp3s as they can.

    Once you lose your credibility, it's hard to get back. Hardly anyone listens when it's said that Clinton pardoned Rich as a favor to Israel leader Barak, because they are used to seeing Clinton lie about other things. They assume the worst when it come to motive. Also, because the public feels that Condit has not been truthful and has been more concerned about reelection, he has already been tried in public opinion. Nothing he can say now will be seen on the context he may want it to be seen, even if it were sincere.

    So what's the point of this comment?

    Once you say, "Well, yeah, actually it was about getting music for free", when for MONTHS you have been saying otherwise, well, why should those who are not necessarily "hackers" see this site as anything but a fraud? Perhaps the real reason you want the DeCSS file propagated is as the first step to pirating DVDs? Perhaps the reason you want the DMCA overturned is because it stops people from cracking encryptions and giving away other people's material for free? You can say, "No, we want to view DVDs on Linux, and the DMCA is too broad", but it's hard to see your point of view when you admit that a previously held position was only held for greed.

    I think that there is a good community here (then again, I browse at +2). I think that people here have things to say that don't get said many other places. And I think that for one of the admins to undercut one of your main messages just to put in an ad for says a lot more about this board than one hundred well meaning posters can ever do.

    This comment might be redundant, but only because it takes a while to type.
  • "...(Yes, I'm buying CDs again. I ended my boycott now that Napster battle is over)"

    Ah, I see. Of course the battle is over! It must be. Because Fanning and company sold out like the little whores they are, we shall all now stop trading mp3's and gladly throw away our fair-use rights to music and literature. Please RIAA, saddle us with watermarks, encryption, and subscriptions! Please, publishers, lock us out of reading the books we bought and paid for! We don't mind. Because if CmdrTaco says the battle is over, then it must be so.

    • ...this was probably uncalled-for. Sheesh, looking back on this I don't know why I was so angry at Taco over such a little thing. For all I know it could have been a slip of the tongue (keyboard?).

      So, apologies for the overly harsh wording of the title there. Wownt doowit n'mower.

  • The GITS legacy.. (Score:2, Insightful)

    by vishakh ( 188958 )

    ..doesnt really seem to exist. Sure, a couple of years back it was hailed as revolutionary and it was supposedly going to change the face of animation. But what has happened since then?

    Anime itself has stalled with few of the newer flicks progressing beyond a minor foray from the tried and tested. When GITS was released, I would have expected that its sequel would one day extend a complete revolution, but instead I now look forward merely to a couple of hours of quality entertainment.

    Sure, you could name Final Fantasy to prove that I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that a few years down the line, people will recall FF too as a really well-done movie instead of some kind of harbinger of a revolution in animation.

    What a disappointment!

  • So, free music is more important to you than free speech? You'll boycott over Napster, but not over Felten?

    Taco is my hero. Not.
  • by LordNimon ( 85072 ) on Sunday September 02, 2001 @12:49PM (#2245542)
    Although I suspect it will be edited, the Cartoon Network [] is premiering Cowboy Bebop [] tonight at midnight (Eastern time).
    • Ugh. I shudder to think what the Cartoon Network will do to Bebop. If it gets people interested in purchasing the originals on DVD or VHS, that's a good thing, but still, it gives me pause. I watched Outlaw Star on Cartoon Network after buying the DVDs and they're like two completely different shows.
      • I will point out that most of Cowboy Bebop, including the very first episode, was deemed to violent for Japanese TV as well; I believe only 12 episodes were actually broadcast.
        • Which first episode are you talking about? The one with Ein (Stray Dog Strut) which was the first episode on TV in Japan I believe, or the "real" first episode, the red-eye one, whose name escapes me at the moment? It was the 13th episode produced I believe, after the 12 broadcast ones...though I thought Bebop found a home on some cable/satelite channel in Japan?
          I bet Cartoon Network/Toonami will just skip the real first episode and show Stray Dog Strut. What I want to know is what they will do with characters like Gren and Vicious....


          I doubt they'll show Gren's breasts, but I wonder how much of Vicious' violence we will see. (his coup d'etat comes to mind) Of course, I guess they could just cut out lots of episodes. =P That would be interesting, the Cowboy Bebop series w/o any of the 5 Vicious episodes.

          • CN was already showing clips from the first episode "Asteroid Blues" as part of the
            promos for Benop.

            We in the west would have less of a problem
            with the violence in general, and one of the
            reasons it didn't air on Japanese TV was that
            it came out during a backlash against volent
            images in the media in general.

            If they do choose to show it, it will give us
            a good barometer of how they plan to deal with
            the rest of the series.

  • Buying CD's? (Score:2, Insightful)

    by pressman ( 182919 )

    (Yes, I'm buying CDs again. I ended my boycott now that Napster battle is over)

    If you weren't buying CD's during the Napster battle, you're part of the reason Napster lost! Napster was a great resource for finding music, More often than not, I would find some obscure piece of music by one of my favorite artists , listen to the mp3 and then rush out and buy the cd. I would often also find more information on the people recording with these artists and end up buying more music by the people listed as working on the albums.

    Now that Napster is gone, I'm finding the rate at which I discover and purchase new music is lessening because I don't have this wonderful database at my fingertips anymore.

    The "I want everything computer related for free" crowd has really messed up my new music discovery process.

  • suck. The anime videos they have now don't even come close to the ones from the Homework album.

    Around the World and Da Funk videos were just plain cool. Even though I have and enjoy the new cd, I was really disappointed when seeing the videos.

    I could be wrong. After all I saw the Homework videos while I was in college and still got high. Maybe they just seemed better.
  • I'm still boycotting both the RIAA and the MPAA. I still listen to the radio, but I usually don't buy types of products they advertise, or can try to choose a competitor's. :-)

    Really, it hasn't been so hard. But then, I like classic rock and have never purchased a DVD in my life, so the tempatation to buy the "latest and greatest" is somewhat diminished.

    You know, a fundamental component of capitalism is the right NOT to buy something. Until I can purchase their products with cash, instead of my freedom and soul, then I think I'll do without.
  • CmdrTaco joins JonKatz on my Slashdot filter list
  • TMR is not a prequel. It's an upcoming DVD release that contains more supplemental behind-the-scenes footage and yet more extras.
  • Might as well toss this tidbit in, check your cartoon network listings. 9 and 9:30 CST.

    Also check out this petition [] to get Disney to release some of Japan's greatest anime.

  • I like daft Punk, but every time I hear the name i start laughing uncontrollably as the name conjures the image of that Victoria's Secret Commercial, where she dances to 'One more time."

  • It's probably already been said, but Matrix Revisited is not a prequel, but a new DVD of extras.

    On that note, is anybody actually considering buying it?

    I love extras. I don't mind The Matrix's extras I got on the CD, but I can't justify paying for a DVD of just extras.

    About the only other Matrix extra I'd want is a new commentary by the directors, the original commentary was... mediocre, at best.

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