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Submission + - Solar car attempts to break record

snowdon writes: "The UNSW solar car, Jaycar Sunswift III, set off yesterday in an attempt to break the world record for a west-to-east crossing of Australia: about 4000km. The previous record stands at 8.5 days, set by Dick Smith and Aurora in 1993, and the team is attempting to complete the journey in less than 6. The car is one of the most advanced ever built, and is the result of several years of undergrad and postgrad volunteer labour. Features of interest: the car's design was refined by performing simulations on a large (80 PC) cluster for three months; the car is constructed almost exclusively using carbon fibre (including suspension and steering components); the car's control, power and telemetry electronics are custom-built and run both Linux and L4/Iguana. You can track the team's progress over the next few days at"

Do You Tell a Job Candidate How Badly They Did? 702

skelter asks: "I have been lamenting with friends in the industry about interviewing woes and the candidates that we find. Consider a hypothetical job candidate comes in after some how making it through screening. In the team technical interview they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only is he (or she) not as adequate as he thinks he is, but has demonstrated that he is a danger to any code base. Do you tell them? Quietly step away, usher them out and say nothing? Play with them on the whiteboard the way your cat plays with injured mice? Should you leave them as their own warning to others? Is there any obligation to guide them to gaining real experience? Can you give them any advice or is it all liability?"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Hellgate London Subscription Fees Not Official

Keldi writes: The recent announcement that Hellgate: London would be a subscription based MMO has since been debunked by both the publisher and the game's community manager.

Scaper-X from HellgateGuru contacted Ivan Sulic, Flagship Studios' community manager, for clarification on the game's pricing structure.

The end result? Nothing's set in stone yet, Bill Roper was misquoted, and it's nowhere near time to panic.

Link to the brief interview.

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