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Amiga, Inc. Announces AmigaOne Spec... Sort Of. 56

An anonymous reader says "Amiga has released the specification for the upcoming AmigaOne computing platform. Details are vague, but EyeTech will construct the initial products: PPC systems that can hybridize with late-model Commodore Amiga motherboards. (The classic Amiga can use the new mainboard as an accellerator.) The hybrids are coming in Q1 2001, expect 100%-NG systems in Q3, and the DE shrinkwrapped for Linux/standalone use somewhere in between."
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Amiga, Inc. Announces AmigaOne Spec... Sort of.

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  • Will it be enough to run Doom III?

  • If never used an Amiga, your missing an interesting experience of tight intergration of software and hardware. It still amazes me what the orginal Amigas could do on such limited technology.

    I have extreme doubts that there will be much of any connection of this Elate based OS and the orginal system other then, "The Name." I can only assume by what the orginal article said about producing WB (workbench) 3.9 and WB 4.0 is that this Elate based OS is behind schedule and Amiga.con (oops, did I do a typo?:) is using the promise of new WB releases to keep the zealots amused. I guess those zealots can be kept in line with a few Press Releases, they already have over looked that there will be no memory protection nor multiuser for some time, if ever.
  • thanks for the tip, I did not remember I could do that (configure /. for this exclusion).

    BTW, re: monopoly, I don't think that the PC has such a monopoly, there are PCs, macs, windows ce, palm, sun, hp, and many other hardware platforms to choose from.
  • This new Amiga uses a PPC processor and supports AGP; what northbridge are they planning on using?
  • Stokesly?? Stokesly??? There's nowt there but green fields! Stokesly can't be high-tech!!!! Are they mad?! :P
  • Damn boy! Get on your neez now... SQUEEL!

    "Thank you sir may I have another"

  • I heared once that the Amigas were going to be round $US800... Something like that. But no i dont know if their talking about the upgrad baords or the StandAlone version!!!
  • When the Amiga does rise up again, I will know about it because I read it here on :)

    BTW, it's not really an Amiga in the literal sense; it's a whole new platform. Flame away if you're a neophobe, but don't hate it just because you hated the Amiga.
  • (Score: -10, Tim Rue)

    .-. .- -.. .. --- -....- .- -.- - .. ...- .. - .-.- - ...-.-
  • > Now, how do you feel when windows people tell you "linux is not ready for primetime, it's not a desktop OS, it suck, it cannot play 90% of the games out there, it's too hard to configure, it's not user-friendly, bla bla bla"?

    I tend to think "Describbing Windows NT"

    Desktop Os BTW is 1980s style system... Home 1970s.. Workstation is current...

    The Amiga was cutting edge in it's day. It's curren for today..
    I think it's great to have the Amiga return to the market.
    If the spirit of it's design remains intact that would truely kick butt...
    But as long as there IS an Amiga based system.. it's no biggy how much of it is classic Amiga.
    (Rembering the Amiga 500 and 600) I doupt Amiga could achive the price range it did back in the 1980s.. a $500 Amiga would really kick butt...
  • I love the Amiga don't get me wrong, I still have an A2000 sitting in my office. But the Amiga's time is done. Quit trying to resurect it. Just release the OS and such openly. Let the emulator folks write a good emulator and let people use that. I just think it is time to let the Amiga pass on into its place in history just like the old Commodore VIC20,C64, Atari 400,800 etc.. Let it live on in the Emulator world.

  • Ohh do I detect fear?
    Dosn't this just smell of the same matereal delt out to by Microsoft advocates[1] when refering to Linux.

    [1] as in Paid advocates... Some of thies people just don't smell real...

    Real advocates defend more than attack. Microsoft advcoates attack more than defend.

    They just don't seem real.. more like trainned political mud slingers than technology fanatics.

    In any case it seems Amiga is a focuse of attack.. Do they fear Amiga?
    Thats a good sign....
  • Okay, so the CPU being a wide variety is cool, I can handle that. 64mb, well, that's more than you need for QNX, but perhaps they'll hand you a richer set of APIs. But the real disappointment is the video specification; The past seems to show that by specifying Matrox, they're dooming themselves to a life of mediocrity.

    I'm also hoping that by specifying USB 1.0 they're not saying that they'll be sticking with 1.0. I doubt it means that, but previous incarnations of Amiga have demonstrated an unwillingness to get with the times. I suspect that's an arrogance left over from having been the state of the art in home computing at their inception.

    Also, what's with the 10GB+ disk? I mean, I strongly doubt that you'll need more then a couple gigs to get rolling. Why even mention the hard disk at all? It looks more like they wanted another line item to pad out the list. Mind you, since bundling less than a 10gb is pointless these days (unless you go SCSI, which they probably won't in the stock config) I guess the number makes sense.

    I also wonder what buying the upgrade boards for the 1200 and 4000 buy you, except maybe still being able to use the VT4000 if you have a 4k. But 1200 owners might as well just transfer data to the new hardware, and get it over with. I'd personally want to offer them a trade-in and sell the old machines to developing countries which will be glad to get something like the A1200. (I still have one in a suitcase someplace.)

    As for "Amiga is also very close to signing up partners for a standalone AmigaOne machine." -- This means nothing. Thanks, Amiga.

    The only exciting part is that they're planning for user release in Q3 2001, which means we should start seeing demos and betas be Q2 at the latest if they're on schedule. Hopefully this is an IBM-like date, and not usual industry fluff.

  • Can you explain that? Currently, Matrox makes some of the best video cards that you can get for less than $200. Specifying it as a minimum standard is second best thing they could do. (The best thing would be to list the minimum capabilities needed.)

    Minimum capabilities needed? That's a matter of opinion. Some would say that the minimum is enough to get you 8bpp at 640x480. I of course disagree. The very LEAST capacity I would endure on any PC I used as my primary machine (by PC I mean Personal Computer, BTW) would be a 16mb Riva TNT.

    As for 3D, Matrox is almost consistently a generation behind. They bring out a product which seems to give them an edge over the competition, and they sell a few units, and then the competition brings out something new that puts Matrox back in their place; At the rear of the pack. Sites frequently don't even bother to put the G400 in their reviews any more as a benchmark because it's widely known to be meaningless. Now, I know that there's been some favorable whisperings about the G800 card, but I have faith in NV20's ability to stomp all over it. I'm not sure what I think about 3dfx's chances to actually accomplish anything, though.

    Matrox makes very nice 2D cards capable of handling high resolutions without a loss in image quality, but 3D is becoming more and more important to a greater and greater percentage of the population. So is Matrox the best choice? Not in my opinion. 3D performance at 1024x768 is more important to me than being able to display clearly at 1600x1200, which wouldn't look too hot on my 19" monitor anyway, even if it does have a diamondtron tube.

  • Hey I don't care about the screams of horror but I still use an Amiga1200 (the 1992 release) for producing music. As far as I know they are the cheapest samplers in the world.
  • The spec looks kind of interesting but I can't see anything you couldn't do with a PC.

    On the other hand, it nice to see somebody trying to do something slightly diferent.
  • Anyone know a good C64 emulator for Linux and where to get ROM's? I have a bunch of C64 games I'd like to be able to play again but my disks are probably all dead by now and years ago I sold off some of my C64 hardware to buy PC parts. Could probably still put together at least one machine that was bootable but it'd be better to run them in an X window. :) I remember this one chess-like strategy game where your pieces were shapeshifters and their properties would change as the game went on. I loved that game. Mmmm and Wishbringer, my original Infocom games, etc. :)
  • This press-release is more believable because this new company has actually already done quit a lot and they already showed off some of their work (like the new SDK). Also the Amiga One can already be pre-ordered at several Computer-stores. Amiga has always adapted itself to other kinds of hardware (put in a processor board - instead of a new motherboard & processor -, even non 680x0-processor boards where possible,like the PPC-boards, or add 16 bit soundcards or add 24 bit graphic cards). This has been possible right up from the first Amiga models and everything worked like one could expect (because of auto-config..... still better than Plug & Pray). They just extended these ideas and made Amiga accept any nearly any hardware the user wants to use). I think that's a nice concept and I'm curious to see how it works out. I already have the SDK and it impressed me!
  • by small_dick ( 127697 ) on Saturday October 21, 2000 @09:22AM (#686813)
    I do believe my PC clone is already an "Amiga One/AmigaDE" compliant platform, 'cept for the matrox and EMU sound chips.

    Both of those should be abstracted by the DE anyway, right? After all, it's a "platform independent SDK", yes?

    1) One AmigaDE friendly host processor (PPC, x86, Arm, SH4, MIPS)
    2) 64MB+ memory
    3) Next Generation Matrox graphics card
    4) Creative EMU10K1 based audio card
    5) 10 GB+ HD
    6) CD/DVD
    7) USB 1.0
    8) Firewire
    9) 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
    10) 56k modem
    11) Spare PCI slots for expandibility
  • It doesn't really matter what they target, now does it... since Amiga uses Tao elate as a basis for their OE/DE/OS. elate already supports multiple processors and everything written for elate is basically hardware-independant.
  • Every time an Amiga story gets posted, we get a handful of the same comments:
    • How great the classic Amiga was (and still is, btw).
    • How this is nothing like the classic Amiga we all know.
    • How crap the new AmigaNG system is.
    • How cool the new AmigaNG system is.
    • How nice the (insert specific and beloved amiga game here) was.

    Again, this is all thin air until we see some hardware.

    But we also read this comment as well. :-)


  • Go On []. Tons of games and emulators. I suggest Frodo, works nicely on X11 and also includes the ROMs (without any legal problems attached to them).

  • He left out:

    Novemer: whever the hell it is that owns amiga *this* week goes under.

    December: six month delay announced.

    January: Amiga rights sold to YAS (Yet Another Sucker)

    February: 20 0\or 30 slashdot stories. 5 or 10 conflicting press releases, includign thatthe project is going fine, that it is in trouble, tht it's switching to Linux, that it's buying out BeOs, that WIndows has bot it, and that they're issuing QNX under the GPL.

    March: YAS goes bankrupt

    April: cycle starts again

    May: Amiga fans remain undaunted
  • Um. The old amiga, called "classic" Amiga by the Amiga trademark owners, has little or nothing in common with the new Amiga operating environment,
    beyond the name, and a certain slant towrads high-speed multimedia applications coupled with resource-efficiency.
  • sp. towards. Not that tows aren't rad or anything, but hey.
  • I'm glad to see the Amiga this time around has woken up to the benefits of using more disposable 3rd party product. Developing 'Retargetable Graphics' during the last days of the original machine was the best idea they ever had (apart from developing the Amiga in the first place). This techology alone has helped the machine through its wilderness years.
  • There's a sentence that needs a comma somewhere ...
  • one more for your list:
    • How the Amiga was great in its day, but why not just let it rest in peace, blah blah...
  • by Anonymous Coward
    The great thing is that the expansion board for the A1200 and A4000 will only cost about $75 US dollars W/CPU and 64 megs of ram.
  • This is also not a flame, but I'd like to know what that really important stuff is. Could you give an URL or something? Thanks.
  • Archon is the game you are thinking about, and VICE is the emulator. VICE is GPL, and it also emulates the VI20, Pet, 128, and others. Yes, it is that cool :-) Check linuxapps or freshmeat, or most distro's ship with it (at least, debian does ;-) and roms can be found all over the 'net. Look for an archive named frodo (not to be confused with the emulator of the same name). hth.

  • I don't want to flame, but with all of the really important stuff that is happening in the world (even if we restrict it to the tech world) why does /. have to keep bringing up the Amiga ?

    What is the point ? Even if Amiga wasn't dead (which by all practical means it is) nobody besides some fanatics/zealots really care about it !

    This reminds me of a 70 years old guy going on about his high-school lover without realizing that like 50 years have passed and everybody else has moved on.

    Wake up and smell the cappuccino please.
  • See, that's exactly what I meant by Clueless jerk.

    Revive a dead platform, Okay, it's not even backward compatible, it's not even using 1% of the old Platform, so tell me, where's the REVIVAL part in this?? they are using a NAME, and a CONCEPT associated with the name.

    What happened to you when you were a child dude? did you own a nice black and white mac II classic playing Dark Castle while someone was showing you Sword of Sodan or shadow of the beast? God, Now I know why you hate amiga so much now. Do you know how many people I pissed off (especially mac users) when I ran shapeshifter on my 040 A2000, trashing EVERY single Quadra benchmark there was, and this, my friend, on an EMULATOR. Hey I had a free mac for the price of my amiga, that was btw, cheaper than the mac.

    That was destroying the mac users's claim "Amiga has less software than mac" well I was saying "Now amiga has all the MAC software, PLUS it's own software". Naturally, single tracked mind would see and still not beleive his investment was bad.... makes me think of teenagers battling over 3DFX vs Nvidia, Nintendo versus SEGA... Never show someone he made a bad investment decision, especially if he has an Ego the size of cartman's ass. Well that's what most mac user were back then. And some still are today.

    I do not want this to be a troll, but it's seriously LAME to attack something you obviously don't know. Keyword such as:

    "This reminds me of a 70 years old guy going on about his high-school lover without realizing that like 50 years have passed and everybody else has moved on. "
    "Why do you keep bringing the amiga, it's dead"

    I thought the slashdot readers were a bit more informed before stating such comments.

    Kudos to Tacos, he actually read his stuff. You guys obviously don't.

  • Rick Dangerous? Um, Impossimole? Um, Turrican with a fuzzy monitor? Um, no - no idea, sorry.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Sorry Skal, can't resist a good crow....

    From: "Timothy Rue"
    Subject: Re: Reasonably large AmigaOne announcement
    Date: 21 Oct 2000 21:15:29 GMT

    On 21-Oct-00 09:44:18 Skal Loret wrote:
    SL> **** Post for FREE via your newsreader at ****

    SL> It's on the Amiga Inc. Website. I suspect that the vast majority
    SL> of the participants here know how to get there.

    SL> Prepare the Crow, it's time for some people to chow down...

    Hmmm, the consumer version of the AmigaDE (software) is due when? December
    or 1Q01? That is the Software that's supposed to be consumer ready and
    runable on several cpu based systems (but not the Amiga Commodore/Escom).

    The SDK is available for Linux and rsn Windows, which are not running on
    this announced A1200 and A4000 hardware PPC boards, (boards which will
    probably be overpriced.)

    So what's the advantage of spending money on a so called hardware PPC
    upgrade (that requires a tower case and better power supply) when for
    probably the same money, or less, one can already have a PC that can run
    the SDK and supposedly be able to run the ADE when it becomes available?

    On one side you have the ability to run w/Amiga OS and the other able to
    run with Linux, QNX, Windows, the SDK now and later the ADE and AmogaOS,

    To upgrade an Amiga:

    what's the typical cost of a PC mother board? $90
    what's the typical cost of a tower case? $45
    what's the typical cost of a power supply? $40
    what's the typical cost of a G3/G4 cpu? ____ (guessing $135 low end)
    what's the typical cost of a Matrox card _____ (guessing $250)
    what's the typical cost of a SoundBlaster Live card? ____ (guessing $200)
    what's the typical cost of SDRAM (64megs min) ? _____
    what's the typical cost of an Amiga Toaster drivable monitor (15Khz) _____
    (Assuming an upgrade includes support for the toaster)

    And lets not forget that the 68k cpu in the Amiga is sacrificed (Emulated
    in the G3/4)....

    ANNNNNDDDDD How much for the AmigaOS 3.9?

    Total cost of upgrading = ___________ vs. cost for a PC based system that
    is supposed to be able to run the SDK and ADE (and Amiga 3.5 software??)

    what ever happened to boing bag #2 (is it available for DL)?

    Have PPC boards for the Amiga been smooth on install and use (really using
    them, not just having them installed)?

    IS this the Crow the so called community of sheep is going to chow down

    Aren't sheep vegitarians (sp?)

    IS sheep (scripting language) going to be included on the SDK upgrade?

    Hmmmm, is the ADE gonna be able to run on the Mac G3/4 Cube thing?
    refering to the comming lower cost one, comming sometime next year..
    (BTW, Steve did it again, overstocked....)

    Oh yeah, add in the price of a CROM/DVD player too.
    A PS2 keyboard and mouse can be had for less then $10 total (even $5

    to upgrade just enough to watch and hear DVD movies on an A1200/A4000
    requires what? And what about the internet DVD software connection
    requirements? Will I be able to access the applications and internet
    interactions being put on DVDs today?

    For the $700 or less, I can buy a complete PC that can do this!

    What's the sound a crow makes? KA KA (which also means shit) ?

    *3 S.E.A.S - Virtual Interaction Configuration (VIC) - VISION OF VISIONS!*
    *~ ~ ~ Advancing How we Perceive and Use the Tool of Computers!*
    Timothy Rue What's *DONE* in all we do? *AI PK OI IP OP SF IQ ID KE*
    Email @ >INPUT->(Processing)->OUTPUT>v
    Web @ ^------------9------------

    Not doing it because I have to, but because it's the Honest thing to do
    and unlike the many things that "CAN" be done.

  • Think of it like Java, only not slow, and with platform independence.

    No, wait. Don't think of Java.

  • Interestingly, the new Amiga DE has more games comming to it than Mac OS X. I'm gonna go somewhere and cry...
  • Java isn't byte-code, Amiga is, Amiga is fast.

    Amiga is what Java should have been. And Amiga will show you all... show you all.

  • I have Firewire and USB. I have DVD support. I have a bichin IDE. I have pretty eye-candy. I have a tightly integrated software and hardware platform. I have it all now.
    Its a G4 Cube running MacOS X. Can someone tell me why an Aimga a year from now would be better than what I have now?
    no this isnt a troll, I'm serious.

    Vinnland - A country of True Freedom.
  • Something I note is that a lot of the AntiAmiga flames are a lot like the antiLinux flames.
    [Amiga/Unix] is [Dead/Obsolete] move on and use a modern system.. (Imply x86/Win9x system)
    [Insert personal insult of people who support platform]
    This isn't news for nerds...

    Same basic attack diffrent platform..
    Same attackers? Maybe?
  • No you don't have much of a choice when it comes to PC hardware, at least in the whiny "I have to use microsoft" way, but then PC Hardware isn't anyone so there's no monopoly.

    Any company can make PC hardware, it's entirely open.

  • will be appearing here [] soon!
  • Yeah, I hate blackouts.
  • Small footprint? I want big footprint... fucking yeti sized footprints... yeah bitch, the Yeti's gonna get you.
  • What the guy at Ace2k said was that 3.9 was an upgrade that would add lots of new features as well as provide a migration path to the next version of stuff.
  • I see that PSU cohorts have as much mental prowess as their football team has athletic ability.
  • Sure, find lunix. nix.html

  • I think it would be better to target ONE processor in the beginning, then move on to the others.

    Why? Look at what happened with the old Amiga -- it was long held back by having a specific multimedia chipset. The worst thing a programmer could do was release software (other than drivers) that directly banged hardware. And in the end, even being tied to a specific processor family (68k) put a limit on how fast the CPU could be, since Motorola stopped developing the 68k. (A 50MHz 68060 is fast enough for most non-MS applications these days, but it's hardly something to boast about.)

    By being intentionally processor-independant, Amiga has guaranteed that that they will never be hostage to any hardware architecture or supplier. That pretty much addresses one of the biggest complaints that Amiga users have whined about over the last 10 years. I know this because I was one of the whiners who wanted to upgrade from his A3000 but couldn't because there has been nothing to upgrade to. Perhaps Amiga has choosen "Never Again" to be their new slogan. ;-)

  • Boy, with all of the times that Amiga has changed hands now, I wonder whether this time will be succesful.

    I hope so though, because the specs sound pretty interesting.

  • That is impossible, unless there's some kind of subsidy going on.
  • In theory, yes it is platform-independant, as long as there are 'translators' available for the processors and hardware. Other graphics cards will also work, but Amiga only guarantees to support the next Generation Matrox cards. They teamed up with Matrox, because Matrox is supposed to have some sort of specteculair 2D- and 3D hardware in development, which would kick serious ass. I for one am not a great fan of Matrox, so I'll have to see it before I believe it.
  • Granted, the Amigas were always ahead of their time in OS and in hardware, but what about now? The market has changed from the type of computer to now how many MHZ you can boast that the processor runs at. I think that Amiga will have a hard time selling to new customers. Along with that, I did not notice any sort of price, but hopefully, they will be cheap... Amigas were always awesome.
  • I still remember my old 500. It was light years ahead of the PCs. Now, the PCs are light years ahead of Amiga. And they want to target that many hardware platforms?!! I think it would be better to target ONE processor in the beginning, then move on to the others.
  • Yep.. that's the basic idea... any hardware can be used with the new Amiga, 'cauz it's a hardware-independant OS. So you can build a cheap system or an expensive system with altrafast multi-processing possibilities.
  • by tcc ( 140386 ) on Saturday October 21, 2000 @10:06AM (#686849) Homepage Journal
    Most of the people will say, too little too late.

    Others will say, "This a a platform for computer hobbyist, nothing more".

    And some other clueless whiners that never even touched an amiga before nor have a clue about the people behind it will say "Bah it sucks for X (most of the time clueless), reasons".

    The truth is, having choice for platforms is good. Else most of you people wouldn't be running linux and be stuck with MS. Now, how do you feel when windows people tell you "linux is not ready for primetime, it's not a desktop OS, it suck, it cannot play 90% of the games out there, it's too hard to configure, it's not user-friendly, bla bla bla"?

    My point is: I do remember back in end-80's early 90's that the amiga was: "not a serious platform, only good for gaming (that was the argument that was pissing me off the most, look where gaming is today and the market behind it!) and there were no "tools" for it (yeah of course, wordperfect wasn't a tool I guess, Final writer didn't do it's job neither I guess? all this without mentionning all the AWESOME graphic apps/HW that were available (Art departement pro, lightwave, ImageFX, Deluxe Paint, the video toaster, to name a few). People were still bitching about it, bigmouths were bashing it against their 286 and after 386's... heck, an amiga could have a lifespan of over 5 years: just stick in an accelerator and you're back in buisness (exept when the AGA machines showed up). People were bitching at something they didn't even try out nor understood, *almost* everybody that learned how to use that platform fell in love with it, I'm not talking about the people who popped a disk and played speedball a few times, I'm talking about normal users, programmers, people that would rely on this platform for their daily work or dose of entertainment.

    Well I've thought the linux community would be happy to see something this good to be kept alive. The amiga always did MORE with LESS hardware. The fact that today you find normal an OS like win2k pro needs 128+ megs of ram just to sit idle without burping on the harddrive is what makes you go "yuk... 64Megs". The Fact that you're driven with 100+fps (who needs that anyways? I'm still using a TNT2 and I'd like more 3d functions over raw speed, more realism, and that's what matrox said they would targer in their next generation products. Yes I know, NVIDIA are working on that too.) NVIDIA is the leader, that probably makes matrox sucks right? Well remember just 2 years ago, 3DFX were the leaders, and remember 2 years before that 3D franzy, Matrox were the 2D leaders. Things can change quickly. I'm not saying matrox will come out with a GTS killer, I'd doubt it, but they always find a good balancing to get into a part of the market. If amiga can exploit the new hardware from matrox correctly, it could e really get interresting.

    Amiga was about hardware, today, you *CAN'T* compete against PC hardware, mainly because each parts of the PC motherboard gets a buttload of R&D from so many different companies, that if you are "smaller" you need to use off the shelves parts. Even apple understood that when they've chosen ATI for their graphics card just a few years ago.

    Today, amiga is about software, OS, it's still "early" in developpement, it's *NOT* based on the 1985 model, so people saying "you're reviving a platform" are just CLUELESS about what's happening here and you only show sign of stupidity and ignorance publicly, the stuff being made today won't run on my Amiga 1200 for example (unless I add an accelerator or expansion module again :) ).

    Bottom line is, bitch on something you've tested and played around with, and don't act like the windows users did with linux, and previous amiga models. If Amiga would have had good people at marketting and not an asshole for president, it would be far more advanced than apple is today, and if you think apple users are loyal, you haven't seen real amiga users in your life.

    One funny thing is, I've never seen any java implementation on amiga, and now a java-tech company is Using amiga's name for the new OS, kind of ironic.

    Anyways, competition is a good thing, What good is it to have a K12-40GHZ and NVIDIA DESTROYER XTREME XDS 2000 and 30TB of ram if you're running windows 3.1? I'm not saying others os won't cut it, but another good OS that could have a drastic approach and new concepts applied could be interresting to see. New stuff always gets criticized anyways, it's only history repeating itself. I wish for them to succeed this time.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    The AmigaOne specs are simply a guide line, you'll notice the hw companies can choose which CPU they want (A much largesr list) as it doesnt matter on the end. The users wont know the difference cept for speed/cost. USB 1.0 was choosen as 2.0 has some serious issues which wont be fixed in time, besides, thats what firewire is for. And despite what the previous Amiga post said, there is far far far FAR more than 15,000 developers, we're talking 50,000+. And the 60+ games already being ported helps.

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