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Comment Another copy on write FS (Score 1) 155

A major problem with copy on write is that users can not scrub their data and that has to be done by a root user.

The Posix committee needs to get its act together and provide a F_OVERWRITE fcntl system call that says "when I write a block back to the disk for this file, put it in the same place".

As an example of why this is needed:
echo "123SomeMagic" >file
echo "XYZZY123" >file
grep "123SomeMagic" /dev/sda
You get the same results if you do a open, write, sync, seek 0, write.

dd if=/dev/zero of=file&rm zero; won't even scrub the data off the disk most of the time with ZFS, APFS or BTRFS. Encryption won't help either since the OS will happily give you a bunch of unencrypted blocks if you have the right privilege levels.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 266

The last time I checked, a passenger was about $20 to $60 of fuel per hour of flight time on most jets.

If the costs per square foot is considered, the cheap seats are seriously subsidizing business and 1st class.

I think that adding 2 inches of pitch and width to the 1970s standard wouldn't effect prices very much at all considering how many other factors go into how much a seat costs on a route.

Comment I've seen something like this before (Score 1) 116

A friend was doing image processing work in the late 80s and managed to get some funding for image recognition test. The idea was an alarm camera could detect the family pet and ignore it but detect bad people and set off the alarm. The system was trained using photos of dogs. The end result was a program that could identify pictures of dogs. It was hopeless at detecting real dogs, but it was spot on about detecting pictures of dogs.

Comment Re:How is that Traffic Calming working out? (Score 3, Informative) 180

Yes, pedestrians using phones running into other pedestrians is a real problem. Wrist and hip fractures are the common problems seen. A typical situation is a young fit person using a phone bumps into and elderly person who falls. There are also tram lines and an amazing number of people mange to trip over them over the last few years and most were using a phone at the time. I wonder if the jay walking laws need to have words like "or using a phone" added in the right places.

I know the UK started trying to collect stats about these things after their NHS found out how much Pram Rage was costing them.

Comment How is that Traffic Calming working out? (Score 1) 180

It seems that the number of distracted people hurt in distraction accidents is related to how much traffic calming used in the local area. Around here when they drop speed limits on roads with many shops from 60 km/hr to 40, the number of people jay walking increases and areas where there were a few near misses a year turn into a minor injuries per year.

In the high traffic areas that are now pedestrian and tram only areas, the tram drivers are having far more emergency stops which can injure passengers. A nurse has told me that the number of people who are getting hurt in falls because they were run into by other pedestrians seems to keep going up.

Comment Re:The whole "blue light thing" is pure BS. (Score 1) 118

Humans don't need complete dark to sleep.
Some humans do need complete darkness to stay healthy. It turns out that people on common anti-cancer drugs who use night lights or have other sources of light 24 hrs a day have a much higher fatality rate than those who sleep in complete darkness for at least 2 hours a night.

There have been plenty of studies linking light pollution to melatonin levels and several types of cancer.

Based on numbers I've seen for Australia, light pollution is interfering with the one of the most common drugs used for breast cancer increasing the factuality rate by as much as 10%.

Comment The crypto is the easy part of this (Score 2) 204

The cryptography algorithms are the easy part. The vary hard part is protecting keys so I hope someone provides plenty of examples of how to do that properly. I hope they don't go down the Java route of showing how to use the functions without proper key management.

Comment Re:SCSI Voodoo (Score 2) 615

A real cool thing about a SCSI chain is that you could have several drives shared between several computers. A friend had an Amiga, Sun and PC all on the same bus with a few drives. There was even a program on the Amiga that could pretend to be a block SCSI device made up of parts of others disks.

I once ran a name server that would boot from a disk that was shared and maintained by another system. Named was run by init after the network setup stuff had run. The right signals on the serial line and bind would stop, remount the disk and reload its config thanks to a small program. That was when I started to like the idea of virtual servers that didn't have shells in them at all.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 149

Work has more than 2 decades of experience supporting software products. The maintenance costs of Perl are far less than C which is less than c++ which is far less than C# which is far less than Python which is far less than Zope.

Zope has been the worst by far. We have hired 3 different people to rewrite a Zope app and import the data into a new system. The thing is the Zope app took about 2 weeks to write in the first place. 3 complete failures. The last time we needed a custom report for the system, it was a few minutes of work in SQL and Perl.

Comment A story related (Score 5, Interesting) 87

I've meet many people involved in getting men to the moon.

One was in charge of life support for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. Shortly before he died we had a long talk about Apollo 1. He was convinced that it was his fault that he didn't know that high O2 environment would have been highly flammable. There are likely a thousand guys who thought the same thing.

He also pointed out that USAF has a museum inside the Cape grounds and I should go see it.

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