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Comment The N64 wasn't ever fully used by developers (Score 1) 65

It turns out that the only thing fully made use of the power of the GPU in the N64 was the spinning N at the start of the games. The main CPU loaded up the GPU with some data and then went to sleep for a few seconds while the GPU did all the work. The 3d libraries did make some use of the chip but most of the work was all done in the MIPS CPU.

I wonder if the GPU wasn't used as result of programmers not having any idea how to use it or if using it would make games impossible to move to other platforms.

Comment Re:Stop using OS X and their 10 year old computers (Score 1) 472

I have an aged iMac that has a wonderful true 24 bit display but a bad bios so I can't boot the new stuff. I'm tempted to take it back to the vendor and demand a refund as the only reason it isn't useful is because Apple won't provide an update. The thing works great as a hackintosh so it can run the new software without fail.

Apple made its best code when it also supported the PPC. They had to build things for two majorly different systems and that found lots of bugs early in development. Remember OS X started in 386land and moved to PPC and then back to Intel as it moved from NeXT to Apple. Oddly enough there are people who register performance ratings and have seen modern IBM power CPU running OS X that far out run the current Intel stuff. It sort of sucks that Apple stopped selling top of the line CPUs because of a golf game.

Comment Re:Year of the... (Score 1) 535

Yeah, and what are they gonna do about it? File a complaint? bwahahaha

If they are smart, they will talk to their local representatives and say "Not only is Microsoft not paying its fair share of local taxes, they are being anti-competitive."

Many countries make the practice of only offering some products to a limited number of large companies illegal. If those products can provide an economic advantage, the discrimination against smaller companies is illegal and subject to heavy fines.

Comment Show off their craft? (Score 1) 331

The movies I enjoy in a real theater tend to be very bad movies. I sometimes go to the Astor in Melbourne and their current calendar has Mothra, The Thing, and Videodrome. They are running a double feature with Wrath of Kahn and Beyond where I expect the audience will be more interesting than what is on the screen. They also do good movies but I'm less likely to go to them but their screening of the Shine might be interesting since there will be a Q&A session with the producer, director and screen writer. The place sells beer and has strict no talking policies for most movies. They also do sing alongs like Meaning of Life and Rocky Horror.

Comment Re:$85.90 per share? Lol (Score 2) 460

Retirement funds are buying most of the tech stocks. Some of them have the problem that they have another billion dollars every week that they have to invest in tech stocks and there just aren't that many good investments so they dump it into well know tech players. It is even worse in the UK where one type of high growth fund only allows investments into 200 companies that are registered in some government scheme. Some of their stock prices seems to have nothing to do with any type of value.

Comment Something is wrong but what? (Score 3) 387

Richard Feynman wrote in the introduction of one his books that one easy way to find out of a theory is bad is to look at its complexity If it isn't simple, it is most likely wrong. He went on to talk about how strange the orbital mechanisms and mathematics were before Kepler found the correct and simple solution to the problem that disproved nearly everyone in the field. With that he ends the introduction and delves into quantum mechanics.

Comment They don't know who their customers are (Score 2) 78

Blackberry is running as if telcos are its customers. They aren't and Apple ended that business model and they need to get used to it.

I want the android sandbox to lie to applications.
I want a check box next to all the junk an application wants and I want to be able to tell it yes, no, lie.

I want them to fix the bugs on my Q10. The thing likes to reboot after I set it down on its screen after phone calls.

I have no intention of buying one of their Android phones. If I wanted Android, I would buy something else and I haven't.

On the plus side, I had my Q10 for a week before I ever even signed up for an account of any kind. The phone works well and running all the data over a VPN to my server is showing no leaking of data even with a "no data" sim installed. I like that but I've run my own servers for decades.

Comment Re:lawsuit (Score 1) 184

Monopoly cable TV agreements were often for 50 years and any renegotiation resets the time.

The interesting thing about those types of contracts is they involve an "educational programming" requirement. I'm not sure any cable TV company offers that any more because Discovery and The History Channel sure don't. MTV was used to convince towns that they could keep the rebellious kids at hone in front of the TV rather than doing what teenagers do.

Many municipal cable tv contracts can be torn up because they specify content that simply isn't provided anymore.

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