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Comment Here is what giving up control of the Internet is (Score 0) 232

F*ck them! In the United States we have something called the FIRST AMENDMENT! We have the RIGHT to say basically whatever the HELL we want! If you don't like it - don't read it!

As a U.S. Military Veteran I may not agree with or like what you have to say but I'll defend, to the death, your RIGHT to say it!

So Israel can just go F*ck themselves! And F*ck Facebook too for being ANTI-First Amendment and also therefore ANTI-Veteran! Facebook is saying they hate our military and basically are spitting on the graves of the men AND women that died for this country and peoples rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Welcome to the United States of Amerika I guess.

Comment It's all a show! (Score 2) 180

Hillary was chosen for the next president back in 2008. Remember that "secret" meeting between Hillary and Obama? The one they met in Chantilly Virginia.... The same place Bilderburg was meeting at that exact same day.. Hillary was promised to get the next presidential nod if she let Obama get the nomination and she step down.

Think about this. Obama has said she won't be prosecuted for her email CRIMES. Then we find out that Trumps daughter is friends with Chelsey. Hell the Clinton and the Bush families are good friends too - go lookup the news stories... Trump is friends with the Clinton's we have all see the pictures.... The whole "fued" stuff is utter crap! I don't know how anyone CAN'T see through it.

The whole Trump/Cruz thing is a ruse to make people think they have a choice. Please..... It doesn't matter WHO the republicans appoint (regardless of peoples votes).

These Tech guys are just throwing money away. Trump has no chance in hell of even getting the nomination. The RNC has said so. The RNC won't let Cruz be the ma either... This just shows they "tech giants" are plain stupid as hell.Go ahead waste your time, effort and money.

Comment How-hum (Score 1) 193

Being a former KDE user - abandoned after they went to the Windows 10 look alike - POS! I looked at gnome, Mate and Cinnamon. I went with Cinnamon - I like it - it's light weight and works really nice - and NOT a Windows 10 look alike!

Comment No one gets it. (Score 4, Insightful) 741

The media, the republicans, the democrats and now Anonymous - they all don't get it. If you QUIT talking about Trump, quit showing him on the news he would become irrelevant and people would forget about him. The more people talk about him, berate him, attack him, show him all over the T.V. the more popular he gets.

If they REALLY want to get rid of Trump they need to IGNORE him! Just stop talking about him, stop putting his face all over T.V., he will just go away and people will forget about him. I mean really, it's not rocket science folks. But then again.... Maybe they all WANT hm to WIN. It could be you know....

We should be spending more of our time hammering the candidates about the problem with the H1B Visa program - like SHUTTING IT DOWN! This is what's really affecting people! Think Disney, Hertz, and all the others that are destroying American jobs for CHEAP foreign labor.

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