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Comment Trump was right! (Score 1) 299

The whole election process IS rigged!

What we have here is a case of the Dems/liberals crying foul that Trump out rigged/de-frauded them. So they are paying off ol' Jill to do their dirty work to try and re-rigg the election for them. That is ALL this is about. We all know the democratic primary was rigged against Bernie. The Dems thought for sure they had the whole presidential election rigged in their favor. But Trump out rigged them and now they are pissed off.

Hey Dem's it's called KARMA - and karma is a bitch and she comes back with a vengeance!

Comment If she is so concerned (Score 1) 1321

If she is so concerned about all the votes that may have been "hacked in" and "stolen" from Hillary - why did she run against her and steal votes from Hillary. The increase in votes SHE got was due to people dissatisfied with Hillary. She should just sit down and STFU! She has nothing to talk about. She stole votes from Hillary herself! Nothing here move along......

Comment Twitter now gets to say who has 1st rights (Score 1) 978

So now Twitter gets to decide who gets to have their 1st Amendment rights now huh? Hate speech? Oh but the "left" don't have hate speech right? Ok, yeah, whatever! That's ok Twitter is having financial difficulties anyway. I hope they go under! It will serve them right! Something else will just take it's place.... Look at MySpace. MyWho you might say - exactly.

Comment Yeah but.... (Score 1) 523

"Clinton supporters have been telling me for a few days that any visible support for Trump makes you a supporter of sex abuse."

Trump may say a lot of despicable things but Bill Clinton has actually DONE Those things!

I think Trump gave Bill the ideas of what to do. Heck Trump and the Clinton's have been friends for like forever! So I don't know what Clinton supporters are so shocked about what Trump is saying......

Comment Trump == Plant (Score 1) 843

Trump was a "plant" to gaurentee Hillary "canckles" Clinton would get the Presidency. Trump and the Clinton's go WAY back they are friends, buddies business mates. They are both the most HATED, VILE people that could be running for the presidency! Hell I think a neo-nazi would be better! The U.S. is SOOOO screwed and the average sheeple/lemming doesn't even know it.

Comment Here is what giving up control of the Internet is (Score 0) 232

F*ck them! In the United States we have something called the FIRST AMENDMENT! We have the RIGHT to say basically whatever the HELL we want! If you don't like it - don't read it!

As a U.S. Military Veteran I may not agree with or like what you have to say but I'll defend, to the death, your RIGHT to say it!

So Israel can just go F*ck themselves! And F*ck Facebook too for being ANTI-First Amendment and also therefore ANTI-Veteran! Facebook is saying they hate our military and basically are spitting on the graves of the men AND women that died for this country and peoples rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Welcome to the United States of Amerika I guess.

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