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Comment Like $0.13 raise in Florida (Score 2) 778

Florida raised it's minimum wage by $0.13 and that is going to have a detectible impact on employment in a state that is a magnet for business? It had virtually no impact on anyone except food delivery services raised their delivery fees to cover minimum wage increase for tip based employees (pizza delivery drivers) up to $4.91 @ hour. Had Florida raised it to $10.10 an hour, one would expect to see food delivery charges go to about $5.

Comment Assets vs Fiat Currency (Score 1) 532

Trusting one's wealth to fiat currency is foolish, it's being manipulated via fractional reserve banking and it's backed by good wishes by the issuing authority. If you google and derivatives, take a look at the PDF for 2H12, $633T dollars worth of derivatives changed hands. That's just under $4T every 24 hours. That market nearly imploded in 08 until Bush and his TARP saved the day for some. Reason I why I am pointing this out, nothing has changed since 08, derivative market which the banks (including the Federal Reserve which is not apart of the US government) have been playing as a one arm bandit, is even more unstable today. If a bank goes bust playing the derivative market, new US laws says the holders of the derivatives has priority over the depositors. If you think the FDIC is going to save your money, it has enough to cover 1% of all deposits which should cover 1% of the banks closing. If it goes higher then that, expect to see what Canada has, bail in where depositors lose x%. Now if enough banks get caught in a derivative implosions caused by currency wars, trade wars, and interest hikes, central banks will have to pump massive amount of money to replace the 85% that is currently out there via fractional reserve banking and other self created banking fund gimmicks that will disappear with bank closings. Which means fiat currencies could lose massive purchasing power in a few days while assets climb to massive heights.

In other words, some Global Elites will wake up one day and take the red pill and act accordingly.

Comment It's all about (Score 0) 385

Name of the game is, "Control." The Elites have complete control of the Democrat Party and a strangle hold on the GOP via the GOP Establishment because the Elites cover their bet on elections. Whomever wins, will be their puppet from either party to further the Elite's agendas. Elites also own and control the mainstream media and that is why we have to get any real information on what is happening in the US Government from the UK or, surprise, Russia. If you starting to think something smells in America, it's the stench of Fascism (under which government and corporations combine) as they prepare for control of American society when economic chaos begins. Aren't you glad the US Government that monitors you also has your complete medical records and is dictating on what medical treatments you may receive under Obamacare? Good sheep will get limited health care, bad sheep, well the paperwork is somewhere, just have to wait till they find it and correct it and the IRS has questions for you on your premiums.

Comment I can see (Score 1) 309

I can see the police unions having a cow over this one. Imagine if you had to wear one of these at your work place knowing that your boss can activate it at any time (I know, the digital radios can be turned on via dispatcher at any time to listen in). I'm sure management (command staff) abusing this to bust someone's chops they don't like. There is something called "officer's discretion" that giving management real time viewing is not going to work for the public's benefit. Yes, might be an excellent tool for the butthead cop to be modified in his actions, it's the Officer Joe BagOfDonuts who cuts breaks is going to have life changed in a big way. It's about activity and revenue generation which management is beating on the line officer to increase so management looks better in very lean budget times.

Another issue is if these head cams are streaming, how much of it is being put into a facial and location db? Do you really want to pull into that 7-11 with officers inside getting coffee with computers running your face through SCIC/NCIC as their headcam steam video your face and maybe voice?

Comment The Other Side Of This App (Score 2) 550

I don't think someone thought this app through. This app is going to tell people what the age the person is of the household, their sex, and if they are likely to be Liberal or not? I can see this app being very popular with the criminals, they can see which houses are most likely liberal since there are Democrat(s) living at that address. Now if you were a bad guy, wouldn't you love to know what the ages are in the house, if its most likely female or male, and their political leanings are since the Liberals/Progressives are most likely NOT GOING TO HAVE A GUN IN THE HOUSE! What an interesting burglary tool, or should I say, application.

Comment Re:Can't cut anything... (Score 1) 263

Ask the folks in CA, NY, and NJ on what happens when you soak the rich, they leave for states that don't have state income tax. If you wonder why the US is in such dire straights financially, all the smart money is flowing out of the US and into Asia. France is about to learn this lesson the hard way.

Comment Re:All charity ends (Score 1) 370

Except that Medicare is running out of money in 12 years: Just a couple of years before I qualify, thanks federal government! Yeah, there is Medicaid, good luck getting an appointment under 6 months that isn't a quack, if there are any none quacks still accepting new Medicaid patients.

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