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Am I Alone After the World Collapsed?!? 284

petitclv writes "I just noticed that the last slashdot article was posted at 5pm, 'the day before the Y2K bug destroyed the whole world in flames.' So I wanted to know if I was the latest /. reader to be able to read it. Surely I'm not (partly because most of the people are celebrating as I'm writing this), but I just wanted to make a check. Do you think that the Y2K bug already has made a few troubles, but the media just don't want to put an end to your parties?" Well, petitclv, I crawled out of *my* bunker just now and the world still seemed to be going. (More below.)

My trusty Linux box seems to be working. No nuclear-looking glow from Washington DC (20 miles South of me). Guess all that's left to do is drink up the the stock of bourbon whiskey I accumulated "just in case."

No word from Holland, Michigan yet, but I suppose if the Midwest had been nuked or otherwise returned to the stone age, somebody would have submitted it by now, so I guess CmdrTaco, Hemos, CowboyNeal and the other Geek Compound denizens are okay (aside from possible massive hangovers, but you didn't hear that from me, oh no no no...)

So here we are in Y2K, preparing to face a crisis The Mainstream Media hasn't hardly mentioned: The Wetware Rollover Bug!

Do you have any idea how many people are going to write the wrong date on checks and other documents for (at least) the next month or two?

A frightening thought!

But Happy New Year anyway. ;-)

- Robin "roblimo" Miller
(on behalf of sleeping friends and co-workers everywhere.)

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Am I Alone After the World Collapsed?!?

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  • by cxreg ( 44671 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @01:01AM (#1424716) Homepage Journal
    First Post of First Article of the Millennium! or something.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Now if sites like www.y2ksurvive.com would only get rm -rf'd. =)
  • It's 1:05 PM here in Finland and everything seems to be OK. No power outtages, no melted nuclear reactors, even network works.

    Amazing. Happy new year.


  • Aaargh! You #@£*$ bastard! You beat me by one minute!

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • by Anonymous Coward
    as long as natalie portman is ok, i can't imagine what else really matters.

    thank you.
  • by tgeller ( 10260 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @01:05AM (#1424727) Homepage
    Not only is the world still here, but geeks without lives are still spending New Year's Eve READING FRIGGIN' SLASHDOT!!!

    Now let's see what kind of loser would be on the computer right after midnight instead of at some party... whoops, that would be me.

    [gildaradner] Nevermind. [/gildaradner]


  • All systems are go here. Happy new year everyone.

  • Yes but you got First Reply to First Post to First Article of the Millenium. Must count for something =)
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers and 311 rocked the LA Forum into the 2g!
  • by swordgeek ( 112599 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @01:08AM (#1424732) Journal
    ...and I feel fine.

    A much better song to usher in the 2000s than Prince's stupid "1999", in my opinion.

    Now that the afterlife has started for pretty much the whole world, things don't feel much different, but there's something downright weird about saying farewell to the 19xxs. It's like a door has closed. Hopefully, another one has opened as well.

    Best wishes you /. folks. Hope all of your geekery is successful in the near and distant future.

  • I was at a new years party and one of the other geeks there needed to log into the systems at his work. So he fires up his laptop (provided by work). Jan 4th, 1980... It even had a Y2K ready sticker on it. We all had a bit of a laugh. As for the systems at work, all up and running fine. They were all UNIX boxes of one sort or another.

    On the way home I went past one stoplight that was out. Don't know if it was Y2K related or not.

  • between India and Pakistan everything seems to be fine.

    Only joking...

  • don't stop drinking.
  • by yist ( 100285 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @01:14AM (#1424737)
    Actually I've seen a couple of badly programmed Perl scripts around the world (They at first displayed the year in a two digit format, '99' became -> '100'), looks kindof funny :)


  • 12:16 in Sweden and all is OK. :-) Except for a hell of a lot of snow that is.
  • I suppose that, given the amount of people that, whether they would really admit it or not, actually thought something momentous would happen, this might actually have been the end of the world as we knew it. Maybe now people will really start to think in the long term. A victory for Danny Hillis. Either way, it is now 3:18 in Los Angeles, and we're all still here. Happy new year, everybody.
  • Over here in Australia, I woke up in the early afternoon, (and was surprised to see that my old Sparcstation IPX _did_ rollover to 2000 correctly)... I was then even more surprised to see that no new articles had appeared on slashdot for hours. Everything was fine here... though I heard a rumour about some troubles with Japan's nuclear reactors... [cnn.com]
  • by Rectal Prolapse ( 32159 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @01:17AM (#1424742)
    I'm wondering how the wacko cults are handling this...the world hasn't ended. Armageddon hasn't happened.

    And I still can't believe that my apartment managers decided do shut down the elevator before midnight "To show that management is prepared for Y2K".

    Please! In this supposed time and age, why do people insist on believing outright fallacies...UFO's, alien abductions, the Aurora Project , Y2K bug, armageddon, demons, virgin Mary visions...the list goes on and on.

    What will be the new demons of the next century? Solar flares wiping out life on Earth? The conjunction of the planets coming, I believe, in May, causing major natural catastrophies (like, all the volcanoes on Earth erupting at once...talk about extra fibre in your diet!). Or maybe there'll be a widespread and deadly flu epidemic...Or perhaps the world will be destroyed sometime in 2040 like some nostradamus enthusiasts believe.

    Choose your poison...but hey, maybe it'll make you rich!

    At any rate, hear's a toast to those of us who aren't hiding in makeshift bunkers!

    May this year be the Year of the Space Moose! :)
  • Most of us are stuck at work :/ Oh well. Y2K ended up being Y2Lame. At least the overtime is nice :)
  • A nuclear power plant in Japan had a radiation monitor fail shortly after midnight. CNN story here [cnn.com]. No leaks or anything, just a failed monitor. They not certain if it was Y2K related or if the timing was just coincidence.

    Has anyone heard any reports from places like Iraq which had allegedly done no Y2K preparation at all?

  • by datazone ( 5048 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @01:20AM (#1424747) Journal
    This sucks! I thought the world was going to end.
    now i have to find some way to explain to my boss that i didn't really mean those things i said to him last year. Hmmm... I really wish i hadn't quit my job, and invested all my money in 2 ply toilet paper. Oh well, i will figure something out by monday...

  • by ralphclark ( 11346 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @01:22AM (#1424748) Journal
    Funny thing is, everybody expected a worst-case-scenario.

    Not here in Europe we didn't. Millennium paranoia (stockpiling water, food, guns & ammo etc) seems to be almost uniquely an American phenomenon.

    British concerns are really more or less limited to the effects upon business. Apart from that I guess we're only expecting some minor inconveniences over the next couple of months.

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • The millennium does not begin under Jan01, 2001.
  • That's why you should always add 1900 to this year format :-)))

    I think we will have a great time hacking all our perl scripts to handle these things right.

    Seems I'm lucky. All my scripts seem to work right at the moment. (Also the shell scripts which use `date')
  • :-) Hey there
    Been there, done that ;-)
    Too bad it was kinda short (RHCP were performing only 1.5 hours), Metallica was on stage for 2.5-3 hours!!!

    Well, anyway Happy New Year!!!

    Is it me, or Flea totally gone nuts? ;-)
  • As I was on my way to look for happenings of this kind I stepped over heise's newsticker [heise.de]. They reported that two japanese nuclear powers plant seemed to have some Y2K-problems. Although they were (according to japanese officials) not really threatening it worries me to see people pretending to be Y2K-ready and then really having some major problems!
  • Sure, but we should also hack all our C, Python, Basic, whatever programs since some of them suffer from the same problem. It's not a Perl feature :-)
  • by MartyJG ( 41978 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @01:32AM (#1424756) Homepage
    to the rest of the IT industry - we pulled it off! The biggest scam of the last millenium!

    We knew all along there was nothing to worry about. Most programmers have thought they were working in 2001 for the past twenty years anyway.

    We worried the banks, we scared Wall Street witless, we even joined forces with Micro$oft to spread the word of doom.

    We told the suits-that-hold-the-purse-strings that all our computers needed replacing immediately, when we weren't due for a real upgrade for another 18 months.

    We convinced everyone that IT staff would need to be paid extra for millenium cover, but knew all along we wouldn't get a single serious call.

    We got all the braindead Windows@Home users to rush out to their nearest PC stores to replace perfectly good 166mmx's, and to stock up with a years supply of tinned beans on their way home - simultaneously bringing down the prices of PC's and geek-food ATST!

    In short, we win!
  • You're right. It begins *on* Jan01, 2001. ;)
    But despite the fact that everyone seems to know and accept this, no one really seems to care. I cant help but wonder what next year will be like. "Lets bring in the new Millennium... again!". People are weird.
  • I rebooted my Win98SE box about 2am local time (GMT) and it promptly refused to go back into windows (gets stuck at the waving flag boot logo). My motherboard and BIOS are supposed to be fully Y2K compliant (and DOS boots OK anyway), and the Microsoft Y2K page doesn't list *any* known problems at all. And my Linux box which has the same Aopen AX59Pro (rev1.0) motherboard in it, is still going strong.

    So, either Win98SE *does* have a fatal Y2K bug and Microsoft just aren't talking...or else I've been hit by one of those Y2K viruses. I *did* have Norton Antivirus on my system a few months ago but was forced to remove it because of the stability problems it seemed to be causing :o(

    Catch 22 eh?

    I'm running that old NAV from the rescue disks right now. It's been going for about 9 hours now and still hasn't found anything. But they are not exactly up-to-date anyway.

    Has anyone experienced any similar problems? And does anyone just happen to have, handily downloadable from their home page, a set of NAV rescue floppy images with up-to-date virus defs? Pleeeeeease?

    Happy new year everybody. Even Microsoft.

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • I'm sorry to say that the world did end for me. My computer crashed horribly, which released the safeties on the small nuclear arsenal I keep in my dorm room...the arms race between myself and a suitemate escalated, and both of us were obliterated by retaliatory fire. Our rooms are heaps of glowing ash, and we can only assume that our tragedy was repeated on a large scale with the nuclear destruction of most of the inhabited cities of the world.
  • by jdigital ( 84195 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @01:36AM (#1424762) Homepage
    Well.. Whilst you all may be rejoicing over the survival of your linux boxen etc.. Down here in australia things havent gone so well..

    As you know we were one of the first countries to go through the rollover, and whilst your media was preparing to televise and stream your parties, they seemed to neglect the tremendous chaos that was going on down under.

    As the clock approached midnight, i was at a friends apartment for an intimate gathering, and we had the tv on with a big display counting down.






    Cheers everywhere from the drug induced gathering, except for one guy who had his watch upside-down and was convived we still had 6 hours to go.

    Anyway, my point is that nothing went wrong during the actual rollover, but during the next few hours things started failing... the first thing i noticed was the some street lamps, and some shopfront lighting dimming. I was drunk, so i didnt take much notice of it, but in retrospect it was the beginning of the end.

    As people crammed on the special 24 hour public transport, some trams started to fail. Most people figured the heavy load at 3am was stressing the system, and although mentioned briefly over the city-wide PA, the announcers were cautious to stress that this was not Y2K related.

    I came home at around 4am, between 2 parties to have a quick shower, and check slashdot.. Just wanted to see how the world was faring up against this genormous evil that was facing the computers.

    Slashdot didnt have much to say, nor did my computer.. I switched it on, heard the HDD start spinning, and jumped into the shower whilst my pc booted. I got out of the shower to find that my computer (which i was quite sure was Y2K compliant) was just booting, spinning the HDD, and rebooting.. I was a bit baffled and went to turn up my dim lights... Although when i got to the switch, they were already on full, but only shining half..

    This scenario was not new to me, we have a power pole with a transformer on it just outside my window, and every now and then a possum manages to fry himself on the terminals and gives us a brown-out. So i popped outside, expecting to see a fried carcass.. But it was hard to see, all the street lights were out... Now that was fscked up, because the street lights run on a different grid in out street. Some serious shit was going down.
    Anyway, i stayed at home for the next few hours, phones were dead, and lights were dead.

    To cut a long story short, its 10:30PM here, and all the computers are still screwed, and we are without power.

    I havent even been able to see /. yet :(

    I think im gonna start suffering withdrawal symptoms soon

    Um, doesn't the millennium start in 2001 ?

    PS: my websites down, i forgot to pay the DNS fee.. Any windows geek wanna pay it for me ??
  • I bet there's quite a few people down in bunkers in Montana and other places who are feeling a tad foolish right now.

    Hey guys, you can come out now. No, we are are not radioactive zombies who want to eat your brains.

    (heh heh)

  • by dlb ( 17444 )
    All is well in Puget Sound. You could hear the sounds of rebooting in Redmond miles away.

    Even though they cancelled the Space Needle party, the crowd in Pioneer Square just outside Zazu was an acceptable substitute. (not to mention the 3 or 4 SPD officers stationed just outside each bar)

    The funny thing was, since there wasnt a giant clock to watch, you had this huge mob of people standing around looking at the their watches/pagers/cell phones, waiting for the big moment.

    As far as rioting goes -- there wasn't any at all where I was. The only injury I sustained was getting stuck in the leg by some guy's lit cigar.

  • that was geekdom in high form, I give you a 9.6.
  • by Krux ( 8331 )
    I'm goint to start dating my checks January ##, 0 or even 1900 just to see if it causes an issue..
  • so you truly are awaiting the new millenium
  • While I was happy to see 2000 arrive without any major incidents, I will feel better when my next paycheck is generated, hopefully without any errors. I keep thinking about the billions of lines of COBOL that are running on mainframes.

    Happy 19100 :-)

  • The amergaddon people are now saying that it will be a slow death - technology will kill us within a few years, not a sudden fiery death on 1/1/100. Notice they said that on the 1/1/2000 paper, not before.
    I always did chuckle when their newsletters asked for renewal submissions for after the new year.

    Keep bringing on the beer, I say!
  • I heard on the news that here in sweden the problems were. 1. A retierment home's alarm system went ded. 2. Am alarm centre went ded. Two verry similar problems. The same manufakturer? How is that last word speled?
  • I'm wondering how the wacko cults are handling this...the world hasn't ended. Armageddon hasn't happened.

    Well quite a few will be trying to figure out what to do with a two year supply of canned beans. Perhaps a few will kill themselves to escape the embaressment of being so paniced about the biggest non-event of the milennium. But I figure most will just find some excuse about how the NWO canceled their evil(tm) plans because the nutbars were too ready for them, or some such nonsense.

    On the up side, we should see slashed prices on generators. Giving us all a great way to keep our machines up durring power outages.

  • Hmm.... roping y2k into all those others is really casting yer net too wide.
    y2k is a real problem, turned into a surreal media frenzy.
    the story resonated and gave justification to any loon's cockamamy (sp) reason for why the universe will implode on y2k.

    The formula goes: Problem + Media = Random Number Generator

    Wonder if there's a bit of chaos theory in there... try to predict how the media will *report* the problem to viewers... as compared to the actual nature of the problem.... can't be done :-)
  • Well, I just logged into the network at work and discovered that the NT server is locked up. All the Linux boxes are still humming along!
  • That is what everyone is saying, but can you explain me why?
  • We here at Louisiana State University have used the Y2K bug to propel us much further beyond other institutions.. In fact our Web page proudly proclaims the date a good 190000 years ahead of the rest of the world. Thank god i'm not in computer science here.


  • Because the first year in "the Year of Our Lord" begins with 1. There was no 0, therefore, we have hit the last year in our millenium, and not the first year in the next. We are in the 999th year of this millenium.

  • This keeps getting asked but the reason is purely historical. The Romans had no concept of the number zero so the first year after Jesus of Nazareth's birth was assigned the number 1. You could argue that the first day of a month is not day 0 however you dont go around saying the first day of July is June 30th now do you ;)

  • <useless comment>

    I love that book! It reintroduced me to something that American society is slowly forgetting to teach its youth... SKEPTICISM!!

    </useless comment>

    Actually, you can teach a donkey how to sing, but he will still sound like an ass...


  • ...except my little alarm clock: Casio Digital Light Clock TCL-100 stubbornly shows date as


    Anybody else out there with the same model by chance? :)

    The only trouble so far. Did not have to make a door stop out of my Palm IIIx, my Linux box is humming away peacefully... Weather is great: it is sunny and still...

  • UF's first strip [userfriendly.org] for this new Millennium (i feel cheap just for saying that...) seems to be encrypted is some way, or just plain mixed up...(also check the copyright year-left side of middle frame, pretty subtle...)
    Here's what i can figure out so far (pretty difficult since Pitr is known to have, well, "unaurthodoex" grammer: Encrypted=Decrypted
    (i assume he's saying Y2K...)

    if G=S -> B=E
    if G=T -> B=O

    F=S (?)
    QVQ is said twice...

    Any thoughts?
  • Makes ya glad you had that y2k compliant laptop, battery, modem, and sattelite phone combo so you could continue to post to slashdot while everything else is dead!
    I commend you on your forethought and would pour you a drink, but my bouron was not y2k compliant... which meant.. of course... that I had to finish it before y2k!
  • Our whole year system is based on Creation being on 4000 BC and the world was meant to end on 1000AD. Jesus was recorded to be born on 4BC.

    Instead of recording years when some Roman religious nuts decided to we should count the date as seconds from when Unix was created.

    Also lets be good C programmers and say the new millienium starts on 2000 not 2001.
  • damn /. won't let me post an empty reply!
  • No one likes a math geek Scully
  • I'm wondering how the wacko cults are handling this...the world hasn't ended. Armageddon hasn't happened.

    "Oh, no! The world hasn't ended! Oh, wait...silly us...the new millennium isn't until next year. Keep preaching it, brothers!"

  • Generally speaking when Anglicizing words K's are replaced with C's. Stupid, I know but English is a pretty stupid and difficult language.

  • i discovered that webalizer 1.22 went from 1299 to 010 ...
  • it is ROT-13

    jryy vg ybbxf yvxr gur l2x oht qvqa'g erne vg'f htyl urnq.
    well it looks like the y2k bug didn't rear it's unly head.

    lrc. gur qbbzfnlref unir orra cebira jebat lrg ntnva.
    yep. the doomsayers have been proven wrong yet again.

    qvq lbh frr gung gbb?
    did you see that too?

    ubhfgba. jr unir n ceboyrz
    houston. we have a problem.

  • Yeah, there have got to be a bunch of torqued off survivalists out there going "What? No major cities went boom? Jeesh... how anticlimactic..."
  • So is the year of that dude's birth:
    a) 0 A.D.
    b) 0 B.C.
    c) 1 B.C.
    d) 1 A.D.

  • No problem with Netscape on Linux.
  • I like Silverchair's Anthem for the Year 2000 better, myself.
  • I have been wondering...

    Where did all the money supposedly spent on fixing this 'problem' really go?


    More importantly, to what extent am I joking?
  • OK, I wasn't near a computer to type this before, but as I'm visiting my friend in Germany, we had an ubercelebration and we had it first here! WOOOOO! Happy New Year's all!
    BlackHat Linux 6.66 (Discordia) :: Hail Eris!
    Dan Kissam e-mail: teeheehee@yahoo.com
  • Uhh...that's AJ and Mike
  • T's what im sayin! Since they didn't have a zero, there was no 0 B.C. or 0 A.D. IIRC that means it must be 1 A.D. Poor kid musta always been a grade ahead of where he should have been, but then again, he was the Son of God(tm) so I bet he was a NHS geek anyway ;)
  • Well...

    I am writing this on a Win98SE Box (Notebook) and it rebootet just fine...

    So my guess is Virus.

  • I'm On a Win98 box right now. I couldn't dial up either of my ISP's at first (I was freaking out!), but then I rebooted and everything seems ok. Sound, TV, Modem, Unreal Tournament...

    All is well.

  • In fact the world did end, this is just a reasonable duplicate created by the producers at hollywood. Unfortunately they forgot the plotline, concentrating solely on the special effects, so this gets a big two thumbs down by me.

  • by mangu ( 126918 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @02:36AM (#1424812)
    The right answer is 1 B.C., if we accept Dionysius Exiguus' count. So, Christ was born Before Christ, on 25/12/1 B.C. 1/1/1 A.D. was the day he was circumsized. But, from historic records, we know that king Herodes died on 4 B.C., so the real date must have been before that.

    Still, it's hard to believe that the Romans, who were very active bureaucrats, would leave no record at all of Jesus' crucifixion. There is no record of a Barabbas either. Therefore, scholars who have an objective viewpoint on this matter assume that Christ lived before that time. I think the most accepted date for his crucifixion is 88 B.C., there are historical records of a rabbi who was crucified in that year. If he was 33 at the time, he was born on 121 B.C.
  • I have to go to work this morning, just to check everything out.
    Management decided to take all computer systems down: the servers, the digital phone network, the elevators (even though the building was locked yesterday afternoon), and the electroninc locks on the doors.

    Obviously nothing went wrong, I have dialed into the server that I didn't bring down and it is fine. So, I get a day of comp time for going in and playing Unreal Tournament.

    Y2K: The biggest hoax ever.

  • by Fufie ( 101098 ) on Saturday January 01, 2000 @02:46AM (#1424818)

    OK, now we don't need the COBOL programmers for 8000 years, their glory days are over now.

    and Happy Happy Joy Joy! in 2038 it's glory days for C programmers. C programs calculate time as seconds back from 1.1.1970 and the counter is a typedef long int __time_t; which should be fun. A few needed hints to make sure as many C programmers as possible get paid really well:

    • Never ever use sizeof(), use integer constants directly, esp. with malloc() and timing functions.
    • Use pointer arithmetics all the time and never ever with sizeof(), use integer constants: foo += 4; is much better than foo += sizeof(int); or even better foo += sizeof(long);
    • Remember that __time_t is a long which currently tend to be 4 bytes, so just use 4 directly :-)
    • Make sure that subtle side-effects rule your programs and your programs only work because the size of e.g __time_t is 4. Use electric fence and make sure it never ever finds your small overwrites :-)

    Make sure your fellow C programmers get well paid jobs for 2038.. heck it worked very well for the COBOL people :-)

    It's should've been end of the world, and I feel fine.. :-)

  • Hey! You got First Pedantic Correction of Incorrect Millenial Year Assertion of the new millenium!
  • My flatmate works in a big Accident and Emergency department serving Edinburgh and a whole lot of places around it. They've drafted in scads of extra doctors who haven't been seen in years. The extra doctors are all sitting around reminiscing about the way the hospital used to be, because people don't seem to be doing themselves injuries at the rate expected.

    The total absence of Y2K related badness is almost suspicious...
  • Even as the (millenium - 1) rang in, the hype was in overdrive about the mostly clean rollover, like Aibo was supposed to catch digital rabies and go on a killing spree. Wow, the sparklers and fireworks are "Y2K Compliant!" So is most everything else on the planet, since "compliance" seems more like "liability immunity" than system robustness.

    As usual, the verdict is already in before the opening arguments are complete. I guess the press needed something to do, and since there was no crisis, they reported the party as if it were a crisis. "The Y2k preparedness center has just received word that the entire town of Elko is out of beer. FEMA is on hand to deliver 6-packs to those left beerless by the disaster."

    The main impact, if any, will be on date calculations (duh? DUH!), like receivables, payables, debt collection and/or writeoff, bill creation, payroll, etc...It will take some weeks (or the whole year) to shake out the remaining bugs. All of this "No problems, told you so," is a bunch of self-congratulatory feelgood bs for a splashy headline.

    We'll need to watch the message boards for inside info on who got bitten, because no organization I can think of is going to stand up and say "Hey, we lost $xxx,000 this week because __________ didn't calculate dates correctly...."
  • Drat. i didn't realize it was rot-13'd, (drinks still wearing off) but caught the 13 difference between each char.... and deciphered it manually... such things happen after drinking too much. :) oh well, still figured it out myself.

    Hapy 1900, everyone! (or 19100 if you'ew just cat'ing your dates still! :)


    bash: ispell: command not found
  • (did anyone actually debate this a thousand years ago?

    The last millenium was celebrated by Western culture in 1033, which was regarded as the millenial anniversary of Christ's death.

    I'm sure that scratched on the stone /. tablets of the time was a raging debate on whether it should instead have been celebrated in 1029 or something.
  • The roman had no year zero ... but on top of that, ask people in 10AD, they did'nt even know they were in 10AD!!! Therefore, the actual 'zero' is much later ... the new millennium probably start in something like 3210.
  • I know one french guy who was fucking freaking out. He 's in an apocalyptic cult, so ... But I know of many more merkins who are freaking out. Oh yeah they'r christians, that's why. When the god you believe in is depicted as such a rude and demanding one ("don't do this! don't do that! do this or you will burn in hell! do NOT look at naked women EVEN if I made you fancy it!"), you can understand it.

    Now, Monday, I will give them a ring, "Hey, whassup dude? How's your apocalypse going?"

  • The phrase "Y2K bug" will take the place in the English language formerly occupied by "making a mountain out of a mole hill"...

  • Live was supposed to play their hometown show in Hershey last nite, but they crapped out when Ed got sick, and apparently he passed it onto the rest of the band :-(

    If they hadn't gotten sick, I WOULD have had plans last night :-(

  • The Register [theregister.co.uk] appears to have a bit of a problem displaying today's date. The first article of the new millennium (millenium as per yesterday's suggestion?) doesn't use quite enough zeros in the date:

    BBC Radio One hit by
    Y2K bug...
    Updated Mother Shipton
    fired by Register
    Posted 01/01/0 9:08am

    I think that it's particularly funny that it's an article making fun of other people's web pages. Maybe it's subtle humour?


  • Even my 95 box survived the crossover...

    VERY good thing, because I just can't squeeze the fps from Q3A Linux & UT Linux I can from their Windows counterparts -- plus, I'm too lazy to configure pppd, so until I get back to college, no net in Linux.

    I had that kind of problem last year, last time my Windows system went kaput. Very likely you'll have to format c: -- :(

    You can check bootlog.txt & see just what it stops loading at -- for me, it was when it was trying to load the driver for the floppy drive -- I wouldn't have ever guessed :)
  • by jeremy f ( 48588 ) <jmf_24@hotmail.com> on Saturday January 01, 2000 @04:26AM (#1424877) Homepage
    I found a sitting spider on my computer sometime around 12:30AM EST, so I named him the official millenium bug & celebrated by taking him to the porcelin water slide screw ride. When I pressed the metal handle to start the ride, I could tell he was having a great deal of fun celebrating his millennial status, swirling all around on the ride and everything.

    But something happened which I did not forsee -- the drain at the bottom of the ride was about 1000 times his size, and there was no mesh for protection. It was a short celebration, but I'm sure he was happy, being the official bug & everything. But the way his legs were moving around, seemingly trying to scramble up the sides of the ride -- now in hindsight, I'm not sure.
  • On the up side, we should see slashed prices on generators. Giving us all a great way to keep our machines up durring power outages.

    Good answer! I NEED one for this winter since we get power failures all the time normally (except last night when all was well). Should be pretty cheap!

  • I'm wondering how the wacko cults are handling this...the world hasn't ended. Armageddon hasn't happened.
    Well, happily for those of use who thrive on the entertainment provided by the prognosticators, there is always the real start of the millennium and centry in 36[56] days. Plus, we shouldn't forget that the placement of January 1 is rather arbitrary. We have two perfectly good equinoxi (equinoxes? Drat! You never can find a ancient Latin-speaking Roman around anymore. Not like the old days when they were all over the place.) and solstices coming up, not to mention a bunch of notorious dates that were set in the past 100 years alone.
    And I still can't believe that my apartment managers decided do shut down the elevator before midnight "To show that management is prepared for Y2K".
    I'm trying to follow the logic here, but I keep getting distracted by the lunatic giggling -- wait, that's me. In the off chance that the elevator might stop working, they elected to make sure it wasn't working? Did they think that it was going to plunge to the basement or launch itself through the roof, because, as we all know, that was perfectly acceptable elevator behavior in 1900 (or 1960 or 1970 or 1980 or whenever you'd like your elevator to roll over to today). So, did they turn it back on this morning? Unless we undergo a tremendous calendar shift, it's not going to be 19xx for a very, very, very long time, so I don't understand the concept of avoiding the first second of the 20xx era if you're just going to be turning it back on a few thousand or even million seconds later.
  • Hey, The first words heard after midnight at the party I was at were:

    "The lights are on. We still have power!"

    "Let's call Gary and congratulate him on a job well done."

    Half the people at the party were on call last night. Not a single pager or cell phone went off. And better still, mine didn't start going off at 6 am today. It was a quiet night.

    I still want to find the most alarmist Y2K book for a review in a few weeks. I want one that made lots of specific predictions of disasters. I want power outages and plane crashes and nuclear melt downs. I want to give some hysterical author and publisher who spouted gloom and doom to increase sales exactly what they deserve ... a really cutting review. And the later the publication date the better. That way we can honestly say that information about preparation for the Y2K non-event was available. I'm guessing from the lack of responses the last time I asked for recommendations on such a book, that none of us were reading any of them.
  • Actually I was referring to my original post [slashdot.org] which appeared at 5.01 AM by your clock.

    Notice how my manque first post has been moderated down twice as a troll, but the winner has been moderated up to +4 "funny".

    Go figure.

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • Do you have any idea how many people are going to write the wrong date on checks and other documents for (at least) the next month or two?

    I sat down to write checks for several bills this morning. The date field on my checks already has a "19" filled in for the first two digits of the year. I toyed briefly with the idea of just writing a "00" after this, so that the checks would all be dated a century ago.

  • Thanks very much for that link, Skinka. I downloaded the shareware and scanned the C: drive but no viruses were recognised. So either it's super-stealthy or else it's just a routine Win98SE screwup. They do happen often enough I suppose. It's just odd that it should have died so spectacularly at that particular time.

    Why me! WHY ME???? Boo hoo - now I'm facing the umpteenth reformat and reinstall along with twenty apps and all their patches :o((

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • My girlfriend's american. My cousin's girlfriend's american. My uncle lives in California. Some of my best friends are american. So yeah, I think I have some clues.
    Are americans christians? Well much more than the french. French politicians don't bother showing at Church to get good press. When French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin says he's an atheist, nobody thrashes him, unlike Jesse Ventura.
    BTW my girlfriend believed the american motto was 'in god we trust' (which was just added on the bills in the 30s I believe), whereas it's 'e pluribus unum' if I'm not mistaken. So ...
  • We know we have REAL Y2K problems when....

    1) A First post message (done by someone other than the person who wrote the article) gets a score of 5!

    2) When you're watching the Y2K countdouns all over the world and you KNOW they're NOT using XNTP to synchronize time, because the time on the countdown on the TV is DIFFERENT from the countdown in the actual party which is different from the clock on the same TV which is even different than your sattelite clock synched XNTP computer

    3) When we suddenly discover the real power of theory of relativity because we are suddenly 17100 years in the future (19100) or 190000 years in the future (192000) and the technology hasn't changed.

    4) When we realize we travelled back in time to the year 100.

    5) When everyone get's paged just after midnight .. then when everyone goes to pick up their voice messages (which they know say something along the lines of "I'm still alive") using their cell phone. Either there are no cell channels available, or the pager system is overloaded. (This happened to me for about 15 mins after midnight.. kept switching between phone has busy system, then pager has overloaded system)

    Well.. Last night I turned on all my 4 computers @ home just to see if I can find anything in the logs over the midnight period.. It was nice to see no downtimes anywhere near the rollover.. my cable provider did go down for a few seconds this morning.. but nothing Y2K related.

    For those of you interested.. the year 100 and 19100 are perl script errors due to concatenating the year 99, or 100 to the end of "19" ..

    The year 192000 originated from problematic Java/Javascripts.. Java was written very stupidly.. If the year is = 2000 it would suddenly report a 4 digit year. this would make it slightly annoying to program something that is Y2K compliant and Pre-Y2K compliant.

    it would have to look something like

    if (now.getDate() 100) document.write(1900 + now.getDate());
    else document.write(now.getDate());

    Anyway.. Enjoy.. Happy Y2K.. l8z
  • by Kento ( 36001 ) <kent.overstreet@gmail.com> on Saturday January 01, 2000 @08:37AM (#1424943)
    well, there's some other evidence. Here's what I remember. On the shroud that Jesus was buried in for example, (yes we have it today, it's at the Vatican, and it's a long story how it got there and how we know it's authentic) there were 2 coins placed on Jesus' eyes (Jewish custom) which were minted by Pontius Pilate, procurator of Judea in around 28 - 33 A.D. There was also the star - iirc, a supernova that there are records of. Herod the Great who was king of judea at the time Jesus was born was known for being a rather cruel king (executed 2 of his sons, that sort of thing) and probably wouldn't have had a problem killing all the baby boys under 2 years old if one of them was going to replace him. IIRC, there was also some stuff with Emporer Tiberius, I think when St. Paul went to Rome - I don't have my history book with me (trying to get *away* from school this vacation)
  • I knew that!!!

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • Can I eat their brains anyway?

    I doubt you'll derive much nutritional value from their brains..

    (and FYI, I did Y2k work for an investment bank for awhile, and we found some really interesting bugs, but most of the issues were cosmetic, and Y2k was not something to stick with: it tended to suck out all of your will to live...)

    Your Working Boy,
  • .... are invalidated? Wasn't 1999 supposed to be the big year for the massive natural disasters, world war with nukes, etc?

    Inquiring minds want to know.. Any Nostradamus junkies out there looking to revalidate the master?

    Happy new year! ;)
    Your Working Boy,
  • Ventura never got attacked for being an atheist. He got attacked for attacking other people's beliefs. Of course, tolerance only goes one way for Europeans.

    What's your problem with Europeans? I think we should all be much more tolerant of other people attacking our beliefs.

    So for example it's OK for Ventura to attack religious bigots if that's what he feels is right, and it's OK to attack homosexuals and other perverts too if you feel it's wrong.

    People performing these attacks are just expressing themselves in a completely natural way. It's unhealthy (as well as unfair) to force people to repress their deepest feelings.

    (I think...)

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • Besides Americans being more Christian is better than the French being more adulterers.

    Well, it's just a blowjob, so it's not adultere, right?

  • There was meant to be a pseudo html tag for "irony" in that post but Slashdot swallowed it...

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction

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