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Comment Translucent OLED, stereo cams, tracking, etc (Score 1) 16

Seems to me that the ideal headset:
* has dual high-res cams located above the eyes, or quad cams above and below, which can 'average' out to eye level
* Is translucent/transparent with an electrochromic backplate
* has pupil sensors on the inside
* is wireless, perhaps with a battery 'pendant' that incorporates some UWB connection to the host computer
* integrated mic on the bottom of the goggle frame as well as noise-cancelling mic on top
* face cams can recognize fingertips, physical cues (like a laser mouse) to handle fine head orientation
* possibly incorporate hardware neural net coprocessors for support features as well as image/pattern recognition

Awhile back, hopefully suitable for 600+dpi displays:

And a consumer level version of this might be cool:

Comment Tweaking the Greentards (Score 1) 213

He's doing it for the lulz, to tweak the particularly strident greentards that infect Australia.

That said, if Australia went full-bore into PRISM and LFTR development (by, perhaps, providing some funding but mostly just expediting red tape and silencing greenies/NIMBYs) they could very well build a 11- or 12-figure industry around it instead of leaving it to China or India.

Comment Replace them all with LFTRs (Score 1) 323

LFTRs would take up less space, be more efficient, and rather than consuming water for cooling they could use low-grade leftover process heat to desalinate water. So, instead of being a massive freshwater sink it would be a freshwater source for piping inland (or, depending on the site, a river could be reversed for that task?)

Comment H2 fuel cells are a nonstarter, SOFCs may not be (Score 1) 659

No nation is going to build an entire network of H2-dedicated pipelines and other infrastructure, so any sort of mass fueling of H2 will come from electrolysis (consumes freshwater and is expensive for power) or (most likely) reformation of natural gas piggybacking on the already-existing NG infrastructure.

So, how efficient would an H2 fuel cell vehicle be per mpg equivalent worth of reformed H2 from natural gas? How much is the net fuel cost per mile?

Now, IMO a more promising path would be using solid-oxide fuel cells that accept hydrocarbons directly, but IFF they can get at least 16-20kWh out of a gallon of gasoline, its volume and mass are comparable to an I4 or V6 engine, and the cost comes down to 5-10 cents per Watt.

Comment Re:Ion Audio (Score 1) 201

That's been discontinued, and AFAIK only has PC drivers. Their replacement is just a composite -> USB box, but it does have OS X drivers.

Dunno if either has OSS support, alas.

I like the VCR2DVD deck idea, assuming one can be found that does a quality job. I reckon finding a higher-end (S) VHS deck (with 4+ heads, stereo, auto tracking, maybe jog/shuttle knob) and testing it with a few sacrificable tapes is the way to go for OP. For 8mm video I'd recommend finding a Digital8 deck or camera, since it internally converts analog 8mm/Hi8 to digital before sending it up the firewire link.

Comment Re:How could you do it? (Score 1) 276

I'd recommend reading these:

And understanding the Hollywood screenwriting and production process a bit better before blaming JMS for that. Plus, if you don't have a credit in the movie, you don't get residuals, and professionals get paid.

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