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Comment Re:It's shareware all over again. (Score 1) 205

Amen, brother. I have 7 screens of apps on my iPhone, many of which I seldom use. There're also, maybe, 5-7 apps I have removed from iPhone, most of which I paid for (within $4 each, I think). There are a few apps I still keep on the phone simply because I think I **might** need them (e.g. PCalc, HearPlanet, iTalk, Sketches). There're also those that I use, but rarely -- since they serve a certain purpose like: show-off (PocketGuitar, MiniPiano), getting stuff on and off the phone (Air Sharing), sharing photos (Darkslide), killing time (lots of games), etc.

There's nothing wrong with such pattern. Think in terms of a number of shareware or demo apps one downloads to give it a try. Except iPhone makes it far easier and cheaper.


Submission + - Facebook rejects common email address (jana.se)

janap writes: "I was attempting to sign up for a Facebook account, as a lot of my friends already signed up, and they were asking me to also join in. But as I was trying to enter my information, I got repeatedly rejected. The reason was that my email address wasn't "valid". Well, like a lot of people I run my own personal domain, and the address I was entering was info@mypersonal.domain. I wrote and complained to their support, and got this for a reply: "Hi Xxxx, Unfortunately we do not support email addresses with generic prefixes like the email you have listed (i.e. info@, webmaster@ etc.). You will need to use a personal email address that does not contain this type of prefix. Since email addresses of this nature are typically used for organizations and businesses, we do not allow them to be used for personal Facebook accounts. There are no exceptions to this rule. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this policy may have caused you. Thanks for contacting Facebook, Xxxxx Customer Support Representative Facebook" Well, I genuinely use this address as my main email account. It's easy for people to remember, as the domain name is the same as my first name. Of course it's not a problem for me to use any other account name, but it's a nuiscance. After you join Facebook, I'm told your email address is stuck with you, it can never change. And who are they to choose which email address I can and cannot have? For now, I'm giving Facebook a big miss. The nerve."

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