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Comment Re:Let them lease, but not screw with sales (Score 1) 127

Warranty on what exactly.

If you purchase a pre-assembled computer, you have a right to warranty on the way these parts are assembled in on top of the warranty of each single part. You can actually go and claim damages if, e.g. the cooling isn't sufficient and the CPU gets damaged because the fan was improperly installed. This is of course out the window if you open the case because it's no longer possible to determine whether you have tampered with it and hence whose fault it is that the heat sink wasn't properly installed on the CPU.

You could not lose warranty on the parts with the removal of the sticker. Only on assembly.

Comment Re: Bodes Really Well for a Fair Trial (Score 1) 484

Look, you're wrong and you're full of shit. I even gave you a reference to the Wikipedia article which points out that Egypt IS in the middle east. If you think you know better than a scholarly article on the subject, then I don't give a shit what you think, you probably think the moon landings were a hoax too.

Comment Re:Can't see Circuit City anymore. CEO seeking a g (Score 1) 162

It was the CEO BEFORE the last one that burnt the company for the insurance, that is how this works. Its the same with AMD, the current CEO is trying to stop the bleeding, even going so far as to hire back the designer of the Athlon64 from Apple, but it was the one after the founder (Rory Read I think, but they went through 3 real quickly) that fired everybody and cashed out.

You see its like playing hot potato, you don't want to be the one left with the bag.

Comment Re:It's important to keep Christ in Christmas. (Score 1) 125

Well, given the the holiday is a winter solstice holiday, which people have celebrated probably since the dawn of agriculture, and it was originally a week long and involved temporarily suspending normal social rules, I'd say that was absolutely the primary reason for the holiday, as well as honoring the great Saturn.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 743

I don't want to get into an argument about biblical exegesis (reading ancient texts with our post-Enlightenment mindset is fraught with difficulty at the best of times). My point is that what Ussher did wasn't at all stupid. Actually it was remarkably smart and scientific by the standards of his day, and given what little he had to work with.

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