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Comment Re:Which apps? (Score 1) 242

The AC is full of shit. Both Github and Bitbucket are equally slow over dialup (about 1 minute to load a page here, not bad when the average page takes closer to 5 minutes after blocking the ads and such) and of course CTRL-F works on the page, at least with SeaMonkey.
I started using Bitbucket due to needing to clone a Mercurial repository and they were the only one to support Mercurial and I will say that Mercurial is horrible over dial-up with it often suddenly timing out after 10 minutes or so whereas Git is much more resilient. But that's Mercurial or more likely Python, not Bitbucket which I've been happy with though I will admit I only use the command line.

Comment Re:This is So Frustrating... (Score 1) 343

Conservatives value individual freedom, limited government, lower taxes, etc

You must have been going for a funny mod here. Conservatives believe in big government which has a main role of stopping people (and nations) practicing individual freedoms that they don't like, and they're willing to go into debt to do it.

Comment Re:Lost ability? (Score 1) 309

You need a fairly flat spot to land and the craters probably aren't nice plains like the Apollo spacecraft landed on.
The Helium 3 (not 4) is very thinly spread on the Moon and it is easy to make Helium 3 on the Earth, just irradiate water to make Tritium and let it decay into He3. Of course fusing He3 is much harder then fusing Deuterium and Tritium, which we still can't do in a controlled energy positive way.

Comment Re:They should have used Schrodinger's cat . . . (Score 1) 634

Canada had 8 years of surplus budgets with a socially liberal party in power. We also had the largest deficits in our history (after blowing those surpluses) when the right wingers gained power as well as 8 years of deficits with the right wingers in power and now our economy is fucked due to those right wingers who claim to be fiscally conservative but whose actions proved otherwise. They were good with complicating the tax structure with their targeted tax reductions though.

Comment Re:There's no doubt that... (Score 1) 1825

The trick is to just let a few scripts run. Currently noscript says "3/9 (,,|: 31|:0" and it works fairly well here. I can't remember why I added to the whitelist and it might not be needed now.
Edit, there was also SCRIPT and OBJECT in angle brackets in the above that vanished on preview and I'm too lazy to fix.

Comment Re:Of course ... (Score 1) 311

So true that freedom includes being able to walk around with infective diseases and give them to others and then blame them for catching that TB from you.
Just like to be totally safe from vehicles means staying far away from roads, being safe from someones choice to not have medical means staying away from all people.

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