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Comment Re:Promotion of the useful arts (Score 4, Interesting) 147

Right at the beginning of modern copyright, beginning of the 18th century, the publishers started on this thing about "for the artist" and even then they paid a tuppence for unlimited rights while going on about the starving artist.
It was actually the unelected House of Lords that put their foot down, overrode the elected (bribed) House of Commons who were going to make copyright eternal and limited copyright to 14+14 years for the advancement of learning.
When the first works fell out of copyright they went to the courts claiming copyright was a common law right. Luckily they lost that one.

Comment Re: it's (Score 1) 147

Meanwhile, aren't asshole politicians using copyright music during their campaigning, even against the express desires of the artists?

I heard one musician, think it was Randy Bachman, bitching because not only do they use his music (Taking Care of Business) without permission but then the campaign organization, who are responsible for all the shit that happens such as pirating music against the express wishes of the rights owner, goes bankrupt and is dissolved so there isn't even anyone to sue.
One law for us and no law for them

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 573

Free enterprise just leads to big government as the business that can get favorable laws implemented are going to do better then the business that doesn't get laws passed.
In the case of Obama-care, the market spoke by the successful insurance companies paying a fee to the politicians for more income.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 573

A government that isn't too centralized and spending energy to repress its citizenship. It's not really size as you can have a small government that contracts out the secret police and a large government that is focused on improving infrastructure.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 4, Insightful) 573

How the hell do you come to the conclusion that the DNC and Obama are socialist? Have you not seen their actions? They're just as pro-big business as the Republicans, just different big businesses. Banks getting bailed out and then endless streams of free money printed just for their use, a socialist would have nationalized the banks, broken them up and hopefully turned them into credit unions or at least sold small banks back to the people.
Look at their healthcare reform, the only ones benefiting are the insurance companies with a guaranteed clientele.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 4, Informative) 573

Perhaps he is in favour of personal liberty and small government? Republicans (and Democrats) have consistently favored large government and trampling over the rights of the citizens while making whatever promises will get them elected.
So far the only successful libertarian movements have been socialist, which makes sense as socialism is in favour of the rights of the people while the various right wing movements are in favour of the rights of big business and/or the rich. In America both parties main differences are which big businesses they back with the Democrats throwing the odd bone to the people to attract those with leftist leanings and Republicans likewise throwing the odd bone to Conservatives to attract their votes.
The main problem with America is how successful the propaganda machine has been, including the idea that socialism equals big government.

Comment Re:NASA.gov has good Mars info (Score 1) 554

Yes, I poked around on there. Mostly it seems to deal with weather, changes from one year to another while climate, at least on Earth, is usually considered to be 30+ year trends. The orbit of Mars is much more variable then Earths which does lead to long term climate changes.
The number I've heard about Solar driven climate is about 30%, which considering that the Sun has been outputting less heat then usual, may help explain the slow down in warming. I do worry about what will happen when the Suns output goes above normal.
There's so much conflicting information about the Antarctic ice. Is it volume or just area? Is the increase in one area more then the decrease in a different area. How much has precipitation increased? Warmer weather often brings more precipitation and if it still below freezing, that increases the amount of snow. If it is rain, or more melt, that lowers the salinity of the surface or the ocean and raises the freezing point leading to more ice. I'm not qualified to judge.

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