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Comment Re:Metamoderation (Score 1) 1822

I don't mind the current system.

If a comment is worth having here, why not ding all of the moderation that marked it down at once? And if it is junk, why not reduce the moderation power of the users that marked it up?

Showing a specific moderation example gives you a bias, an anchor. It also diverts your attention away from the big issue and towards the small specifics. Think of the difference between "Do I want more comments like this here, or fewer?" and "Should this have been +1 Funny, or should it have been +1 Interesting instead?".

Comment Re:Easiest things to do. (Score 1) 1822

1 - agree about the quotes. Don't care about or want any other unicode.

4 - I hit the posting delay enough to be annoyed, and I've been excellent since excellent karma was invented.

9 - In my opinion, appending to comments is a bad idea. By letting them be final, the next reader can see exactly what a commenter was looking at when they were typing.

10 - Speak for yourself. I don't think I could estimate to within 5 years how long ago I turned sigs off. I forget for years at a time that such things even exist, usually until someone comments on mine.

Comment Re:Two simple suggestions. (Score 1) 1822

The data is here.

One presumes that a simple query could find the sum and average of moderation for all comments attached to a given story. Heck, the sum of metamoderation for a story should be easy to fetch too.

Correlate those with the tags or something, and you should have a good idea of what kinds of stories are popular (lots of comments), which ones produce quality discussion (better net sum and/or average of moderation), and which ones get the blood pumping (inverse average of metamoderation).

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1822

Depends on a lot of stuff. There are groups of mods that will nuke certain things to oblivion if you catch them at the wrong time.

I'm looking at the SJW-squad mostly, but that's the one that I personally get notifications for. I can't rule out the existence of the opposite prospiracy, but I never see upvote storms when I mock The Narrative, just singletons.

Comment Re:Just have medicare for all and get rid of the o (Score 1) 285

Where do you think the $25 aspirin came from? Medicare publishes how much they are willing to pay for a service code. The clinic then establishes a "cost" of double what Medicare will pay. Then your insurance company steps in and says "$50 for aspirin is insane, we'll only pay $35."

Comment Re:big numbers not so big. (Score 1) 285

It isn't evenly distributed, and it isn't the only loss in the system.

The goal and result of the last 50 years of tinkering has been to completely destroy the pricing system in medicine. No one in any part of the system has any idea of what anything costs. That includes patients, doctors, nurses, administrators, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, etc.

Be extremely skeptical of any dollar figures you see related to mainstream medicine. None of them have any connection to reality.

Doctors are increasingly opting out of the system and working strictly for cash. Those doctors are surprisingly cheap, partly because they have very little administrative overhead, and partly because they have price signals in both directions that guide them towards efficiency.

Comment Easy solution (Score 0) 256

The easiest solution is to get rid of these grants.

Don't get me wrong, with all of the imaginary rights the Supreme Court has been finding in the 14th amendment, the one I'd most like them to find is the right to a federal government that exclusively uses Free Software and open standards.

But I don't really have a lot of sympathy for this guy's difficulty in getting my tax money. He calls himself "The VAR guy", which strongly suggests that he's not asking for money to perform some obligation of the federal government as spelled out in the Constitution.

Comment Re:Ia my impression wrong? (Score 1) 509

Here in the US, we mostly consider the socialists and communists to be on the left. And the Democrat party has been pushing everything in that direction as hard as they can, for at least the last century.

If the Democrat party has actually been moving right, they must be using a different spectrum than the collectivist-individualist scale commonly used today.

Comment Re:Yes i like to discuss creation vs. evolution (Score 1) 509

These are all micro. I'm talking about the origins of the species.

Also, these are a bit silly. Take the first one. Is the rate of mutation a prediction of evolutionary theory? Or is it just an observation? That you expect the next observation to be similar to the previous observations is hardly proof of anything.

Comment Re:Yes i like to discuss creation vs. evolution (Score 1) 509

Like I said, I'm not aware of any hard tests of evolution (regarding the origins of the species). I've seen lots of weak, squishy tests, but no hard ones.

I guess, in the absence of a competing theory, weak tests are "good enough", but they don't exactly fill me with confidence.

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