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Comment Re:Basic Engineering! (Score 2) 163 163

Israel doesn't chant death to [fill in the blank, country].

Who cares what people chant? Do you believe in the power of voodoo magic?

and they don't goddamn missile attack their neighbors every day... ahem, Lebanon and Palestine.

Good point. They batch their missile strikes on both countries so that thousands are killed and millions displaced all at once.

Comment Re:Iran must go (Score 4, Insightful) 163 163

It's hard to believe that Obama and Kerry are dumb enough to actually trust the Iranians to stick to a "deal" but .... the facts speak for themselves.

I never understood all the Iran bashing. Yes Iran is screwed up but so are a great number of Countries the US does business with regularly. What's the difference? Iran certainly isn't the worst.

For example If I had to pick between living in Saudi Arabia our dearest friend and Iran our worst enemy I would choose Iran in a heartbeat no contest not even close.

Saudi Arabia has more than its fair share of lazy inbred entitled fuckwits who export terror and religious fundamentalism (Wahhabi schools) while treating their women like total shit. 80% of 9/11 hijackers were Saudi citizens yet all the western media is full of nothing but Anti-Iran propaganda and Saudi ass-kissing because various geopolitical calculations disfavoring Persians (Oil and Mecca)

So why DO they want a "deal" at all costs? Do they think it will win political capital? Is this to be another of Obama's great "accomplishments"?

I don't know about "all costs" I think they really want a deal because it is better than any realistic alternative... Also I'm pretty sure making such deals with Iran costs them more political capitol than the Obama administration has left.

Comment Re:Who gives a fuck (Score 1) 504 504

You're right. We should all pretend the rude ignoramuses around us aren't rude ignoramuses.

No, it is pointless to pretend something that isn't so.

Social pressure should never be applied, and people should simply keep their heads down when someone is being vile and outrageous.

God wouldn't that be something to respect some dumbass enough to just ignore them. That would be amazing.

The problem is that you were the one who used the words "spurning hysterical people" you don't win an argument or friends or convey tolerance or respect for others by "spurning" people no matter what you think of their ideas. This isn't a civil course of action it is acting like a child which is why the jist of your argument is an oxymoron.

Shouting down people you disagree with isn't being civil and does not make you look cool no matter what nonsense they are peddling. There are more effective ways to communicate that don't involve "spurning".

Comment Re:Technology in cars a joke (Score 1) 151 151

So your objection to touchscreens is that you have to pay to fix them when they break. How is that not true of non-touchscreen control systems?

Physical switches are cheaper and more reliable than touch screens... quite frankly they are also much easier to use and much safer. My system was designed to be fully controllable with tactile feedback so I never have to look at it while I'm supposed to be driving.

Non-integrated entertainment systems can be swapped out with your choice of dirt cheap bluetooth enabled equipment purchased at your local WallMart.

Comment Re:Odd demands (Score 1) 151 151

Good luck with that. I would be astonished if you could find any car dealer who would agree to such a request. Even if they knew how to do it that would involve substantial unnecessary work which they are unlikely to agree to. Furthermore they would be accepting liability risk of you coming back to them having sold them a non-functioning product.

The point isn't whether or how they comply. The point is they lose actual sales for not complying. This is all that matters. Technical means of compliance is irrelevant.

Hard to imagine a dealer just silently losing sales over stupid shit like this and not pushing back on their suppliers for a solution.

It's not necessary. You might prefer it that way which I guess is fine but it isn't even remotely necessary. Personally I like all the cellular and GPS stuff and no I'm not paranoid about it. If they screw with me I can afford a decent lawyer.

This is fucking nonsense. You will have no clue or way of knowing what the spy shit was doing or who it was talking to. Those undecipherable open ended polymorphic legal agreements cover the rest. They have more and better lawyers than you can afford.

In the real world corporations do anything and everything they can get away with to maximize their profits. Consumers pushing back against bullshit has always been a critical part of maintaining the system. Whether it is standing in line to return a defective product or telling all your friends x, y or z sucks. If corporations don't see a cost they will go for it.

Comment Re:Who gives a fuck (Score 0) 504 504

Because being an anti-social prick is so very superior

Ignoring/tolerating people who say or do things you don't like is so very superior.

Being civil is what decent people do, and spurning hysterical people, whether because they are overly sensitive, or overly sensitive to overly sensitive people, is what decent people should do.

This is an oxymoron.

Grow up. Racial stereotypes, like farting in public, is just plain bad behavior, and it isn't "pussification" to call out incidents of either.

"Grow up" is a good response to anyone publically engaged in calling someone out for farting in public.

Comment Media continously baiting public with nonsense (Score 1, Interesting) 504 504

When people compare Jar Jar to Black peeps they are not really being serious.. it is all a faux argument intended to stoke controversy and whore attention for fame and profit. No matter how repetitive and stupid it becomes people still fall for it over and over again. I am outraged by *** please give me another 15 minutes.

Comment Why not just make everything public? (Score 1) 139 139

Something I never quite understood is why don't agencies just characterize every bit of data produced and make all non-exempted data available online automatically? No more wasting time answering piecemeal FOA requests and doing one-off searches. Let the news agencies conduct their own searches at the expense of their own employees time.

Perhaps not worth the effort for historical/archived data yet going forward how hard is it just make this a standard part of an agencies workflow?

Comment Re:Cry More (Score 1) 139 139

You evidently didn't read the last line in TFS. FOIAs aren't free to file.

For the record FOIA requests are free to file however you can be charged for costs associated with search and reproduction of materials sought.

hey cost money to prepare and turn over. Add to that the restrictions on time to produce (10 days in my state. No idea what the federal time limit is) as well as the maze that is the legal exemptions on a FOIA request and it gets quite expensive.

Any objective figures to share?

What news agency is willing to be the first to fork over the money just to have the means to recoup the funds pulled out from under them?

How should I know? Was any useful information provided that would be helpful in making a determination? All I see are articles teeming with loaded words.

As for why a news outfit would bother to do their job... I don't know... neither does Volvo I suspect.

Comment Re:Google on your phone, unstoppable data flow out (Score 1) 217 217

I have a Galaxy S5, and have encountered the same types of problems with the baked-into-the-OS Google services. I have rooted the phone, installed app-ops (useless Google window dressing), and then xposed framework and xprivacy. The level of intrusion and data capture is simply stunning.

Google play services is spyware on a grand scale.

Comment Re:So is the Internet considered Telecom or no? (Score 1) 91 91

Wait a second, the EFF was just telling me the Internet is a Telecommunications Service, not an Information Service, in order to get the Title II regulations they were cheerleading for.

Either the Internet is an Information Service (meaning Title II and CALEA don't apply), or it isn't (so it's a telecommunication service, and CALEA does apply), but you can't have it both ways.

Providing access to the Internet is a telecommunications service. (Your ISP is acting as a telecommunications service)

Offering content is an information service. (Wikipedia is an information service)

It is also possible for a single company to act as both a telecommunications service and an information service. (Google provides Internet Access and offers Content)

While all a part of the "Internet" here in the US each aspect is regulated differently. CAELA explicitly does not apply to information services such as Wikipedia. All US ISPs however are already obligated to comply with CAELA requests with or without Title II.

Comment Re:What *is* every little app doing? (Score 1) 129 129

But then again, there might. How is one to know? That's the biggest problem I have with the mobile telecom computing model. I have no idea what the apps do, and no way, other than make it my life's work, to find out.

If you have Android and root steal a wakelock and run tcpdump for a day.

Comment Re:This triggers my WW3 theories. (Score 1) 190 190

Think about it. Some entity somewhere gets into multiple infrastructure systems, shuts down power, water, gas,

I think someone already did. It was part of the plot line in one of the die hard movies.

takes down key sites like facebook and twitter so people can't communicate,


Then, on top of that panic multiple attacks around the country at nearly same time.
Just the confusion and panic alone would be scarring to most people.

VOA... ugh.. I mean CNN is scarring to most people. I now have PTSD thanks to 24x7 coverage of security industry shills including Mr cherkoff himself masturbating about "possible" July 4th ISIS plots all last week.

"Nah, that'll never happen", maybe not, but holy shit, imagine if it did.

If you ask me too many people are currently engaged in "imagining if it did". Bet against Hanlon at your own risk.

Comment ICANN must be disbanded ASAP (Score 1) 202 202

ICANN is full of bottom-feeding scum-sucking algae eaters.

They don't care about policy which furthers the best interests of Internet users they only care about enriching themselves and their fellow algae eaters at the expense of Internet users everywhere.

If you want to encourage domain owners not to lie when registering a domain the only policy available to you is offering *EVERYONE* privacy controls so there is less incentive for them to do so.

I only see two possibilities. 1. You are up to shady shit in which case you won't much care if your domain is taken away given it takes two seconds to register a new one.

2. You are a legitimate business or individual willing to go through extra hoops including paying extra fees to protect your privacy (while still offering some way to be contacted) from the mobs of idiots who inhabit the Internet. You and ONLY you will be fucked over by ICANN policy.

Those in the first category will not be affected in any way because they don't give a shit about rules and there is no credible threat of force to keep them in line. This only hurts people who want to protect themselves.

What I would very much like to see operators get together and create just the threat of an alternate root to put these assholes on notice.

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