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Comment: Re:They revote in a week! CONTACT YOUR SENATORS! (Score 1) 84

by WaffleMonster (#49758845) Attached to: NSA-Reform Bill Fails In US Senate

Whoever wrote the article didn't watch CSPAN all the way to the end. Mitch McConnell moved to reconsider Sunday the 31st. They're going to put it to a vote the following Sunday, because the bill expires at midnight on that day. Meaning this could still pass. I'm betting they're going to twist some arms to make that happen. What was really disturbing about watching that whole ordeal last night was that McConnel was able to put it to a re-vote multiple times in hopes of getting the answer he was looking for.

I'm not sure what he was expecting here... you would have to be a fool to change your mind so quickly even if you wanted to. "I was against the same bill 10 minutes or 1 week before I was for it." ... your political adversaries would be negligent not to hang you with that.

The public needs to write their senators ASAP this coming week to demand they vote it down or it's probably going to go through.


Comment: Re:Machine learning? (Score 1) 175

by WaffleMonster (#49752397) Attached to: DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect

i'm not really sure this argument is worth having with you though, because i doubt you have enough intellectual capacity to appreciate the argument, since it requires a low iq to believe in racism. by believing in racism, and all of the logical fallacies that come with it, you have objectively proven to me that you are a stupid person. i don't respect you

Yes genetic variance between individuals of the same race dwarfs variance between races. Everyone really is a unique special snowflake especially when environmental and tribal conformity is excluded from the equation.

Some do not understand or at the very least do not find these ideas intuitive. (Have a feeling my insurance agent is one of them)... So you feed trolls and call people morons and stupid people and say you don't respect them.

Racism is unfortunate but what saddens me the most is general category of lack of tolerance and need to stand in judgment of others.

I don't understand how tolerance of other tribes can be viewed as mandatory when tolerance for people who think differently or are "not as smart" as you is optional.

Comment: Re:Thank you - just PR for his presidential run. (Score 1) 347

by WaffleMonster (#49747559) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?

It was during the discussion of a completely unrelated bill, and wasn't even an official filibuster.

If you take Rand at his word the point of his speech was to have votes on amendments to "USA Freedom Act". Actually Filibustering the USA Freedom Act would seem to me to be counterproductive to those ends.

Comment: Has my vote (Score 1) 347

by WaffleMonster (#49747531) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?

Listened to the entire thing in the background yesterday. More than anything I really think he just wants a vote on his amendments. A real filibuster would kind of be too late in this case if the actual goal is to have votes on amendments to fix USA Freedom act.

It could just be self-promotion and all but lets not forget he did the same thing over drones a couple years ago and in my view he seems to actually care about his cause.

Comment: Random observations (Score 1) 71

by WaffleMonster (#49738253) Attached to: 'Logjam' Vulnerability Threatens Encrypted Connections

NSA owning VPNs is not surprising given pathetic state of VPN technology as currently deployed. Widespread use of group keys, PPTP and challenge response authentication. A tragedy of nonsense NSA would have to be negligently incompetent to not take full advantage of.

It isn't like this is a big secret or that people don't know better. The bells have been ringing for years ... dare I say decades in some cases yet many in a position to know better simply don't care.

What is interesting to me distance between EC and RSA in terms of relative key size vs security seems to be shrinking by quite a lot.

Honestly I never put much stock in differences between precomputation vs having to start over.
  I know practically it makes it a lot easier to do a lot of damage but from my perspective if you have the resources to pull off something just once even if that effort can't be reused the technology has already failed.

I have not been able to quite figure out what they meant when they said TLS is broken. I understand the part of being able to negotiate parameters with a TLS extension yet at the end of the day if you are able to break lowest common denominator crypto so bad you can compromise handshake then secure negotiation must also cease to be secure.

Comment: Re:Idiots (Score 1) 220

My question would be: To what extent do Internet nodes (with empty buffers) start forwarding a packet after reading its IP header, rather than waiting for the whole packet to be received?

About never.

Not doing this ubiquitously would really increase end-to-end packet latency, which the cited paper argues is more important than speeding up protocols for getting a lower-latency Internet.

There are problems with this approach. First of all higher bandwidth of the interface the less you get out of it.. A 1500 MTU packet vs 10GB or 100GB PHY is not going to be detected by the most 1337 gamer with her 8000000 dpi x-ray laser mouse and super mega ultra polling keyboard.

The bigger issue is this only works reliably when switching between instantaneously free/equal capacity links otherwise if you don't buffer at all your going to suffer some serious packet loss.

Comment: Re:I don't understand.. (Score 1) 220

.. why we would want to use microwaves for this. Fiber is shielded, and capable of higher throughput.

No idea. Optical frequencies are hundreds of thousands of times higher than Microwave.

Only HFT goons care about added latency of speed of light thru glass and non-geodesic paths.

This might just be my dislike of wireless in general, but I don't see how this could solve latency issues...

The authors are idiots... all the time and pretty graphs wasted babbling about TCP and DNS while as near as I can tell skimming through their paper not one single mention of the underlying reality the Internet is a packet switched network. It takes time to sequentially store (collect), query associative memory and forward (transmit) entire packets thru the dozen or so hops it typically takes to move data across the net.

The way you beat down latency is to make the network look more like a circuit switched system. Get an optical delay loop long enough to read IP headers and physically switch the path.

Comment: Re:not the real question (Score 2) 200

The FBI isn't claiming anything. The affidavit simply states that Chris Roberts told the FBI agents he was able to hack the avionics of the plane.

This is the part I'm most interested in. Did Chris really say these things or did the FBI want to hear a specific narrative and perhaps twist or misunderstand his remarks about what he believes is possible into "something he did"?

Chris isn't talking and I'm disinclined to accept FBI statements at face value. I will be very interested in hearing Chris's account of what he actually said to the FBI.

Comment: Re:call me skeptical (Score 2) 190

Think what you will, but wasn't there physical evidence that the boxes in question had been tampered with? It's difficult to play the innocent victim of a grand conspiracy after 1) you describe to the authorities how to compromise a system

This guys raison detre is spreading the word about how these systems can be compromised. The question is whether he actually did it for realz.

and 2) said system has been tampered with exactly the way you described, by someone sharing your physical space at the time.

People are adept at finding evidence supporting their presuppositions. A disease whose only cure is actively searching for evidence contradicting your assumptions.

He supposedly was in seat 2A... from search warrant:

"He said he was able to remove the cover for the SEB under the seat in front of him by wiggling and squeezing the box".

"After removing the cover to the SEB that was installed under the passenger seat in front of his seat..."

"A special agent with the FBI advised that the SEBs under seats 2A and 3A showed signs of tampering. The SEB under 2A was damaged. The outer cover of the box was open approx. 1/2 inch and one of the retaining screws was not seated and was exposed".

So I'm really confused here the statements are not self consistent. The seat in front of 2A is 1A... wouldn't that be the SEB that showed signs of tampering?

2A is under his seat...and 3A is under the seat BEHIND him.... so he not only screwed with his SEB without anyone noticing but got up moved to the seat behind him and screwed with that one too? In first class of all places? Does this make any sense?

Did the agents conduct a survey of the condition of all SEBs on the aircraft and other similar aircrafts? Is the condition of the panel abnormal? Do they even know? Did they even check?

Comment: Good (Score 3, Interesting) 118

by WaffleMonster (#49709029) Attached to: GCHQ Officials Given Immunity From Hacking Charges

Maybe all of this government sponsored asshattery will encourage more people to get off their asses and invest more effort into fixing all of our broken shit.

If governments want to piss away their capabilities hacking their own people because they can then let them do it and fuck themselves over.

Comment: Re:Proxied ads (Score 1) 198

The workaround will be to proxy ads from the server. I bet that the ad networks will develop the technology for all the major frameworks. That will hurt servers' bandwidth, threads and CPU but it will make harder for ISPs to block ads because the URLs won't give away much.

Never going to happen. Site owners are not trustworthy.

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