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Comment Re:Neandertal, not Neanderthal (Score 4, Informative) 101

The H is indeed a mistake. The link states clearly that the word originates from the German place Neandertal.

No, it doesn't. The link states that "Tal" used to be spelled "Thal" before the modern German spelling reform, which happened roughly 100 years ago. Since the word was coined in the mid-1800s, it originally had "Thal" in German too.

This got corrupted when used in English long ago and the H was added. The result is eternal confusion about the spelling.

No -- the English used the proper German spelling at the time the word entered English. Then the Germans decided to change their spelling of the word.

Additionally, the German word (with or without "h") was ALWAYS pronounced "tal," as most cases of "th" are in German. (See English words like "Thomas" pronounced "tomas" as well.)

Comment Re: What do you mean... (Score 1) 177

I can't believe you got upvoted. Means none of them, including you know that you can use keyboard shortcuts with the ribbon. Just press the damn ALT key, watch and learn.

Actually, no -- of course I know that. Stop being a jerk and assuming everyone else is an idiot.

As I said, I prefer something else. You like the ribbon. Congratulations. I said explicitly I can understand why some people like it. I find it less useful than you do. I said why, and it had nothing to do with using shortcut keys WITH the ribbon. In case you misunderstood, I wasn't talking about using shortcut keys to NAVIGATE menus -- I was talking about shortcut keys as direct commands. Obviously one can use shortcut keys to navigate the ribbon, but that's not what I was talking about.


Comment Re:So, now is it finally legal to... (Score 1) 396

I keep telling my wife that this is why I want to install a really loud air horn in my car, think semi truck loud, but she says no.

Years ago, I had a '77 Civic wagon in which the previous owner had installed a truck horn with a big yellow button on the dash. Since he also had disconnected the regular horn, I'd have to use that when the driver in front of me wasn't paying attention at a stop light. I'd get some pretty interesting reactions.

I don't know why he would have installed such a loud horn on the car, but it was probably because the original equipment was barely a little squeak.

Comment Re: What do you mean... (Score 4, Insightful) 177

They're just haters. No modern computer user can honestly say they'd prefer searching through dropdown menus over the ribbon that focuses on putting the most used features at the users fingertips.

*Raises hand*

I dislike the ribbon. But then I'm a keyboard shortcuts guy. I know dozens of them for MS Office, and whenever there's a feature that I use often, I look up a keyboard shortcut if possible.

Which means the ribbon is useless to me. It takes up a bunch of space with buttons I don't need, and on the rare occasions when I need a feature advanced or rare enough that I don't know a shortcut, it's often not even on a ribbon button -- I end up going through advanced feature dialogs anyway. I use a Mac at work, so luckily I still have the drop down menus, which are usually at least twice as fast as wading through a bunch of non-intuitive icons in a half-dozen ribbon tabs with 20 buttons each.

Text was invented for a reason -- it communicates quickly, clearly, and efficiently. So I find it a lot easier to navigate when I'm searching for a feature I don't know -- which is the only time my mouse generally goes up to that part of the screen.

If you actually use the ribbon for common everyday tasks, I can understand how it might be useful for you. I'm not against offering a ribbon interface, but I do think it should be one option rather than the only one. I'm not a "hater." I just work differently and I'm just glad Mac versions of Office still give the menu options.

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