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Comment Re:Denied! (Score 1) 47

Aren't all these climate talks the political/economic equivalent of a BSOD?

These talks are mostly meaningless. The last big climate agreement was the Kyoto accords, and in the following years, the countries that had refused to sign/ratify collectively reduced their carbon emissions by more than those that did sign up. Signing an agreement to do something is very different from actually doing it.

Comment Re:Yeah, but that just means... (Score 2) 107

I'm sure you mean "education" as the indoctrination of peoples with beliefs that you yourself support of course.

Just basic literacy will help a lot. Most conflicts in the world involve illiterate soldiers on one or both sides. Modern war is very expensive, and very destructive. War almost never makes economic sense. Most countries have market economies, so if your neighbor has resources that you want, you don't need to take it by force, you can just buy it.

Comment Re:Soo... Aerogel? (Score 2) 63

This stuff is very different from Aerogel. I bought some Aerogel on eBay for my daughter's science project. Aerogel is very rigid and fragile. It can fracture just from normal handling. According to TFA, this gold foam is malleable, and can be bent and shaped by hand. That would make it very different from old fashioned Aerogel, and suitable for different applications. Supposedly, Aerographene is also elastic.

Comment Re:It's a Criminal Organisation (Score 1) 143

The last I looked sunshine Bill Gates became the richest man in the world again

So? If he wasn't giving money away, he would be even richer. Philanthropy can be deducted from your taxable income, reducing your total tax bill, but you can only save a fraction of what you give. It is not a net win.

Comment Re: She's right. (Score 1) 143

Oh yes, I recall Bill and Melinda Gates sneaking up behind me, clubbing me on the back of the head, and stealing my money...oh, wait, they didn't do that.

Yes they did. Throughout the 1990s, Microsoft used monopolistic practices to compel almost anyone buying a computer to pay a tax to Microsoft, whether you wanted their software or not. They made large political donations to keep this scam going in spite of court rulings that it was illegal. I believe that Bill's foundation is a huge force for good in the world, but let's not sugar coat the scummy business practices that made it possible.

Comment Re:She's Wrong. (Score 2) 143

Also, Linsey McGoey is fully in her rights to critique how they spend it.

Sure, but keep in mind that she has a much bigger incentive to be negative, than to be positive. Far more people will buy her book if she says philanthropy is harmful, since then the readers can feel smug and superior about doing nothing.

Comment Re:Self-reported (Score 3, Interesting) 41

Any chance that will increase alkali or other emissions?

They don't vaporize, and any that were emitted as a mist would quickly settle out of the air. Ocean spray is alkaline. So is calcium rich spring water sold in grocery stores.

Or noise emissions?

There is no reason that a bubbler or mister would be noisy. Certainly less than the 100 ton stamping machines. The Tesla plant is located in Fremont next to I-880 in an industrial area, and it is a HUGE building surrounded by large parking lots. They are far away from anyone who would care about noise.

Comment Re:Self-reported (Score 3, Interesting) 41

Why is NOx a problem at a static location anyway? I understand that they are hard to deal with in a vehicle because of weight and maintenance issues. But in this case they can just run the exhaust through an akaline mister or bubbler that could strip out nearly all the NOx. It shouldn't be that hard.

Does anyone have Elon's cell number? Maybe I can give him a call and offer some suggestions.

Comment Re:Implementation is questionable (Score 2) 111

Well, that's easy to fix - Include the 5% fee in the credit card transaction, but not in any cash transaction.

That is a violation of the CC company rules. If you charge extra for CCs, then they will revoke your merchant card account. There are a few exceptions for this rule, such as gas stations, which are allowed to charge a fee. But I doubt if they will allow it for taxis.

An easier fix is to say you don't have any cash, but if they are willing to drive you to an ATM with the meter off, you can pay them. Suddenly the CC swiper will work.

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