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Comment Re:Never let idiots set your standards (Score 1) 518

The problem, you see, is that most "cristians", are "remarkably ignorant about what's actually in the Bible, what the actual beliefs of Christianity are, and the history of modern science. ." this is not an attack on your "true biblical things" but on the deeply problematic "Christian nation"

So, "You might want to learn a bit more before further embarrassing yourself"

Why don't we all cut this religious crap and just love each other? in the end, only love will prevail.

Comment Re:Win 8 a contributing factor, not the main culpr (Score 3, Informative) 564

we couldn't find any laptop vendor supplying 3rd generation i7 powered laptop that runs Windows 7

i'm not sure if i missundestood you, english is not my primary language, but srsly?!?!!facets=80770~0~16063830,226292~0~14720685&p=1

took me 60 seconds, first stop.

Comment a suggestion i didn't see. (Score 1) 687

Many suggested an easy way to pay, so put in the apple store and play store an 5$ app that gives the registration number based in the identity of the buyer.

This has several advantages, easy to pay, ubiquitous, trusty, and if the buyer loses the key, he can always re-download the app you already purchased.

Host yourself the app and dont ask for any info for the download,

Comment Re:This is blindingly obvious (Score 1) 183

At one time, I too thought of a similar system, but the "One big problem" is precisely the verifiability of your vote. E.g. Imagine your employer demanding you vote for a certain candidate, he can now verify that you indeed voted for that candidate, or someone buying votes can confirm that the vote was indeed for the proper candidate. Or a political party/church doing the same. It's a bad system

Comment battery life (Score 2) 233

"Power: Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, ~5-10 hours of use
Battery Life: Officially 5 days of classroom use or 2 weeks of homework use

That's really, REALLY crappy! for a 15Mhz, 1287k ram device! i would have espected at least ten times that!

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