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Comment Re:Essentially a dupe from 3 months ago (Score 1) 45

I'm sorry, but his "testing equipment" isn't all that great if it can't handle that. I mean, that's pretty much the simplest problem there can be right? Entire pins of the cable swapped. Ethernet testers are designed to catch this exact thing. Slap a diode on the frigging test equipment or something.

Comment Again and again (Score 4, Insightful) 225

How many times is this going to be rehashed? Wasn't Java going to accomplish this 15 years ago? The web browser has turned into a VM - a very convoluted, inconsistent, difficult to develop for, hodgepodge mess of a VM. We've got WebGL and Web Audio API and all the HTML5 stuff (local storage, canvas rendering, etc, etc), and still it's a pathetic step-child of a "platform" to develop for compared to pretty much any proper platform. If "write once, run everywhere" is what you want, then sure, go for the lowest common denominator (HTML5 "apps") and you will end up with the end result of the lowest common denominator of performance and platform integration.

Comment Stupid (Score 1) 106

This is just stupid. So I don't need a dedicated "single piece of glowing display" in my hand anymore, because I happen to have a doorknob nearby with "some sort of chip implanted within" that is "connected to the internet". So to read a message, I will go touch the doorknob, and then a nearby light begins flashing the message out in morse code? I know that sounds dumb, but that is what he is inferring, right? You don't need a device in your hand because there's just a random assortment of connected stuff all around?

Dedicated devices purpose-built for interacting with humans will not go away until we have some kind of direct mental link to computers. The keyboard hasn't been replaced by touch screen devices. It serves a specific purpose that cannot be replaced by any other method of input, including speech recognition (I can just see myself coding with speech recognition - "Next line. Next line. Next line. Move right 5 words. Left one word. Right one character. Right one character. Delete. Ampersand." Uh huh.)

There is also the personal / privacy aspect. Just because I can project something on a wall 10' wide on the other side of the room doesn't mean I want to read and reply to my private messages in that way. What if there are 5 people in the same room? Who gets the wall? Or do we carve it up into 5 pieces? "Son, you take the left half of the coffee table, and mom, please take you feet off the coffee table so our daughter can use the other half. I get the west wall today, and hun, you can do your FB on the ceiling."

The number of holes in this silly prediction of the future are simply too great. It will not unfold in this manner.

Comment Please, please no (Score 1) 490

This is a horrendous idea for a number of reasons. First of all, we've all used apps that constantly pester us to rate it in the app store. Voting would become the same thing. Lobbyists and candidates would be pushing links down our throats continuously to cast a vote for whatever it is they're pushing.

The second problem is voter intimidation. When voting occurs on a single day, it vastly limits the scope and method in which those wishing to influence an election by threat or force can operate. They can only be in so many places at once, and they cannot intimidate on a wide enough scale to cause much harm. However, if they have the ability, at their leisure, to intimidate voters one on one and force them to vote on the spot, well, the abuse would be horrendous.

Terrible idea.

Comment Re:now on to the next question (Score 1) 373

They already test fire all rocket engines multiple times before launch. They've fired these kinds of engines through multiple simulated full-length launch duration burns on the ground. They already have a very good idea of whether or not it is feasible to use them, and obviously the mechanical side indicates that it warrants recovery of the hardware. So the "we'll have to see" part is pretty much already been determined.

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