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Comment: Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 2) 80 80

Give people the ability to create things tied to real world locations without any sort of moderation controls, act surprised when they pick controversial locations. Trolls gonna troll.

If only Google had -- oh I don't know -- some sort of sophisticated mapping software or database where they could flag GPS locations ...

Comment: So "_optout" of what? (Score 1) 453 453

If you don't want someone's Windows 10 passing on your password, Microsoft has two solutions; only share passwords using their Wi-Fi Sense service, or by adding "_optout" to your SSID.

Does adding this also prevent Microsoft from storing said WiFi password on their servers, or just instruct them to not share it out?

Comment: What is the actual point of this? (Score 1) 453 453

...which shares wifi passwords with contacts, Skype contacts and, with an opt-in, Facebook friends.

How many of those people will ever be in close enough physical proximity to your access point to actually need your WiFi password? Seriously? Unless I'm missing something, this has to win "Stupidest Idea of the Year".

Comment: Um, ya ... (Score 1) 245 245

Before, she worked as a Java developer for around two years doing mostly Java Enterprise stuff. However, she is not very eager to go back to coding. I think she has the right mental skills to be a developer, but she is just not very passionate about coding or IT in general.

... she has the "right mental skills to be a developer" because she *was* one.

So let me re-phrase things for you: I think you have the right mental skills to be a good partner/husband, but you keep saying stupid things like that. Keep it up and and enjoy your divorce... :-)

Comment: Re:What is the point? (Score 3, Interesting) 136 136

What do we get from sending a meat robot to mars, other than the sort of daredevil glory? ... but I just don't see the utility of sending human beings to mars. We won't learn anything new.

We'll learn how to live on Mars.

We are just risking killing people and making the mission more expensive by trying to mitigate that risk.

That risk and the need to mitigate it will always be there no matter when we go.

One day it will be important for people to go to mars (e.g. like when we run out of space on earth). Until then, there is really no reason a machine can't do the job a human can do more safely and cheaper.

Okay. When will that day be? Are there other reasons we might want to leave Earth, other than running out of space - like perhaps some sort of extinction-level-event - that cannot be foreseen that far in advanced? That day could be tomorrow (in which case we're fucked). Machines alone cannot help us learn all the things humans need to know to survive on Mars. We cannot know when we will *need* to live on Mars. Chance favors the prepared.

Comment: Re:Is "waste" the right word to use here? (Score 3, Interesting) 136 136

Is certifying an engine that will carry humans to be safe for carrying humans a "waste"?


And for comparison, how much money have we (all) spent on food we've only eaten once?

Not all money spent, even for something immediately disposed/destroyed, is a waste.

Comment: Re:Um.. we don't see it as advancing our career (Score 1) 125 125

At least in America if you don't move into management you're dead meat by 40, 50 tops (unless you're some sort of genetic freak). Around that time it becomes impossible to put in the 50+ hour work weeks at a moments notice ... It's not even age discrimination. They don't care that you're old, they care that you either can't or won't put in tons of overtime they don't pay you for.

Genetic freak checking in. I'm 52, still a senior systems programmer/administrator and can still work 36 hours straight when needed - though I seriously try to keep those sessions from being needed. I've been asked many times if I want to move into management, but always decline as I'd rather shoot myself in the head than attend meetings, do budgets and write reports, etc... So far, I've also managed to avoid daily scrum and other process meetings (which are a complete waste of time, or my time anyway, btw).

Sure they can fire me, but I'm debt free and financially independent (even w/o a job) for, basically, the rest of my life, so they have little leverage over me... I work because my teammates depend on me to help get things done.

Comment: Re:Wow gorgeous (Score 1) 301 301

Windows HAS given repeated guarantees that we will not have to pay for subscriptions for Windows 10. Waiting more than a year is stupid if you have a free upgrade path.

Uh huh. And the next minor rolling release will be labeled Windows 11, thus ending your free Windows 10 subscription.

Comment: Re:Evidence? (Score 1) 301 301

Evidence? The linked article (picture gallery) has 6 paragraphs and 5 exclamation points. The photos show, basically, nothing that couldn't be shopped up off-line. The author, Onuora Amobi, needs to cut back on the exclamation points and drink way less M$ Kool-aid.

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