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Comment Re:securelevel who? (Score 1) 246

Furthermore, should something like this be omitted simply because Linus doesn't like it? Is his opinion the only one that counts?

Since he is the repo owner, yes, his opinion is the only one that counts in the end.

Ya, I get that, but it doesn't really answer my question of "should". One person can have a great vision, but that doesn't mean it's the only great vision.

Comment Re:Facebook SHOULD require real names (Score 1) 191

I do not harass or abuse people. (excepting lawyers, trolls, politicians, religious nuts, math failures & the RIAA)

That's okay, I don't consider those as "people" either.

If you can make Soylent Green from them, they're still "people".

Comment Re:Making money off real names (Score 1) 191

If they aren't already. Not to go all tinfoil hat, but in many ways, I've always felt that Facebook operates very much like an intelligence agency. They do everything they can to vacuum up every single bit of personal information about you they can, including who you talk to, what you do, what you like, etc... The biggest difference is in who they provide the information to, and why.

I'm sure the traditional Intelligence services can buy data from Facebook just like any other client. Sure it *may* be anonymized, but those agencies can probably merge it quite easily with data they have from other sources.

Comment Re:securelevel who? (Score 4, Interesting) 246

Just for the people who don't know what the fuck securelevel is (NetBSD's flavor in this case)

Not going back to Linux, but this really is a worthwhile addition.

Furthermore, should something like this be omitted simply because Linus doesn't like it? Is his opinion the only one that counts? Among other things, securelevel is used to implement "jails" but the functionality can be completely disabled (securelevel = -1) -- so Linus can turn it off if he wants.

Is the direction in which Linux is driven simply the whim of people like Linus and Lennart who dictate "my way or the highway"? They are smart, capable, talented people, but not omniscient Gods - despite what they and some others might think.

Comment Re:But Star Trek! (Score 4, Interesting) 41

Yeah, but Star Trek suggests that a team of highly skilled specialists working together is the way to go.

Granted, but the crew of most starships in Star Trek is rather large. The smaller the crew, the broader the experience of each crew member needs to be. A five-person team, especially when cut off from Earth by a large round-trip communications gap, needs to composed of people who know more than just their PhD thesis.

Comment Re:No News on bikes? (Score 1) 145

In Seattle, the Jimmy John's delivery guys often ride bikes - especially in the U District. It'd be funny if I could order an Italian Night Club and a dozen batteries, then have the same guy deliver both!

I did not know that Jimmy John's sold vibrators. But a dozen batteries? Either you like to keep busy or that thing is HUGE.

Comment Re:Uber is as safe as taxis (Score 5, Insightful) 468

A Cato Institute study ...

You can probably stop there. The Cato Institute was founded by Charles Koch and while it proposes to be solely Libertarian it often leans Right. Any "analysis" they perform must be taken with a grain of salt. I'm not saying they're wrong, but what they publish cannot be detached from their public and, more importantly, private agendas.

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