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Comment: Re:Translation (Score 2) 403

by fahrbot-bot (#48943207) Attached to: Most Americans Support Government Action On Climate Change

Global Warming is a theory.

First you say (in a post above) that it's an "opinion", now you've switched to "theory" - yet still spout crap that all the models have "failed" - w/o any support for your position. Apparently, you don't know what the word "theory" means in the scientific sense and/or are simply an idiot that spends way too much time drooling at, I presume, Fox News.

Comment: Re:copper lines going away like analog TV (Score 4, Interesting) 94

by fahrbot-bot (#48915973) Attached to: FCC Fines Verizon For Failing To Investigate Rural Phone Problems

"Grandpa, what are those things called, again?"

Suck it youngsters!

I live in Virginia Beach and still have a copper POTS line with Verizon -- my TV and internet are via coax from Cox. Having copper has it's advantages, like (1) still working in an extended power outage, (2) not having to pay for the replacement battery in the eMTA modem and (3) being able to get phone service from third-party provider. Once you switch to FiOS or simply phone over fiber, you're stuck having to use Verizon over that media and they will *not* ever switch you back to copper.

During one of the last bad hurricanes that caused an extended power outage of a few days, copper landlines were of the few working phones (land or wireless) in my neighborhood / area. I've only been w/o phone service *once* here since 1985, when the power when out across the city for over a week after a hurricane, when the Verizon generators finally ran out of fuel.

Comment: Re:Money *needs* to be removed from Politics ... (Score 3, Informative) 180

When companies can "effectively" just "buy laws" (and/or Politicians) corruption knows no bounds for price gouging.

Not just companies. The political network overseen by the Koch brothers is getting ready to spend $900 Million on the 2016 elections.

Now the Kochs’ network will embark on its largest drive ever to influence legislation and campaigns across the country, leveraging Republican control of Congress and the party’s dominance of state Capitols to push for deregulation, tax cuts and smaller government.

Comment: You say tomato ... (Score 1) 180

The documents revealed today show just how deeply Comcast is involved with certain politicians, and how they were able to get them on board.

"on board" ... "in bed" - whatever. Wear a condom Congress-critters and feel lucky. Most of "we the people" have to wear two when taking it from - I mean "dealing with" - Comcast.

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