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Comment: Better Off Ted: The Voice of God (Score 2) 198

by fahrbot-bot (#47502455) Attached to: New Toyota Helps You Yell At the Kids

It uses a built-in microphone to amplify a parent's voice through speakers in the back seats.

Made me think of the "Better Off Ted" episode, "Bioshuffle" (Season 1, Episode 9):

  • Ted: So, what is it?
  • Phil: We call it "The Voice of God."
  • Ted: No, we don't.
  • Phil: No, we don't.
  • Linda: Field testing shows that the subject, or "victim," as I like to call people "helped" by Veridian Technology, can be hundreds of feet away and will hear the message as though it's being whispered only to them.
  • Phil: It's highly persuasive. Advertising companies are very excited because it will allow them to burrow even deeper into the human brain.
  • Phil: At full power, the sound wave is so intense it can cause vomiting.
  • Ted: A machine that causes vomiting. Well, that could have all kinds of applications for the military... and fashion modeling.

Comment: Re:Well, it could be worse,. . . (Score 1) 102

by fahrbot-bot (#47495537) Attached to: "Intelligent" Avatars Poised To Manage Airline Check-In

I mean, at least they didn't ink a deal with the guys in charge of the Fifth Element. We would all be required to carry a MULTI-PASS!

That's "Mul-Ti-Pass" and, yes, they know it's a Multipass.

[ One of my favorite movies BTW. Anyone know if it's a significantly better experience on Bluray than on DVD (or even Superbit DVD)? ]

Comment: I'll volunteer... (Score 1) 159

by fahrbot-bot (#47494827) Attached to: Linux Needs Resource Management For Complex Workloads

... but no one has ever followed through on making open systems look and behave like an IBM mainframe, ...

But I'll need a punch-card station and reader, build out my server room with a glass service window, hire a disinterested, snarky guy to retrieve printouts ... Or have IBM mainframes changed since my college days back in the late '80s?

Comment: Re:Free market economy (Score 4, Insightful) 523

He can't. Jeff Sessions is a Republican in the Senate. Harry Reid is single handedly deciding on what gets to the Senate floor for a vote and what does not. Until Reid chooses to do something about it, nothing can be done in the Senate. Sessions is attempting to shame everyone who is preventing something from being done.

With Reid as Senate Majority leader there will be no free market. A free market might allow people to not be dependent on government hand outs and he can't allow that to happen.

Similar arguments (about this and other things) can be made about Speaker of the House John Boehner and the House Republicans. Obstinate, obstructive, short-sighted, selfish, petty people can be found many places in Congress.

Comment: Re:And government has a responsibility too. (Score 1) 388

by fahrbot-bot (#47483455) Attached to: Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa

I completely agree. My point was simply that many companies, and, from my experience, Verizon in particular, don't care one bit about their customers, especially when profits/bonuses are concerned - doubly true with regard to their employees. Despite what nay-sayers think, government has a role to play in the operation of the free market.

Comment: Re:Systemd? Not on my system... (Score 2) 224

by fahrbot-bot (#47476141) Attached to: X.Org Server 1.16 Brings XWayland, GLAMOR, Systemd Integration

Systemd definitely solves a problem that exists. Unfortunately, it solves it in the same way that a nuclear warhead solves the problem of rat infestation.

To be fair, systemd have never irradiated anyone, like Godzilla - yet.
(Though, we should all fear the day it does...)

Comment: Re:Legality? (Score 1) 62

by fahrbot-bot (#47459059) Attached to: Google's Project Zero Aims To Find Exploits Before Attackers Do

But my adblockers tell me Slashdot has references to,, and All of which I universally block.

I'm pretty sure the blame for that rests with Slashdot - you know, the content authors/owners - not Google. Slashdot certainly doesn't have to use Google services...

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