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Comment: Re: Does BR even rate having a sequel? Explain ple (Score 1) 326

by thegameiam (#43896343) Attached to: <em>Green Lantern</em> Writer To Pen Blade Runner Sequel

I agree with you about Blade Runner, but PKD did write one sort-of series: Valis, The Divine Invasion, The Transmigration of Timothy Archer (cf )

Certainly there is no need for a sequel here, and I expect that this will be terrible.

Comment: Re:Accidental overdose? (Score 1) 385

by thegameiam (#38417530) Attached to: The Painkiller That Saves Money But Costs Lives

Absolutely true. I recently had a trauma which redefined my pain scale - it used to be that kidney stones and the EMG were the 9, while the spinal taps were about a 7. Now those are both 6, and the torsion was the 9. I only call it not a 10 because I have a particularly vivid imagination, and a 10 sounds like being drawn and quartered while alive, for instance...

Comment: Re:So what's the word, people. (Score 2, Interesting) 390

by thegameiam (#33736718) Attached to: Stuxnet Worm Claimed To Be Devastating In Iran

well said, with very minor nitpick: s/other Arab/Arab/ - whether Iraq is an Arab country (or Persian country) depends on who you ask, but I don't know of anyone with any knowledge of Iranian history who would call Iran an Arab country.

I have no knowledge of who's responsible for the worm, but Steve Bellovin wrote about it very intelligently.

Comment: Re:Technology / Hacking Laws (Score 1) 432

by thegameiam (#33177578) Attached to: Ex-SF Admin Terry Childs Gets 4-Year Sentence

I live in Washington DC, and the jury selection process here does not exclude a lot of typical cases (eg lawyers: we have a lot per capita, and the remaining pool wouldn't be big enough). This led to me being on a medical malpractice case regarding a plaintiff who suffered from a condition that I myself have (tinnitus). I like to think that I rendered fair service anyway, but it's still a bit distressing.

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