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Comment 1. Prove it's a globe; 2. Prove it's warming (Score 1) 234

That's my answer to "global warming".

See "Zetetic Astronomy", which contains a number of proofs that it's not a globe.

"They"[1] have their work cut out for them, but of course, they placed one in the first classroom we were ever in, thus indoctrinating us before our critical thinking skills kicked in.

[1] -- They talk a lot, don't they. -- Pulp Fiction

Comment Re:Let's get this straight... Numbers dropping, bu (Score 1) 717

Okay -- but it's still, now, less than "6 million" due to simple math (or, are you arguing that the entire reduction was solely from "non-Jewish deaths"? That'd be a new one to me). They tried to show 6 million died during WWI as well. They have a prophecy in their Talmud saying Israel won't fully be restored to the Jews until 6 million of them die in a fire -- which is why they so needed those delousing showers to be killing ovens. They want to jump the gun on their own prophecy! It's no wonder there are so many anecdotes about them being greedy.

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 717

The logic behind my words: that AC post has an IP address associated with it in Slashdot's database. If "jcr" decides to sue, his attorney will be able to obtain that IP address. From the IP address they can determine the ISP, and can then legally obtain the customer who had the IP address on 2015-08-29 17:39.

I agree the AC's words are worth little and are dishonest. I disagree that interacting with fools is a useless endeavor, in other words, I won't ignore ACs merely because they refuse to identify themselves. There is no true anonymity, anyway, as I described above.

Comment Re:It's absolutely stunning how WAY OFF most of yo (Score 1) 717

Again, the comparison to the Bible is apt. Do you think that "context is important" with respect to the Bible, and that the government should enforce its sale only if it includes said government-approved contextually-added comments? (Analogies are important, even if this one isn't car-related.)

Comment Re: Germany wants a lot... (Score 1) 717

You are stupid.

Facebook is an American company

There is no such thing as "american company". Did you miss the whole Globalization thing?

they should remove all servers from Germany and let them do the work

omg, you are so stupid it hurts. Doing business is not putting your servers there. It is making contracts (advertisement, FBs business model) with companies there, it is having users (it's product) there.

For all intents and purposes, FB produces in Germany and sells in Germany. That is what "doing business" means, not some stupid hardware.

Think about how much work it is to abide by EVERY law in EVERY nation

Poor multinational corporation. It's so much work to comply with all those laws. Nah, let's not do it, too complicated.

Simple answer: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you want to run a world-wide company, yes there is going to be a little bit of work involved. Don't like it? Don't run a world-wide business. So simple.

Comment Re:It's absolutely stunning how WAY OFF most of yo (Score 1) 717

The swastika is not a "Nazi symbol" any more than a pyramid or eye is a "US symbol". It is one of many similar symbols used in religions throughout the world. In India, for instance (a coworker from there informed me), they use it both "forwards" and "backwards", e.g. "SS" and "ZZ", as power symbols.

It's amusing that "Mein Kampf" is legal to be sold only if it contains revisionist remarks! That'd be like the US government making the Bible illegal to sell, if it didn't contain the US government's "explanatory remarks" -- laughable and ridiculous. Definitely not amusing for those forced to live under such restrictions, though.

Comment Re:long history indeed (Score 1) 717

Then you'll also understand that a) the various regions that make up modern Germany have quite different histories and cultures and b) other than many other countries (USA - independence, France - revolution, etc.) Germany did not have a historic shock moment where enlightenment freedoms were installed into law. The process was more slow, but at the same time more continuous. After the 30-year war, many freedoms were common in (northern) Germany that more catholic nations like Italy or Spain did not possess at that time.

Comment Let's get this straight... Numbers dropping, but (Score 0) 717

can't talk about it?

The number of deaths on the plaques at the camps have been dropping, one fell by 2.5 million (IIRC it went from 4 million to 1.5 million).

So, 6 million minus 2.5 million is only 3.5 million. Yet the Tribe keeps saying "6 million died!" -- as Mark Knopfler said in "Industrial Disease", "Two men say they're Jesus; one of them must be wrong."

If it's a crime to make it less of a tragedy, are they prosecuting those who changed the plaque?

The "gas chambers" were woefully unsealed, and would have killed the guards standing outside if they had been used. The chimneys were added after the war, to make it look more dangerous. In reality, they were merely showers, in which they deloused people -- typhus was what killed most of those who died.

I'm fortunate not to have ridiculous laws restricting my ability to question and understand my present and past.

Very few members of the Tribe are descendants of Shem, so it's illogical to call those who point out their crimes "anti-Semite".

Comment Re:Germany wants a lot... (Score 1) 717

How can you make a comment that is already debunked in the summary posted above?

If you do business in country X, then you need to abide by the laws of country X.

What's so difficult about that? If FB doesn't like it, they are free to do no business in Germany. Nobody forces them to offer their services in Germany.

And yes, forcing FB to remove something is very much what countries can and should do. We can certainly find some country on the planet that doesn't have laws against explicit beastiary porn, maybe some failed african state that simply never thought about such vile things and thus didn't write it down. Post such things to FB from there and point the US minister of justice to it. You think he would say "well, it's legal in where it was posted from, so we should respect freedom of speech"?

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