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Submission + - France using emergency powers to prevent climate change protests (

Bruce66423 writes: Following the Paris massacre, the French government declared a state of emergency. One of the regulations this introduced was control of large scale gatherings, and one of the events that is being caught up in this is planned protests to do with Climate Change conference in Paris next month. This has resulted in some activists being put under house arrest — yet other gathering, such as commercial street markets — are being allowed to go ahead. Funny that; anyone would think that the government is using the opportunity to suppress dissent.

Comment The site is IN THE USA (Score 1) 130

Which means that they will be subject to all sorts of pressures to be 'helpful' about it. Let's be clear ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, trusting any US produced hardware or software is a mistake if you want to be SECURE. That the tech firms haven't used this as excuse to move their domicile to somewhere with lower taxes as the real excuse for moving remains a surprise...

Comment This is game playing (Score 2) 113

You pay them one rate as contractors, more cash with limited benefits, or as employees, with less cash but more benefits. Given the need for start ups to employee people on highly variable contracts, and the existence of people for whom variability is acceptable, this can be worked out. Where the problem lies in the growing tendency of firms such as supermarkets to keep a stock of variable hours labour. The ideal is to have a civilised conversation about this whole area; the danger is that we lose the ability to grow new start ups cheaply.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.