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Comment Time to give the consumer total choice (Score 4, Insightful) 164

Given that it would be trivial for consumers to be able to pick the channels they want individually on a website and then pay for them for them individually, the fact that bundling is still occurring is a sign that there's an industry here that deserves disrupting. And lo - Netflicks is doing exactly that. Let's hope for some legislation to mandate a 'pick the channels you want' option...

Submission + - Diary of holocaust victim subject to copyright dispute (

Bruce66423 writes: The Diary of Ann Frank, a Jewish teenager killed by the Nazis whose writing survived in the Amsterdam building where she had hidden, is causing problems. It is 70 years since she died, but her father, who edited it for publication, died later. A French academic has made it available online. The profits from it go to charity

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