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Comment Re:Looks promising (Score 1) 24 24

My wife is a candidate for SCS right now, or some type of spinal fusion. She wants to avoid the fusion, of course, but is not sure that SCS is worth the trouble. One Dr. made a comment that doing SCS first can make it more difficult to do a fusion later if it doesn't work. We're following up on that.

When you say "mixed results", is it a case of sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't? Is it predictable as to when it might work and when not?

thx, sr

Comment Re:assumed it would. (Score 1) 550 550

The video ads are what I hate the most.

Autoplay was the beginning of the loss of audience for slashdot.

Exactly this. Years ago /. said "we really like you, so you can turn ads off". Well, I really like /., so I said to myself, said I, "I don't mind a few ads. Once in a blue moon I'll actually click on something interesting. I don't mind /. making some bucks."

And then load times started getting annoying. Then...Autoplay!

I have now de-selected ads.

Comment Re:If there was a criteria for safe unlocking (Score 1) 83 83

... " Nobody is going to pull the feather actuator prematurely!"

And I imagine if they *called* it the "feather actuator", perhaps nobody would have done it. From the story, every reference to the switch is as a feather unlock. To me, unlock doesn't mean actuate.

I'd be curious as to what the official nomenclature for the switch is.

Comment Re:Maybe he thought that "Unlock" would only unloc (Score 1) 83 83

Perhaps that's one reason other spacecraft use names that are very specific. I always wondered why they would, say, command the pilot to "disengage the IVVIM (Intra-Vehicular Visual Illumination Mode)" instead of telling them to "turn the light out". If the unlock switch had some god-awful name describing exactly what it did, then maybe the pilot wouldn't have thought "let's unlock this now so we'll be ready".

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