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Comment: Re:She has a point. (Score 1) 488

by sysrammer (#49601701) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

This shouldn't be modded flamebait. It is her considered opinion, delivered reasonably well, with no ad-hominems, etc. She states what she would do, and doesn't tell you what you have to do.

Let's try to hold /. to a higher ideal--at least for the commenters and modders (the editors are beyond our control or hope).

Comment: Re:Product of the military culture of Japan (Score 2) 74

by sysrammer (#49590789) Attached to: Submersible Photographs WW2 Japanese Sub's Long-Lost Airplane Hangar

Interesting tidbits. On one hand...

The Japanese bayonet assaults have been reported as a terrifying attack--but all our units on Guadalcanal loved them. The Jap practice of singing his Banzai song for about 5 minutes prior to his assault has simply been a signal for our troops to load a fresh belt of ammunition in the machine guns, put new clips in rifles and BAR's, and to call for the Tommy gunners to get in position.

On the other hand...

It would be impossible to overstress the tenacity with which the Japanese clung to their prepared positions (in the Buna area). Ordinary grenades, gun, and mortar fire were completely ineffective. There were many instances where dugouts were grenaded inside, covered with gasoline and burned, and then sealed with dirt and sand, only to yield--two or three days later—Japanese, who came out fighting. One souvenir hunter, entering a dugout that had been sealed for 4 days, was chased out by a Japanese officer armed with a sword.

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