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Comment: Re:Neglected the Rule of Cool (Score 2) 90

by sysrammer (#49707471) Attached to: On the Taxonomy of Sci-Fi Spaceships

C.J. Cherryh has a universe of space stations and ships. While reading one of them, I enjoyed the realistic depiction of life aboard a corvette. I eventually came to realize that it was a lot like the books I've read about life aboard sailing man-o-wars. Which makes sense, as the parallels are there, and she's just describing how a lot of humans react in the same situations.

Comment: Re:somebody is trying too hard. (Score 2) 90

by sysrammer (#49707351) Attached to: On the Taxonomy of Sci-Fi Spaceships

Sounds good, and that's more or less the way ships are really designed. Instead of a points pool, there's the budget and resources. Whether or not they're called classes, you're going to have a largest and a smallest. Once you have that, you can have something in the middle. With more fine tuning one ends up with a small-medium group, and a medium-large, for certain mission types or budgets. So I think your 5 groupings is spot on.

Regarding designers doing dumb things, history is littered with "classes" of only one or two ships. And, of course, we can't always blame the designers; often they're directed to do things that they do by other people/organizations.

Good luck with your game.

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