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Comment Re:First they came for... (Score 1) 100

Hah! Good one. I had to look that one up 'cause I'm so unhip it's a wonder that my bum doesn't fall off.

"Ironic Facial Hair is novelty facial hair grown with the intention of being "ironic"... Although the results are usually about as ironic as that song by Alanis Morisette. It is generally considered a hipster term. "

Comment Re:We are returning to the dark ages. (Score 1) 100

We *were* going to invade. Without a doubt. Instead, millions of lives were saved, and Japan saved itself to rebuild for another day.

But let's play alt-history here:
1) Let's say that the coup the day before the surrender had worked. The warrior caste remained in power, therefore no surrender.
2) Soviets were invading. The cold war starts here, only its hot.
3) We use Japan as a hot war proxy.
4) ???

Do we lay slag to Japan because it won't surrender? Do we lay slag to Japan to stop the Soviets? Or do we invade with thousands of our boys to fight an enraged populace? To fight another superpower?

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 232

I used to hit up all the BBS's to get the latest CGI demos. My friends and I would look at a great ray-trace of a chrome ball and remark "how realistic", "graphics are really getting cool", etc. That one movie about the kid and the video game and the spaceships was all about cgi, and we wondered at the time and effort it took to do it. Etc.

Roll forward 20-30 years and it all looks pretty dated. Especially when it's done to a movie made today. I definitely support the trend. When I can't tell is when I think it's done best.

Mad Max astounded me with the real-action stuntwork. I can still see some of the scenes in my mind's action, beautifully done.

People can always tell (lookup "uncanny valley")(nvrmnd, preaching to the choir here). F'rinstance, I've yet to see *any* movie replicate a scene of a person walking on the moon realistically. I have seen excellent reproductions of free fall, though, through a combo of good editing and rides in the Vomit Comet.

Comment Re:Jah booty (Score 1) 139

On the first Christmas of WW1, troops came out of the trenches en masse on both sides and shared an observance. The following Christmases, most of them just kept on shooting.

Some people are sickened; some are hardened.

And in this case, all were generals that gave specific orders that banned the practice. In their nice, warm chateaus, miles from the front.

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