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Comment: Re:One filter = no tier (Score 1) 145

by vux984 (#49549617) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

How do you KNOW that? There are plenty of times when I may want to take a call if it's important.

How do you KNOW that? How do you know its important until you answer it?

And if you don't know, but expect it might be important, then you'll need to check. Checking your phone to see who is calling is just as obnoxious as checking your watch. Moreso probably because after checking your watch, you have even less time to answer it so your panic answer dance will be that much more urgent.

I do that too but it's not AS EASY. Again it's the layering you are missing here.

Its pretty easy. Certainly not difficult enough nor something that occurs frequently enough for being able to do it from my watch to to even register as a "layer" of value.

.That relies heavily on services from a single manufacturer, and it fairly useless without.

As I said, it works with cyanogenmod meaning the "single manufacturer" is less critical to its continued operation or functionality. Google could vanish off the face of the earth tomorrow and android would live on.

Android Wear is every bit as pigeon-holed, in fact moreso ...[...]


there are already far more Apple Watch apps to gain non-Apple functionality.

Lol. Seeing as they are inextricably tied to itunes and ios, calling it non-apple functionality means what exactly?

The pebble has non-apple functionality, you can toss your iphone in a ditch buy and android and keep using your pebble.

Android wear at least works with android not-tied-to-google (cyanogenmod) and may work with other OSes such as sailfish etc.

The apple watch? Not so much.

Comment: Re:systemd, eh? (Score 1) 402

by dbIII (#49549021) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd
Sometimes it turns up on servers with a relatively lean RHEL/Centos install and starts running when you don't even have X going - I have killed it on servers when they were running short on memory.

As an aside, a really weird side effect of pulseaudio is that if you block the port it uses it can really speed up remote X - got no idea what Lennart was thinking with that bug/feature. It's things like that which make me wonder why he's being allowed near an init system.

Comment: Re:Upstart or Systemd? (Score 1) 402

by dbIII (#49548995) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

I used system V init on embedded system since late 1990 and I just delivered my first system using systemd this week.

You are a brave man to go in blind. I've been using systemd stuff on test boxes for more than six months and I've seen and worked around far too many fuckups to want to use it on an important production system, but at least I'm prepared to do some workarounds if I actually do.

Comment: Re:Upstart or Systemd? (Score 1) 402

by dbIII (#49548973) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

You say that, but why have nearly all distros moved to systemd?

RedHat staffroom politics and Gnome club politics. It's addressing the non-problem of a bunch of things being under the control of a lot of different people instead of just under Lennart's control. The "faster boot" never happened and was never a big deal outside of systems too small to sanely consider systemd anyway - the old init not doing much is faster than starting the systemd "cathedral" to not do much.

Comment: Re: SystemD added? (Score 1) 402

by dbIII (#49548951) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd
I complained about that on an earlier systemd article - the official fanboy response seems to be that because Lennart didn't write it ZFS on linux sucks while systemd is wonderful despite not working properly yet.
So I went back to RHEL6 and an init system that's been tested enough before release.
My home system is a recent Fedora - I just gave up and I've been starting ZFS from the command line on login after about the third change where systemd went from being able to start ZFS to not.

Comment: Re: SystemD added? (Score 1) 402

by dbIII (#49548829) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd
The above can really just be summed up as "it wasn't all a single project, but it is now with systemd". Progress certainly did happen before systemd started and there was no actual problem to be solved like there was with pulseaudio or NetworkManager (the old system was clunky with laptops - of course the new one now sucks with everything else).

Comment: Re: SystemD added? (Score 1) 402

by dbIII (#49548815) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

PERHAPS someone could define what was broken so badly in init that the whole lot was replaced. I so dearly would like to know.

Apparently not enough of linux userspace had Lennart's name on it.
It's being widely adopted because he's convinced a few gnome people to make their stuff rely on it and the gnome stuff is popular.
I really don't know what RedHat was thinking when they put someone who thought it would be a nice joke to call a frequently running process "rtkit" in a position of responsibility.

Comment: Re:Fails simple test (Score 1) 252

by dbIII (#49548657) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis
You seem awfully thin skinned in your denial of the obvious with some pretty fucking extreme edge cases.
Yes it's nice pretending the people beg because they want to and not because they have fallen through the gaps in society so that nobody gives a shit if they live or die, but it's not a very realistic way of looking at the world is it? If there are a lot of them about it's a symptom that somebody running the place has seriously fucked things up. Is your denial a pretence that your political team has created a perfect society?

Comment: Re:Possible huge win (Score 1) 145

by vux984 (#49548381) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

For those that run down phones in less than a day they may not have to do a mid-day charge any longer. That's actually quite a huge win.

I'm extremely doubtful.

You are ignoring the tiering of notifications possible with this arrangement.

Sort of, but better tiering of notifications really should just be part of the phone OS. iOS in particular is terrible at letting you filter notifications -- android is better but only because you have more 3rd party app options, but the OS is severely lacking.

I think if our phones were better at tiering notifications, that would moot a lot of the point of a smartwatch doing it.

I guess you don't mind people wondering why you find the insides of your pants so suddenly interesting.

Meh, when my phone rings in my pocket and I know I don't want to answer it without even looking, I can easily click the side button to ignore it, through my pocket. I can't imagine spending literally hundreds of dollars to avoid this scenario.

So then you must equally hate Android Wear.

Not quite equally. Android is a single platform but not a single manufacturer, and android is a lot more open, rumor has it works with cyanogenmod for example, which might mean it could work with other phones firefoxos,sailfish, ubuntuphone, etc...

I also ordered a Pebble Time, so I'll see...

I'm not sold on the smartwatch concept, but if I were, this is the sort of product I'd be interested in.

Comment: Re:me dumb (Score 1) 130

by lgw (#49548161) Attached to: Wormholes Untangle a Black Hole Paradox

Well, there are several "kinds" of wormholes. In one, the distance really is 3 ticks, in every way that matters, and the fact that there's also a 10-tick path (which used to be the shortest path before the wormhole) means nothing, as there are an infinity of circuitous paths. But that's not this kind of wormhole.


To see the problem, imagine 2 wormholes, A and B, each with widely separated endpoints. In my reference frame, the endpoints A1 and A2 are stationary - I'm standing by A1 and can send a message instantly to A2. The endpoints B1 and B2 are stationary relative to one another, but are moving close to c relative to A. In B's reference frame, my message goes back in time.

If my message gets relayed A1-A2-B2-B1 just as the endpoints pass, I'll get it before I send it. In my reference frame, A1-A2 is instant, but B2-B1 goes back in time. In B's reference frame, A1-A2 goes back in time, and B2-B1 is instant. Either way, it's a causal mess.

A simpler example: you can get a straightforward time machine simply by accelerating one end of a wormhole up to relativistic speed for a few years, and then bringing it back, parking it at rest near the other end. Like the twin who visits a distant star and returns, one end will be "younger" than the other. Now the wormhole moves you back (or forward) in time by a few years when you traverse it.

Comment: Re:Many small solutions through a day (Score 1) 145

by vux984 (#49548153) Attached to: Apple Watch Launches

Christ, this is so obnoxious. Look, just because you don't have a use for this watch, it doesn't mean NOBODY does.

Christ, I literally suggested my own possible use for this watch.

But it's also jewellery. People wear that stuff for lots of reasons.

I mentioned that too in my post.

Do you understand how insanely dumb it is to buy a mechanical watch except as jewellery? They're not terribly accurate timekeeping devices

Accurate timekeeping for a handheld watch? If its within 2-3 minutes of being right, its good enough for what nearly everyone wears a wrist watch for.

You finish by saying that it's about the lock-in, but that's a ridiculous complaint. You think someone buying the first-gen Apple watch is the kind of person that is normally so capricious about their tech decisions?

And yet it's my complaint. As for people buying it, I think they are idiots.

What you don't like is that Apple made it and that other people like it.

Hmmm. I gave this some real thought, and no. That's not the issue. I think its a genuiely stupid product. There is an apple angle to it though... I think if anybody else had made it but Apple everyone else would agree that its a stupid product. For example if HP had made a smartwatch that only worked with Apple iphones nobody would give a shit about it. (And rightly so.) If HP had released a $10,000 version that was gold plated and only worked with the iphone it we'd be speculating what drugs their management was taking.

Remember the tablet that only works paired to a blackberry? It was a joke. This product is no different.

Buying an apple smartwatch is like buying a trailer for your car... one that can't be towed by any other car.

I think we can all safely assume by now that when Apple makes something there are a bunch of people that don't like it, so let's all pretend that you've said your piece and not use up the space from now on, hmm?

Apple has some decent products. (steadily fewer of them lately though.) But this watch is up there with the RIM playbook for stupid... except it might be successful because: Apple

But god forbid any one criticize anything apple does? Lets keep this space clear so we can just post praise and declare how badly we want one?

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