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Comment: Re:Sign up? (Score 1) 318

by TechyImmigrant (#49373279) Attached to: Sign Up At Before Crooks Do It For You


That's a classic model for attacking with a MITM. MITM the http page (because you can). Get a cert for say instead of On the switch to https, redirect to the Continue to MITM, proxying to while the user enters all their secrets.

This is why the home page should be https.

Comment: Re:they don't make it easy (Score 1) 318

by TechyImmigrant (#49373165) Attached to: Sign Up At Before Crooks Do It For You

The 'hard' questions where things like 'what was your monthly payment on that loan'. There were 2 hard question, each with 4 choices. So that's 3 bits of information. You would expect to guess correctly 1 in 8 times. So if you have a database of SSNs and names and DOBs, you can succeed first time on 12.5% of them on average.

Comment: Re:Sign up? (Score 5, Interesting) 318

by TechyImmigrant (#49373117) Attached to: Sign Up At Before Crooks Do It For You

I did. That's how I found the place to sign up.

I signed up.

It gave password rules and validated the password on the fly with four green ticks, one against each rule (> 8 chars, special chars etc.). I used a 32 character password generated from my password manager.

The web page then errors out each time I tried to enter the password, saying it needed a valid password, even though the password was declared valid each time. In the end I got it to work when I reduced the password length below 20 characters. This may be due to the length, or some other difference, since my password manager was creating a different password each time I fiddled with the generator rules.

The whole thing sticks of basic programming incompetence.


Comment: Re:Waste is heat! (Score 1) 196

And electric resistance heating is usually *terrible* compared to any number of available alternatives.

It represents a *huge* waste of exergy, when a heat pump (as you allude to) can produce several units of heat for one unit of electricity.

So, in summer it's all bad and in winter it;'s at least 75% bad. And that's ignoring (eg) CO2 and other emissions from the generation mix.

Can we stop with this "waste is good" meme?



An electric heater heated by electricity from nuclear or hydroelectric generators is in no way worse than the alternatives from a carbon and/or sustainability point of view.

Comment: Re:What Would be a Trivial Amount? (Score 1) 196

But a standby to listen for a remote need not take more than a few 10s of milliwatts.

The reason they have a stupid standby draw is because it's cheaper to just use the 200W power supply and not put in the extra components for a standby power supply.

Comment: Re:Supersymmetry ? (Score 1) 234

by TechyImmigrant (#49359719) Attached to: Dark Matter Is Even More of a Mystery Than Expected

Right, but plasmas are a bit thin on the ground where humans live and humans are the ones who call things things. There may be aliens who call plasmas and gasses things, but they probably have different words for them. "No Fnakquar, an antivacuum is called a 'congressman' " or some such.

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