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Comment Re:Go Work for the Competition (Score 1) 191

-it would be a *massive* undertaking, because the underlying, after *10 years* is likely a "big ball of mud" at this point

Unless they built 'robust, maintainable code' (TM) ^_^

It's probably written in COBOL with subroutines RPG II and 360 Assembler.

Or something ludicrous, like as a minecraft mod.

Comment Re:This is stupid ... (Score 1) 143

Example: on January 2200 we could just apply all leap seconds that are stale, around 10 or so.

The alternative, which is better is to do something so often that implementation problems get ironed out before the big-saved-up-event.

So instead of a leap second, have a leap milisecond inserted 10,000 times more often than the leap-10-seconds. Humans wouldn't notice and implementation errors would be seen and fixed quickly.

Comment Re:Give and Take (Score 1) 513

"Ok so they grow faster. Does that mean they eat a proportional amount more in the same amount of time or are they less dense or less healthy then the original fish?"

There is NO WAY they are even worse than current farm-rised ones. They are simply awful.

Well they are raised in tanks on land. So there's no way they are better than farm raised salmon.

Comment Re: Sounds like Good News for the Ocean (Score 1) 513

I've been specifically rejecting products lately that say "No GMOs", or "Organic" on their labels because I think it's marketing hype that caters to the ignorant masses.
It's getting harder every day to do that though.

I've managed to neatly sidestep the GMO/Organic plants issue is by not eating plants.

However 'organic' cow meat, which I can get in nearby stores, is clearly better tasting than equivalent cow meat from non organic sources. I'll continue to buy it and eat it.

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 513

Ah, but that would cut in to their *profits!*
The thing to remember here is of course these Salmon will be significantly cheaper to produce.
Will they be qualitatively different? of course! faster grown species are always noticeably different.
Their trick of course is they will market them as the original species, which they now are not. Just require them
to be marketed under a new name...

A new name for faux salmon? May I suggest salmonella?

Comment Re:Salmon's now on my "foods to avoid" list (Score 1) 513

> Better yet, catch it yourself. It's quite an enjoyable and delicious hobby.

Right, I'll be sure to catch myself a years worth of salmon during the brief period they are catchable here. I'm sure my job won't miss me for however many weeks that takes, if it's even possible. Clearly if I want wild caught fish, or fish that don't have lab tuned genes, I should have to be a subsistence hunter.

Having friends on the res works much better.

Comment Re:Except they used regular SMS (Score 1) 291

But I have no idea where this "zero knowledge encryption" label came from or what it's intended to actually mean.

Without going to extreme measures like actually reading the article, I'm going to guess that they mean encryption mechanisms where the service provider (read: Apple or Google) has no way to unilaterally decrypt the user's data, because the only place the decryption passwords/keys are ever stored is on the user's device.

This may be. But Zero Knowledge Proof means something very specific and that isn't it.

Comment Re:Except they used regular SMS (Score 1) 291

Personally, I'd really like to have an opinion on "zero knowledge encryption", but I can't figure out what the hell it is. From context I infer that he's using the term to describe device encryption, as done on Android and iOS. I know what that is, and wholeheartedly support it.

But I have no idea where this "zero knowledge encryption" label came from or what it's intended to actually mean. I know what zero-knowledge proofs are, and they're really cool, but they have nothing to do with device encryption.

I've got it! He's using the phrase "zero knowledge" to describe his understanding of encryption.

Zero knowledge protocols and proofs have plenty to do with cryptographic security, most commonly in authentication protocols, but have nothing to do with encryption.

Comment Manufacturing is Hard (Score 4, Interesting) 211

Excess revenue is a big problem for a crowd funded project.

You might know how to build 200 units and ship them. Get some friends in to a soldering party.
But if you need to build 200,000, you need manufacturing.

Manufacturing require up front investment, employees, time and effort. The payoff is over a longer period as you ship products to market. If you build 200,000 then stop, you're going to make a huge loss, because you spent all that money setting up the manufacturing.

Comment Re: Scrum Was Never Alive (Score 1) 371

I seem to live in a different universe. I think about it for a year or two. Go to some conferences to meet experts across the industry. Push some things into standards so it fits with or defines industry practice. Maybe spend a few days coding once I know exactly what needs doing. Then a year or two to deploy and get into products.

There may be multiple such things going on in parallel, but when you're deploying billions of these things and they're crypto and they have to be right and they have to be secure, 'agile' is not an option. Extremely diligent is more the order of things.

Maybe the world is full of insecure online services because they get pushed out the door without extensive scrutiny of the security issues.

Comment Re:Just to note... (Score 1) 163

Most grade school kids could figure this out:

man openssl

Combine OpenSSL with a little AppleScript, and voila, you have the same "proof of concept" that TFA is basically showing. What a fucking joke.

The fix is simple. Just find another vulnerability in openssl and use it to recover the key used to encrypt the data.

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