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Comment Re:Nyuzi was first and is better (Score 1) 45

Could you not even link to the fully functional open source GPU so that the lazy but curious could click, and google could perhaps realise that it exists?

OK, I take that back. WTF has happened to links in the comment submission box? They've finally done. Those crazy bastards have destroyed slashdot.

Comment Headline Failure (Score 2) 141

Come on people. This has the potential to be legend... ary. What a complete failure.

Even just form a quick punt we could glimpse such lyrical word play as:
"Lightning strike inside Cloud"
"Cloud damaged by lightning"
"Cloud not lightning-proof"

Please read the fucking Register until you gets it.

Comment Re:But this is California, so of course it's stupi (Score 1) 135

I know that peanuts are not technically nuts but I still find it funny.

Only because you don't understand food processing & allergies. Food processed on machinery used for nuts needs to be labelled, even if the food contains no nuts whatsoever.

It's only because he has a sense of humour. It's a common mistake to get the two confused. When in doubt remember: correlation does not imply causation.

Comment Re:But this is California, so of course it's stupi (Score 4, Insightful) 135

People do not respond to constant reminders - they blank them out as irrelevant background noise. As such they are then more useless than appropriate warnings. As an example: there are no foods in the UK that are not labeled "may contain traces of nuts".

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