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Comment Re:I talk about it openly (Score 1) 308

You seem to have claimed that people who have insurance get prepaid rather than free drugs. The AC did not miss your point, he corrected you. Insurance is only prepaid if it covers the whole cost, when it does not it is neither free nor prepaid.

If there is any ambiguity it is that when you made your claim you mean "you" entirely literally - to refer only to the poster that you were responding to, and not people with medical insurance in general. That is a non-standard / unusal way if phrasing what you meant and if that is the cause then your point was indeed lost somewhere in translation.

Either that or you were simply wrong and got corrected. It does seem in hindsight there is a little ambiguity about which happened.

Comment Re:Question for n0w4k (Score 2) 172

Might ve a temporary problem, but right now your paywall-free link in the sunmary goes to a nature paywall asking for $22, and your other twitter link goes to a "nature is broken right now, we will charge you later" page. Shame as your article sounds interesting, any chance of putting the pre-submission draft on Arxiv?

Comment Ha ha (Score 0) 181

So Americans have internet acess that sucks?

Boo, fucking hoo.

Over here in a "socialist" country where the major providers were not handed geographic monopoliies, but had to compete with one another: I have to live within a 24GB "cap" each month, and can nornally rely on an 80mb connection over 4g because of huge over-provision of service. I'm loving 1080p netflix or youtube when I want.

Comment Re:Surface is great (Score 1) 239

Explain to me what is up with the lag. Completely unpredictable shifts in latency from zero to over a second. This was horrific - it completely ruins the interface.

What is with the little diamond near the nib of the pen? It seems to track the pen reasonably well, but the actual ink from the tool misses that diamond by a few centimetres. If the tracking is there (diamond only seems to lag behind the nib by about a centimetre or so in fast strokes) , why is the actual drawing from the tool so far from that diamond, and so slow.

I'm only explaining what I saw. If anyone thinks it is bullshit then head into a shop and try one. As for shilling for Apple - where have I said anything positive about the iPad Pro? That is another first-gen product that looks like it needs some tweaks.

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