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Comment: Re:Same as Columbus (Score 1) 69

by smallfries (#48455461) Attached to: Multi-National Crew Reaches Space Station

Humanity, possibly, but not humans.

Cramming 7 billion people onto this rock requires a huge amount of technology. If it fails then we are still screwed. How many rivers in the US (or the world) are under artificial management rather than their natural flows? What happens if the technology producing that fails? What about agriculture? How many of those 7 billion would survive if agriculture had to continue without technology (water managment, oil-driven labour)?

We are are still on a small cramped rock that would kill us at a moment's notice if our tech-based life support fails. Don't let the air fool you.

Comment: Re:yes (Score 1) 326

by smallfries (#48442819) Attached to: Eizo Debuts Monitor With 1:1 Aspect Ratio

I used to do this, but in the end I switched them both back to landscape. Looking up and down is surprisingly tiring, but looking side to side is not. My screens are a little too big for a dual screen layout (23" maybe?) so the total width is a little uncomfortable and one screen is now directly ahead for 80% of what I do with the second screen offset for less frequent tasks.

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by smallfries (#48424161) Attached to: Court Shuts Down Alleged $120M Tech Support Scam

If they claim that they are from The Microsoft you could say that you are "Bob from the Internet" or vica versa. Spend some time finding out if you have friends in common, maybe from back when you worked at the Facebook. Did they know June from the New York office? Really? Because June died five years ago!! etc etc...

They can be a lot of fun. When you get bored with them just ask how they *feel* about scamming people for money. Good times.

Comment: Re:The answer is...virtual credit cards (Score 1) 306

by smallfries (#48416307) Attached to: UK Hotel Adds Hefty Charge For Bad Reviews Online

Did you know that cards can be validated for an amount as well as charged?

When I book a hotel stay for $x and give them a card to hold it the first thing they do is validate with the CC company that the card can be charged $x. When I check out they ask how to settle the bill including charging the amount to a different card.

So if a hotel wants a card to book a room (guaranteeing payment on no-shows) and you provide a dummy card that they could not charge for the amount then over here we call that fraud. But I guess you call them idiots...

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