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Comment: Re:eliminate extra sugar (Score 1) 487

by onkelonkel (#49331175) Attached to: Hacking Weight Loss: What I Learned Losing 30 Pounds

Your previous method - chop a pile of onions - throw them in the pot - go to the next ingredient. New method - chop a pile of onions - weigh them - throw them in the pot - go to the next ingredient.
Is it really that much more difficult?
Chopping a pile of onions takes 5 or 10 minutes; weighing them takes 15 seconds.
The meat you throw in probably has the weight on the package.
If you _don't_want_to_ figure out how many calories you are taking in, and just eat as much as you want, then go right ahead. Just don't pretend that it can't be done.

Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 1) 487

by onkelonkel (#49330469) Attached to: Hacking Weight Loss: What I Learned Losing 30 Pounds

That's how I got off the ciggies. Got the idea from a "how to quit" book.First I switched to a brand that was about 10% lower nicotine than my regular smokes. Just made sure not to smoke any more for a few weeks. Then I started to figure out when I would smoke and cut out habitual smokes that were close (in time) to other habitual smokes. One before I got on the bus and one after became half a cig before and half a cig after. Then after a few weeks of that I switched brands again another 10% lower nicotine. Ran the cycle about 3 or 4 times. I started out at half a deck of Players Light a day and finished at 4 Matinee Slims (yeah I know) a day at which point I said Screw It and just quit.

Comment: Re:The answer has been known for over 100 years. (Score 1) 286

by onkelonkel (#49267607) Attached to: Elon Musk Pledges To End "Range Anxiety" For Tesla Model S

Two points: 1. No. It isn't - When you take everything into account, including the relative efficiency of a big coal fired plant, the relative inefficiency of an ICE, the transmission line losses, everything, end-to-end, the electric car running on coal fired power emits half the CO2 of an ICE car. 2. Electricity can be produced by all sorts of methods that emit no CO2.

Comment: Re:Hmmm (Score 2) 392

by onkelonkel (#49225445) Attached to: Does USB Type C Herald the End of Apple's Proprietary Connectors?

6 USB ports? - Lets see - mouse, keyboard (sometimes), phone charge cable, external hard drive, memory stick. I guess I don't need 6 but 3 is a minimum. HDMI- ? yes for big screens in meeting rooms. VGA - not as common as HDMI for big screens, but still out there, could do without. eSATA - dont use it.

Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.