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Comment: Re:Two quick fixes to mass replicate (Score 1) 231

by onkelonkel (#49777235) Attached to: Elon Musk Establishes a Grade School

"I am just going to make my kid take his chances with the same lowest-common-denominator education that all the other kids receive. I am sure that he can rise above the herd anyway."
That's exactly what I did. Disclaimer - I'm not rich. My wife proposed to send our kids to a private school for the obvious reason of a better quality education. I suggested we take the money that we would have spent on private school and spend it on a house in a better area closer to town. The kids would be able to attend a good public school right down the street instead of bussing an hour each way to a private school. The public school was not as good as the private school, but was more than good enough (upper 75th percentile in statewide rankings). As a bonus, my commute was cut by 30 minutes each way, so I was home most days as soon as my kids were home from school and was able to spend a lot more time with them.

Comment: Re:This law will not stand... (Score 1) 545

by onkelonkel (#49694539) Attached to: California Senate Approves School Vaccine Bill

There are some religious types who like to juggle rattlesnakes. It is their right to do this, even if the rest of us all think it is stupid and dangerous. It isn't even neccessary to invoke religious freedom to permit this. That does not give them the right to put their children at risk by making them handle snakes.

Comment: Re:Whack-a-mole (Score 1) 87

Similar experience here. On several occasions I was given demerol in a hospital. The first two or three times it was like the best buzz ever. All my pain was gone and I was floating on a happy cloud of bliss fog. After that the next few times i got no pain, bliss and nausea like a boat ride in 12 foot waves. Never really enjoyed it once the nausea hit. Maybe if i took gravol first.....

Comment: Make this work for you. (Score 3, Insightful) 210

Make this work for you.

1. Once in a while, casually mention to your boss how tired you are of recruiters emailing/calling/texting you all the time.

2. Tell a coworker your going to be a little late coming back from lunch with your buddy from $Your_biggest_competitor.

3. Tell your boss you have an "appointment" tomorrow, and you need to take an hour off. Show up the next day wearing your best suit and tie.

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