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Comment: Re:The industry really needs to switch to DC power (Score 1) 41

by onkelonkel (#48389451) Attached to: Facebook Testing Lithium-Ion Batteries For Backup Power

Not in my (limited) experience. This was a dispatching center for a large (Class 1) freight railway. For each of about 40 dispatchers there were 5 machines a pair of PCs at the "Desk" plus a trio of PCs in the back room for server/backup server & maintenance workstation. The "ONE BIG UPS" failed 3 times in 4 years, and each time the whole damn railroad was stopped dead for several hours. ( Egon Spengler - That would be bad.)
  We put a small (about 2000VA) UPS at each desk and another for each back room trio. Cost about 1/10 of what the big UPS cost. If a little UPS failed the techs would drop in a new one and have the machines restarted in about 10 minutes. The trains were seldom delayed, and the failures would only affect a single dispatcher.

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by onkelonkel (#48270777) Attached to: New Crash Test Dummies Reflect Rising American Bodyweight

Overweight and obese are medical terms based on associated health risk. BMI is fairly good for average people, not so good for athletes.
Want to know if you are fat? Try this - lift your shirt, and grab a fold of skin 2 inches to the left (or right) of you belly button. How thick is the fold of skin (and fat)? An inch or less, ok. More than an inch, you are carrying unnecessary extra body fat which will damage your health.

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Beats are not terrible, they are awesome.
Allow me to explain.
You are assuming that Beats are audio headphones, and judging them on that basis. Beats are a fashion accessory and a status symbol first, and an audio device second. My nine year old niece loves her Beats.They look cute, and sound much better than the throw away earbuds she got with her ipod. In that respect they are a great product, and fulfill her requirements better than any other headphone.
Now if I was looking for headphones, looks and conferred status would be at the very bottom of my list of requirements. I'd probably buy some Sennheisers with better specs for half the price of Beats. But then, I'm not the target market for Beats.

Comment: American Exceptionalism Strikes Again (Score 4, Interesting) 384

We assumed we could easily handle Ebola if it came our way, because we are the most powerful and richest country on Earth. What we should have done is asked, "What are our weaknesses? Where is our medical system likely to fail?" Unfortunately we tend to suck at this kind of introspection. If we had asked, the most glaring weakness in our system, "Not everybody has medical coverage", might have been considered. Then when a sick black man recently arrived from West Africa came to the hospital without medical insurance we might have thought "EBOLA" and treated him right away, instead of thinking "poor Nigger, not gonna pay his bills" and sent him home with some Tylenol.

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Apparently four women is a stable number. This was the advice from a 14th century Moslem man on what is the best number of wives to have. One will be lonely when the husband is away, two will fight, three will gang up two to one, just as you said, but four works out to two stable pairs.

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America is different. My neighbor's old 1970 Cadillac used to have a 500 cubic inch motor. Math says 8.2 litres or slightly more than 1 litre per cylinder. Of course the fuel tank was about 80 litres. And you would fill it once a week if you drove it to work.

That does not compute.