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Comment Re:Maybe it's just who we are... (Score 1) 669

Most of your examples would seem to apply to both men and women.
With some minor edits:
Or maybe coding is something that when men try to get involved they discover they are unwelcome.
There's the one guy who's just a dick. (to men and women)
There's one who hasn't washed since 2004. (smells bad to men and women)
There's one who has to one-up everything he says. (annoying to both men and women)
There's several who have to hit on her because she's the only woman they get to talk to. (Ok that one is almost 100% women only)

Comment Reverse car analogy (Score 1) 618

Fiddling with graphic card drivers so they perform better on benchmarks is a way of life in the computer industry. No sane person would believe that only Nvidia ever does it. One would suspect that all the manufacturers do it (when they think they can get away with it)
I really would be amazed to find that only VW was using special code to pass the emissions tests. I have zero evidence to back up this wild accusation, but I do note that almost nobody ever gets the same mileage as the EPA tests.

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