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by onkelonkel (#47707989) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft
Must be a different Lotus Notes than the one I had to use back in the 90s. That one had a an actively user-hostile interface. It actually looked for ways to break your heart and spirit and make you cry. It was forged from pure evil. Shat from the very buttocks of Satan. Well, anyhow, it wasn't very good.

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by onkelonkel (#47699491) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft
Work has recently added Lync to our standard MS environment. It's far from perfect, but we now have integrated everything. I do mean everything. We get IM/VOIP telephony/email/shared calendar/book rooms and meetings/desktop sharing/n-way calls/webcam video conferencing/etc, all in one package.

Is there any open source equivalent that has all these features? Because that is what MS is bringing to the fight.

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"Most" - You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.

"Try to remember that most people don't use their cars to commute 15 minutes to work and back home every day." That's right, most people commute about 25 minutes or less. Still not a problem for an electric car.

"Try to remember that most people don't live within 5 miles of everything they need to get to. " Most people live in cities, and have the things they need within 5 miles.

"Try to remember that most people don't want to live in a huge city packed in like cattle." I don't know if they "want" to live in cities (neither do you), but most people do live in cities. In the USA 80% of people live in urban areas.

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To be fair, not all Sleep Apnea is due to obesity. However, about 60 or 70 % of adult Sleep Apnea is weight related.Alcohol consumption and smoking apparently also play a role.

You could argue that it is a self-inflicted condition for most people.Since most people can't lose weight and keep it off long term I guess you are stuck with the mask. Do you sound like Darth Vader when you wear it?

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You nailed it. My neighbor drives a big dodge pickup with a hemi. Drives it 60 miles every day to work round trip. Gets 15 mpg tops. Bitches constantly about the price of gas. Why not drive a commuter car with double the gas mileage and save $2k a year? Because once a year he hauls his boat to the lake and once a year he hauls it back. (Honestly I think he just likes driving a big ass truck, and the boat is an excuse.)

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