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Comment Re:Is the news cycle the only explanation? (Score 2) 169

The environment getting much worse -- mass deforestation, global warming, declining fresh water supplies, much of it abetted by ever-spiraling population growth?

The environment is getting better. You should have seen how bad the air pollution was in the 70s, for example. Rivers have been cleaned up and come back to life since then.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 746

A GUI needs to provide process management. Modern GUIs in particular, where there is an expectation of dozens of processes running notifying the user require quite sophisticated process management. Arguably the thing that drove the biggest change in Gnome 3 / KDE 4 from Gnome 2 / KDE 3 was introducing a framework dependent on much more sophisticated process management because they wanted notification to work well.

ok, let me look into that.

Non process managed systems are simply not going to be supported.

Unsupported by who? Who gets to decide what is supported and what is not?

Comment Re:If you write SQL injections (Score 1) 64

The thing is, the majority of these issues stem from people that specifically DON'T work as a web developer. These cases usually come from other people in a company told to come up with a website and are reasonably smart in a related area, like programming, so they do a quick once over of JS, SQL, PHP and the sort, put together some crap website and call it a day. Don't forget large amounts of copy-pasted code straight outta stackoverflow-ton.

This isn't an excuse

Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score 1) 290

No, there were no WMDs in Iraq

Ok, so the WMDs in Iraq, used by Saddam to kill thousands of people in Iraq - those didn't exist? This sort of nonsense is supposed to make you sound credible? Who do you think your audience is - people just like you, but even dumber, who won't wonder if you paid any attention whatsoever to stacks of dead people killed with Iraq's chemical weapons? Man, it must be really annoying to be you, with reality being such a constant irritant like that.

Comment Re:It's their money... (Score 2) 145

The reasoning behind the inequality movement isn't to help the poor people, rather it's to prevent the rich from having too much power. If you limited the salary of the Walmart CEO to $3million a year, he would still be rich, but wouldn't have as much money to manipulate the government.

That is the theory, anyway.

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