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Comment Re:I'm not sure this is the right response (Score 1) 51

Just because they used illegal techniques to attack a morally reprehensible company doesn't mean their techniques are magically vindicated. Celebrating the hack is immoral as well.

If the hacker gets caught, he'll end up in jail, but tell me you didn't smile when you first heard about the hack. It's pretty hilarious.

Comment Re:It should be noted... (Score 1) 103

Why do you think he doesn't? Obama is the reason I'm so suspicious of Bernie Sanders today - I've been fooled about a good guy who wants to clean up Washington before.

You shouldn't have been fooled by Obama. He clearly indicated what he was going to do before getting elected. He went out of his way to vote for immunity for telecoms for spying. He is acting exactly as he indicated he would.
If you thought he wouldn't support the NSA, you either weren't paying attention, or you were a fool.

Comment Re:Which is why (Score 1) 211

must contend with the fact that this project demonstrates science behaving as it should.”"

It is demonstrating science behaving as it should have 50 years ago.

The point is that even though there are morons who say, "science is false!," if you are someone who believes something just because you heard it from a scientist, you are probably a moron, too.

Comment Re:I work in online advertising (Score 1) 201

which resulted in him losing quite a significant chunk of personal data, I thought he'd finally learned his lesson. He was keeping on top of Windows Update, keeping an updated AVG install, running weekly Malwarebytes scans and had finally, finally, stopped opening dodgy e-mail attachments from his perpetually-malware-infested dickhead golf-buddy friends.

I don't see where you put him on some kind of backup system.

Comment Re:is the problem not ADOBE FLASH? (Score 1) 201

It's not just that they're complex.

The complexity definitely matters. I only realized this when I wrote a decoder myself, and saw the many places for bugs to hide (it can seem like everything is working great.......but there are so many corner cases that don't come up with normal testing).

Comment Re:is the problem not ADOBE FLASH? (Score 1) 201

as i cannot see how a simple image... could possibly compromise a target machine

It can. I believe libjpeg was the first image parser to have a vulnerability, but LibPNG has had quite a few. Image and Video parsers are complex, and complex code means high chances for vulnerabilities.

Is your browser complex? You better believe it's full of vulnerabilities. We only hear about Flash vulns because they are the low-hanging fruit.

"The fundamental principle of science, the definition almost, is this: the sole test of the validity of any idea is experiment." -- Richard P. Feynman