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Comment Re:There are a lot of IP addresses out there (Score 1) 106

Thanks for the correction; I've copy/pasted the corrected version into my shell script notebook and will totally be using that command the next time I need to entirely destroy the ability of one of my computers to communicate over a network.

But really you should post a version using nftables, since that's the future of Linux firewalling, after all. And it might also be worth mentioning that another option is to physically disconnect the Ethernet cord or wireless card from the machine in question. That requires physical access, of course, but you'll also need that if you ever intend to use the computer again after running that command. ;)

Comment Re:make it user-selectable (Score 1) 235

You're absolutely right. Everything that ever happens to anyone is his own fault.

We should all go no more than 1mph ever because a stork carrying a baby might drop it into the path of our cars and we have to be able to avoid it in time. If you hit the stork-baby when it suddenly appears in front of you, you were driving too fast for conditions.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 114

I've never -- ever -- run into a site that requires I use Facebook rather than create a separate login. I expect the only sites that require Facebook sign in, rather than simply allow are mostly limited to stupid Facebook games, like Avian Dysfunctional Conflict Resolution Disorder, etc.

Comment Re:A right? (Score 1) 114

I know I lost a job interview because I didn't have a Twitter account, and the interview called me a "fossil" because of that.

You were probably lucky not to get that job. A company dysfunctional enough to blacklist candidates without Twitter accounts -- and insult said candidates to their faces while doing it -- is not likely a company that would be fun to work for.

I have a Facebook account, which is getting used gradually less often due to Facebook's retreat from XMPP, though purple-facebook might bring the usage back up some. I've never had a Twitter account and still don't really understand the appeal.

Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 482

Of course it's not. That's an absolutely retarded thing to say.

Standard of living doesn't include wondering every day if the government is going to take all your possessions on some pretext. Standard of living doesn't include not being able to access random websites because the government doesn't like what they say. Standard of living doesn't include imprisoned journalists, and the chilling effect that has on reporting.

Standard of living doesn't include how much or how little security you have in the knowledge that the police can't bust into your house without at least convincing a judge they have a good reason. And finally, standard of living -- at least as measured as GDP per capita or net income per capita -- doesn't take into account the fact that getting more money, like most all things, has a decreasing marginal return in its effect on one's happiness.

Comment Re:Not possible (Score 1) 324

Even in the UK, they must prove that there is a key and that you at one point had access to it in the past year. If they prove you had access to the key in the past year, then the burden shifts to you to prove that you no longer have access to the key.

It's a bad law, but don't spread disinformation about it. And the US situation is much, much better.

Comment Re:Not possible (Score 1) 324

Care to share some links? The only thing I'm aware of that you may be referring to is that the Windows implementation of TrueCrypt has a bug where it doesn't properly exclude the hidden filesystem from search indexing or somesuch. The concept is sound. And if you're using hidden volumes, you really should be using live CDs to inspect the hidden volumes anyway.

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