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An argument like that, assuming it's not true, would be perjury and fraud. If mistaken licensing did occur, you can be fairly certain the company would publicize exactly what happened far and wide immediately after they found out the "rogue licensor" had acted. Saying nothing and then suing you and only telling you in court that the licensing was a mistake would not be looked on kindly.

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by linuxrocks123 (#47387405) Attached to: Qualcomm Takes Down 100+ GitHub Repositories With DMCA Notice

You could represent yourself in a clear-cut case like this, where the files are obviously properly licensed. If you give them notice of the licensing in your counter-notice, and they still sue, they could get in trouble for filing a frivolous lawsuit, and you could recover damages.

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In such a clear-cut case as obviously GPL-licensed files, you could represent yourself and not pay a cent. You wouldn't lose: you'd get discovery from the Linux Foundation or whoever indicating the code was GPL-licensed. And you could probably retaliate and sue them for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

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Evolutionary psychology is approximately the definition of soft science. And no I'm not going to make the argument here; look in my comment history if you care enough.

About 10% of the population has a reproductive strategy that will never succeed because they're doing it with the same gender. That alone should tell you that normal variation is going to outweigh differences in statistical averages. If that's not enough, consider that multiple times throughout history women have been able to join the military pretending to be men and not get found out for months or years.

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The TLDR was for you (or another reader), not for me. I DR.

Your comment is the first I've heard of Roman court records existing. That's neither in the Wikipedia article nor in anything I've come across. Where is your source for these records existing? If they exist and are genuine, the citation I gave would be intellectually dishonest for not dealing with them, and I'll have to revisit my conclusions.

Your argument that I should believe no one ever existed is a strawman; the evidence for Jesus's existence (assuming we don't have court records -- somebody should add that to the Wikipedia article; between us, you should do the honors) is about on par with other legendary figures. I'm skeptical that Jesus, King Arthur, Odysseus, or Aeneus ever existed. Pilate, on the other hand, we have direct archeological evidence for, so there was some guy named Pilate who administered Judaea. There was also a guy named Julius Caesar who became dictator of Rome and was then assassinated by some senators. There's lots of people in history we can be 99.9% sure existed. Jesus of Nazareth isn't one of them.

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And you should learn to look past appeals to authority and study the actual subjects of your interest. The giant flaming box at the top of the wiki page saying, "The neutrality of this article is disputed" should have been your first clue to dig a little deeper:

TLDR version: We've got Tacitus incorrectly parroting the Christian myth saying that "Christus" was crucified. We know he was just parroting what Christians told him or the authorities, and did not actually verify the tale, because "Christus" was not a correct name for Jesus, so the Roman archives wouldn't have his crucifixion recorded under that name, so he couldn't have verified the story. We also have an obviously inauthentic passage by Josephus. It may be forged, as THE ORIGINAL PROTESTANTS THOUGHT THE CATHOLICS DID, or it may be a mistakenly inserted marginal/interlinear note, which was a common form of transcription corruption.

And that's it. That's all that ties Jesus to history. To me it's not much better than nothing. And there are also positive arguments, not just negative ones, against Jesus's historicity, which I won't get into here. But Tacitus and the (inauthentic, but apologists argue only partially inauthentic) Josephus passage are just enough that, if you're an apologist, you can scrape together a fig leaf from it that other apologists might believe. I guess they have to. After all, their imaginary friend has to have been real, right?

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Some feminists do sometimes make absurd arguments any accusation of rape should be believed, but the standard in any court is still reasonable doubt. Almost certainly, a smart woman trying to make a rape accusation against a long-time partner stick would admit to the prior relationship because attempting to deny it would destroy all her credibility.

Then, it would come down to he said / she said. You'd probably want to introduce evidence indicating why all of a sudden your girlfriend is claiming you raped her. Evidence of any mental disorders she had would probably be admissible. Details of her prior sexual history would likely be admissible (see why many actual rapes might be unreported?). If you cheated on her and she found out, you'd want to introduce evidence of that. If you recently broke up with her, you'd want to introduce evidence of that. Anything that might give her a motivation to make a false accusation against you to hurt you.

If she all of a sudden, with no motivation whatsoever, claimed you raped her, then you might be in trouble, because why the hell would she do that? On the other hand, you might not be, because why the hell would you rape someone you routinely had consensual sex with anyway? The answer is that rape's not really sexual, it's more extreme bullying / wanting to dominate someone. So you'd want character witnesses that you're a nice guy and that she's a vindictive asshole.

Either way, in a trial like that, both your names would likely be dragged through the mud in public. It would be a nightmare for both of you. And, since he said / she said usually isn't enough for "beyond reasonable doubt", she'd probably lose. This is the basis for the claim that many rapes go unreported. It's probably true. Why would a rational, self-interested person want to drag her own name through the mud to hurt someone else? The only reasons for doing something like that would be to be vindictive -- "I don't care if I get hurt too as long as he does!" -- and altruistic -- "I want to stop him from hurting anyone else." For most people, both of these motivations are better for driving actions of minor consequence than actions of major consequence.

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If you've been going out a while, you'll have probably been in a restaurant together more than once.

Anything can be faked. Nothing is 100%. But your position is ridiculous. People used to get married by living together and telling other people they were married, and after a while the state would agree they were married even though there was no official record of it. Courts look at evidence to determine facts, and there would be evidence of a prior relationship if it existed. Claims that you faked all the evidence and all the witnesses were lying would be discounted unless there was evidence that was the case.

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No proof that someone is your long-term girlfriend?

Restaurant receipts if you go Dutch and both pay by credit card. Phone records. Facebook relationship status. Instant messenger logs. And, most importantly, witnesses, because presumably you do stuff together with other people and hold yourselves out to be a couple, or at least TOLD YOUR FRIENDS you were dating someone, and the girl's name.

Think about it. With any kind of normal romantic relationship, you could prove you're going out if you needed to.

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If she weighs the same as a duck, then she's made of wood, and therefore? .... A WITCH!

Let's not do that, mmmkay? Someone does outrageous/illegal things at a conference, it's a matter for security, just like everywhere else. Political litmus tests for conference attendees is bound to end poorly.

We're not the Amish. We don't shun people. And here's how being Amish is working out for the Amish:

PS this was an analogy like your Scotsman one. I think Amish subculture and self-isolation is terribly unhealthy, but I have nothing against them as people. I've seen either Amish or Mennonites many times at Chicago Union Station and they seemed nice enough.

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"His point" is either paranoid lunacy, or he engages or would like to engage in casual sex a lot with women who may have an impaired ability to consent at the time. It's paranoid lunacy to think your fiance or long-term girlfriend is all of a sudden going to turn around and say you raped her, unless you do that. It's also very unlikely she could make the rape charge stick if she tried, unless you did that (there would be defensive wounds if you actually did rape her). Still, if you think there's any chance she'll try, you might want to get another girlfriend.

The casual sex part is if you go around trolling bars for one-night stands, and you have sex with someone who could barely walk to the bed at the time, you might get charged with rape, because what you did was maybe rape and definitely predatory and wrong.

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