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Comment: Re:So much for Debian 8, then... (Score 1) 338

by Improv (#49210913) Attached to: Google Chrome Requires TSYNC Support Under Linux

"Accept this kernel patch because some web browser unwisely introduced a dependency on a kernel feature two years before it would be sane to do so"

"That's crazy, hell no"

I think you've misidentified the side that's in the wrong here. Software developers, when they see a new feature in some library they use or in a kernel or whatever, should be thinking "That'll be nice to use someday, I'll start playing with it in a bit, make it an option in a year if that's workable, and maybe make it a dependency in two years". Deciding "OMG yes NOW NOW NOW" is moronic.

Comment: Re:Bill Nye, the Dogma Guy! (Score 1) 681

by Improv (#49111425) Attached to: Bill Nye Disses "Regular" Software Writers' Science Knowledge

Are you really going to be confused by the words that have been borrowed from other activities for lack of more appropriate terms? Look at the structure of how science happens - the interplay between research departments and funding sources, the role of reputation and qualification, the peer review system, the metrics of empiricism, testability, reproducibility, and follow-up studies, and reinterpretations of conclusions. It's a complicated, powerful, and beautiful process but it has no resemblance to debate.

Comment: Violating airspace is all the rage (Score 1) 175

by Improv (#49017777) Attached to: Hobbyists Selling Tesla Coil Kits To Fund Drone Flight Over North Korea

It doesn't seem prudent to be figuring out ways to violate another country's airspace unless wants to actually be at war with them. I wouldn't want to comment on the merits of war with North Korea per se, but at least from the perspective of maintaining peace and a normal international order, nations generally expect to have their borders respected, and they take responsibility to control their citizens enough to make sure they don't violate the borders of their neighbours.

Comment: Probably not... (Score 5, Insightful) 136

by Improv (#49011001) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is There a Web Development Linux Distro?

Not everyone configures this stuff the same way, and new versions of software would mean you'd need to change this tuning all the time. Plus, you'd likely need to know all the tuning anyhow in case you need to debug or adjust it. Your best solution probably is not going to hope for a distro so much as baking yourself an image (or install script, or chef/puppet/ansible recipeset, or similar) and using it to build these systems for you. A custom distro wouldn't make sense.

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