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Comment Re:10 Mbits isn't enough (Score 1) 280

when i was first shown the internet, real player was capable of streaming right over a dial-up connection. granted you were getting 320x240 video streams. and this was on a Macintosh classic. but wikipedia denies the dates, saying real player was invented much later. that school had fiber optics to the universities where they could basically do face time with fancy hardware.

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Journal Journal: i would like to have some sort of job...

I am interested in finding a day job. I have requirements... nothing that will lose all my benefits from SSA. This means i will do unpaid internship to 'test' my skills, besides the routine testing that goes along with living life. however, i need a 'plan b' option in case the SSA decides i don't need my benefits. I will work virtual, and have both sides (linux and windows) machines and knowledge as a basic user. I would prefer to stay in MN, WI, or ND. though TN, and FL, are possible reloc

Comment Re:I don't see the point (Score 1) 198

why use a smartphone and have 'tunnel vision' when for a little more money dual 5k screens dedicated to games is currently vaporware, but if the tv networks can have thousands of screens, there is the possibility of military options for a 210 degree by 130degree VR Headset.

Comment Re:Short answer? (Score 1) 190
there are other cities with public wifi too, but off hand i recall SF uses 5ghz directional to carry the 2.4ghz hotspot around the city, the internet archive also has input into the building of the network, as they did it with their own 100 mbit link prior to the city doing it. this is all from memory so if i'm wrong i'm wrong.

Comment Re:Here's an obvious power saving solution... (Score 2) 207

even with all solid capacitors running a machine 24/7 will cause the caps to pop in just 8-10 years (average) instead of 40 years (if run 8 hrs a day) the theoretical problem of soldier point failures is like saying 'oh i never shut off my car because it has to be the right climate and i never know when i will want to use it, plus the strain on the electronics and climate control from a cold start'

Comment Re:Watch out (Score 1) 158

to think instead of skynet launching a nuclear strike, the instead will make our fridges burn out, tie up our comm networks, say they're obsolete every 18 months, make our toast have colored sprinkles when we ordered them plain, and will refuse to accept our credit cards because we didn't entire the pin number fast enough. oh yeah, and a few more rads of exposure every 18 months as they invent new standards of communication.

Comment windows 10 is kinda rough yet. (Score 1) 2

so far i've migrated all the windows machines i have left. it repeatedly 'refreshes' the icons. like as if it was looking for updated applications every 2 minutes. it took away a few programs on the machines i installed it to, but i don't use them anyway so i'm not worried about that. the machines it did that on have more software than what i actually use anyways. but yeah it feels very early and rushed attempt at making an os. the new menu is nice, performance is better than 7 and 8.1 but load time went up significantly. i have not had the driver issues others have complained about, and for multiple screens it now defaults to having a start menu on every display, which before you had to manually add one then drag it to the desktop without a task bar/menu bar.

Comment 'would you just blow in this for me?' (Score 1) 178

auto locks mandated by courts for repeat drunk drivers doesn't stop friends, neighbors, strangers, children, spouses from blowing into the little device that prevents drunk usage. so if it doesn't work for cars then it isn't going to work for bikes. i bet one could even teach a dog how to blow into the breathalyzer.

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