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Journal Journal: watching my packet data...

i found a lot of browsing traffic. used wireshark of course, most was news sites and slashdot. This hardware does not trust linux. i know i tried to see if i could get it installed when i was on vacation. I still have two linux machines, though. plus tablets. the head games are getting hard though. I found myself trying to make a decision and would turn back and forth trying to decide what to do. I did start reading again on my tablet. I also have been streaming video. My doctor said 15 minu

Comment Re:Inflation? (Score 0) 674

Why do you think doing nothing is so bad? If your society treasures data troves then you need people to view and store data on the important subjects. Tasking this only to libraries and schools and corporations is not distributed enough. Libraries burn down. Schools are too focused on education. Corporations are driven by stress crazed lunatics. So, peer to peer data troves, run by people on dole sharing the programs they found useful takes away a lot of stress and fear of forgeting things. The corporations have given us a walled garden called Hulu where the diff clips are used to capture the info and language for English viewers to disseminate broadcast streams into usable text. Some people enjoy the riddles, and some people like stress, but peer to peer is meant to be part of civilization. Computers have memory leaks, and a basic income gives people who want to sit at home and record information on topics and not need cars or trains or buses the freedom to learn and educate. There are more to life than to work at structured environments. I have seen many people lose their mind playing games and letting hackers touch their files. Would a basic income really do us harm? It is not like the corporations are playing it safe with the future of earth.

Submission + - Jailbreaking Amnesty Declared by Library of Congress (

retroworks writes: A petition backed by Electronic Frontier Foundation, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, and IFixit has been heard and endorsed by the Library of Congress, and for the next three years DCMA is not enforceable. You can hack devices you own. This applies to automobiles, cell phones, video games, tablets, and other devices previously guarded under DCMA.

From the EFF Press Release, "The Librarian of Congress has granted security researchers and others the right to inspect and modify the software in their cars and other vehicles, despite protests from vehicle manufacturers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed the request for software access as part of the complex, triennial rulemaking process that determines exemptions from Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)."

Victory! (But.... Now what happens when VW emmissions software gets open sourced?)

Comment Re:Non-issue (Score 1) 169

amazon's app may crash, but android has a lot of good apps including the GPLed FBReader which while it is gpl'ed it doesn't do DRM. this leaves projects like project gutenberg gutenburg has a lot of old books. however beware, some public domain works like 'a princess of mars' have been converted into movies by disney (john carter is the movie version)

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Journal Journal: yo i have been having issues.

six week vacation so i played advance wars Dual Strike, i also got the 'golden sun' rpg for ds, and a couple other games. sleep cycle been all over the map, went to a few fast foods that promptly got a lobby repair and a broken drinking fountain. this is why you don't yell 'change nothing' into a command prompt when a polymorphic virus that has spread via the internet to infect the entire cluster oh, come off it you guys lie too, but my head is fucked up and i wanted it 'fixed' cause replayin

Comment Re:10 Mbits isn't enough (Score 1) 280

when i was first shown the internet, real player was capable of streaming right over a dial-up connection. granted you were getting 320x240 video streams. and this was on a Macintosh classic. but wikipedia denies the dates, saying real player was invented much later. that school had fiber optics to the universities where they could basically do face time with fancy hardware.

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Journal Journal: i would like to have some sort of job...

I am interested in finding a day job. I have requirements... nothing that will lose all my benefits from SSA. This means i will do unpaid internship to 'test' my skills, besides the routine testing that goes along with living life. however, i need a 'plan b' option in case the SSA decides i don't need my benefits. I will work virtual, and have both sides (linux and windows) machines and knowledge as a basic user. I would prefer to stay in MN, WI, or ND. though TN, and FL, are possible reloc

Comment Re:I don't see the point (Score 1) 198

why use a smartphone and have 'tunnel vision' when for a little more money dual 5k screens dedicated to games is currently vaporware, but if the tv networks can have thousands of screens, there is the possibility of military options for a 210 degree by 130degree VR Headset.

"I've finally learned what `upward compatible' means. It means we get to keep all our old mistakes." -- Dennie van Tassel