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Comment: Re:ISTR hearing something about that... (Score 1) 159

by kesuki (#49515597) Attached to: New PCIe SSDs Load Games, Apps As Fast As Old SATA Drives

my single point of reference is that SSD's while fast, are actually too fast for some video transcoders. (I have converted tape to DVD and Blu-ray with my computer before) it actually caused a bug that would crash the system when i was using an older, but functional tool to convert video, and for transcoding video IO is a factor as the processor can write out data faster if the CPU can keep up with the transcode (for instance doing 600 FPS of transcoding with simultaneous audio muxing i think it's called, to keep the video and audio in sync with each other) if only i had a video transcoder that uses graphic cards i could probably saturate a SSD when considering that an 8 core cpu is only doing 600 fps and a 2048 stream processing unit gpu should be much much faster.

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Journal: yet another hint as to why MS-DOS is the pariah of the computer universe. 1

Journal by kesuki

when a n00b copied a file to a dos machine that being did not understand that 'ban proliferation' would be appended to nab.efilorp . this cause much confusion since 'proliferation of nuclear technology' and 'prolife' are not the same thing except when giant, atomic powered robots are trying to make giant atomic powered babies.

Comment: Re:Many times, newer is actually better. (Score 1) 6

by kesuki (#49473757) Attached to: One year since XP OEL.

Why would everyone have used Trojan horses to hack the overlords and get money? i mean if you were gonna go that time stream, why not have a car too? saving all the resources the overlords provide you with is kinda silly since the overlords will eventually hack your own brain stem and make you stop breathing and turn you into Oscar Meyer weaners.

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Journal: I was inspired to write the words below.

Journal by kesuki

One Philosophy I would like to resurrect it that of the beginning and end of the 'world.' Whenever a Life begins it is the creation of a world. Whenever a Life ends it is the end of a world. This is the many worlds theory. In the wheel of time it says there are neither beginnings nor ends to the 'wheel' of time. This is a Great lie.

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Journal: explaining life.

Journal by kesuki

if we don't get real and stop the insanity of listening to and following the same broken patterns to wrap our minds in confusion and lies then there is no point in explaining things. i don't need meat but i do need fluids, materials, and energy. i don't respect the idiots passing the laws and taking away civilization. i do respect peoples beliefs. beliefs are programming for the mind.

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Journal: working to fix a 9 year old computer for someone, need advice... 3

Journal by kesuki

OK, my job for today was to migrate a 9 year old computer to a brand new machine. Problem is i made a mistake and thought i had paid for an OS, well i hadn't. i already made an 11GB .mig 'migration' file using M.U.S.T.

i have access to the old machine and the new machine. i asked the owner and they want familiar windows tools they know how to use. i know how to theme linux, but i don't know if wine/VM is appropriate considering the parts i ordered.

System going down at 1:45 this afternoon for disk crashing.