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Way back in the now closed Sarkeesian thread, you made the claim that she made up the threats and that there was no police report.

Yes, this is off-topic as crap. Why are you harassing me? It's pretty douchey on your part.

I looked at the woman's history, and she is a confirmed liar and publicity hound. I NEVER claimed she made up the threats, ONLY that without confirmation her word alone is not credible.

the SFPD has made it clear that Sarkeesian reported exactly the threats she said she did, do you acknowledge you're wrong?

I would acknowledge that credible evidence exists that she did, in fact, file a police report, if you were to post a link to some credible source of the report. Or am I supposed to simply accept your word for it? As for acknowledging that I'm wrong - what I said is still not wrong (but it is not relevant if there is a police report). What's wrong is your characterization of what I said. Will you acknowledge that?

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It's just a marketing ploy to get the American people to go along with war with Syria, taking out Assad, propping up the Petro-Dollar and controlling the pipelines. The whole "Assad regime uses nerve gas" ploy didn't work, so this is the next attempt. And the dumbed-down, media-controlled masses are falling for it.

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Well it's good that something is done about law enforcement misusing their powers, but I can't help feeling that the (morally, if not legally) right solution would be to let the child porn conviction stand but to bring a charge against the agent who was misusing his powers.

The law does not allow that type of sanction. When law enforcement abuses their power to make an arrest, the only remedy available to the courts or the defendant is to throw out the conviction. It's intended to ensure law enforcement ... obeys the law. When they exceed their authority, they are generally immune from prosecution when in the course of duty. Only things like excessive use of force and civil rights violations can be prosecuted, and even that requires proof of intent.

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The evidence was thrown out because he was convicted of and illegally broad search, which included people not related to the military. Didn't you even read the title??? For once, the good guys win.

No, there were no winners in this one. Child Pornographers were set free without prosecution because the investigators clearly don't give a crap about following the law themselves. The excessive surveillance was so shocking to the conscience that they will even allow child pornographers to go free. Bad guys on all sides, and nobody wins.

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I'm going to have to pass on any diet that includes raw chicken.

Sorry, I guess I described it wrong. Foods were added back to the diet slowly, from only raw fruits and vegetables and nuts to cooked foods like some brown rice, squash, to eventually adding cooked meats, starting with chicken and eventually beef. This was always organically-raised, pasture-fed chicken and grass-fed and finished beef. Cooking was done very carefully, ensuring meats are cooked to a safe temperature. Of course, eating raw chicken is VERY dangerous for ANYONE!!!

I'm also very skeptical of the claim that drinking juice has any benefits that aren't present in just eating whatever the juice came from. Bottled juices are convenient because of the shelf life. If you're sticking a fresh item into a juicer you could have gotten all the same benefits by just sticking it directly in your mouth. Your stomach liquifies everything anyway.

If you're getting juice from a bottle, it's been pasteurized (cooked), which means it doesn't have the same nutrients. The fresher the food is, the more nutrients it contains. Cooking to the high temperatures required for canning (bottle) destroys a lot of essential nutrients. And I'm afraid you're wrong that just eating it outright results in the same ability to absorb nutrients from food. Birds feed their babies pre-digested food because it is easier to digest. Juicing breaks down the cells and makes the food easier to absorb, and it provides a denser amount of nutrients meaning you can take in more raw juiced food than you can eat whole.

If you've got a GI disorder that prevents you from digesting or eliminating then you'll need to be on clear fluids and IV but for non-GI disorders the rest of your body doesn't care whether the food was solid or liquid when it entered your mouth. Either way it was broken down into its fundamental constituents before it passed into your bloodstream.

The human body doesn't have a "on/off" switch in the GI tract that allows it to work perfectly or not at all. It's a very complicated ecosystem requiring symbiotic relationships with various types of bacteria and phages. It's a delicate balance. malabsorption syndrome runs the gambit from a single nutrient can't be absorbed to what you've described where almost all nutrients pass through without the body being able to process them. For instance, pernicious anemia is often caused lack of the ability to absorb vitamin B12. You may be able to absorb everything else, but this single malabsorption issue can cause lots of problems, and is often misdiagnosed. There are many others commonly recognized.

The assertion that everything you eat is "Either way it was broken down into its fundamental constituents" simply shows a fundamental misunderstanding of nutrition. Sure, that happens before it enters your bloodstream, but the process getting to that point is very complex, and if nutrients you need are simply passing through, or are being used up by the wrong mix of bacteria and phages in your gut, it can cause all kinds of health issues.

Juicing raw foods can help, as can the process of the raw food cleanse that can help purge overgrowth of bacteria that can cause issues. Here is some information on the benefits of juicing your food vs. simply eating it raw. And if you're really interested in finding out why a bottled juice is not going to provide the same benefits as fresh foods juiced and consumed immediately, this article lays it out pretty well.

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Gluten is a core component of bread, something people have been eating for thousands of years.

That ignores the fact that for most of that time, bread was made from different types of grain. The wheat that we use today is a dwarf wheat with very high yield. It was developed through selective breeding in the 1950's (Norman Borlaug was awarded a Nobel prize for his work), and is significantly different, genetically, than anything available before. Ancient wheats, that grew wild, had 14 chromosome, while spelt (bread wheat ancestor) is a hexaploid wheat with 42 chromosome.

I'm not making the claim that somehow all that makes modern wheat inherently bad or dangerous, but you can't claim people have been eating it "for thousands of years", that's just not true. And there have been many other changes to diet in that time as well, including a massive increase in the number of foods that INCLUDE wheat-based processed ingredient. Check the packages on the foods you eat some time.

Personally, I am a big believer in the "paleo" diets, I think they are the healthiest way to eat. And they don't include bread.

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I came to my understanding faced with an incurable terminal illness. We were planning for the funeral until I decided to try to do my own research and try nutritional treatments. It was a truly stunning and miraculous transformation. The disease is still there, and death will come, but it's many years off now, not just a few months, the oxygen tanks are gone because they aren't needed any more, and life has real QUALITY now, even though there are a few things I still can't do.

Good for you. So... care to give us your disease and specifics of treatment for any fellow sufferers who might benefit from them?

The diagnosis was Pulmonary Fibrosis. It was complicated by existing COPD and eventually a diagnosis of emphysema. I should point out that the nutrition approach was tried only AFTER all traditional treatments have failed. There is no cure available for any of these, and the treatment was primarily massive doses of steroids, both oral and inhaled, as well as supplemental oxygen. The side effects from the steroids became too intolerable to continue that treatment, considering the very limited amount benefit.

The nutrition treatment started with a detoxifying cleanse, which involved cutting out all solid food and using only juices made from raw foods, starting with coconut oil, lots of organic vegetables (spinach, micro greens, celery, fruits, etc.). Then slowly adding solid food, starting with only raw foods. It took a couple of months to work up to eating chicken again.

There are 3 books, and a shit-ton of Internet articles we used to come up with the treatment plan. The books were The Juice Lady by Cherie Calom, MS CN Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life. Natural Therapies for Emphysema and COPD by Robert J Green Jr., ND Overnight Liver Cleanse & Detox Diet by Avery Scott

I still avoid all grains (except sprouted grains and seeds), as well as all legumes. Refined sugar is also out. Here's a post that covers a good deal about the foods currently in our diet, some of which took several months to work up to. The main thing is to stick to all raw foods until the toxins are cleared up.

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You might also want to check out Nine Foods, and a couple of books you can read are The Juice Lady by Cherie Calom, MS CN Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life, as well as Natural Therapies for Emphysema and COPD by Robert J Green Jr., ND, which is more specific for my issue.

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Not a nutritionist, I'm now under the care of a naturapathic doctor (yes, a practicing MD). There are a number of factors involved, candida overgrowth being a primary one, as well as other parasites I learned to recognize in my stools, although none that the traditional doctors ever suggested testing for (maybe they can't). Believe it or not, there are fungus infections that affect the human body and can cause all kinds of health issues. There were also issues of malabsorbtion of nutrients which supplements and change in diet has helped to correct. The treatment all started with a raw food cleanse over 10 days, and struggling through a lot of pain as my body worked to heal itself, and then efforts were toward building up my immune system.

The "Grain Belly" is a good place to start to understand the principles. You're absolutely right that these are personalized regimes, but when I see people struggling with weight or the types of chronic issues that I know from my experience that a change in diet can fix, I can't help but proselytize about my own journey.

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