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User Journal

kesuki's Journal: stevia as a psychotropic drug. 2

Journal by kesuki

there are 2 common factors between 2006 and 2008. the first is stress from playing video games competitively online. the second is stevia. it's possible that taking stevia in sugar quantities acts a psychotropic drug.

since it's only sold as a herbal remedy there is no oversight on how it's made, or the long term dangers of using it. yeah yeah, stress can induce mental illness, but i had way less stress, but the same quantity of stevia.

now, the stevia by itself isn't the sole cause, i had relapses with no stevia drinkage on a different medicine, so i assume that my stress fracture from getting to lvl 29 or so on the ladder...(actual level might have varied)

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stevia as a psychotropic drug.

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