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by kesuki (#48460337) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

lets see, how long has global warming been a danger? i see many 1980's pop culture from teenage mutant ninja turtles to star trek the next generation... the 1980s was when USA jumped the shark and said let corporations do anything with as little government oversight and as much subsidies for use of energy as they could do... there has already been decades of climate change evidence. if not centuries. when london started using massive amounts of coal and industrialization there was plenty of concern over what industrialization was doing but since i am not familiar with pop culture of that region at that time i have no links to share.

but i am going to go there, the bible is the oldest known climate change book that i am aware of. the noah story. god flooded the world, due to anger at humanity for being sinful. or perhaps global warming was a known danger even then and the warnings became legends in the bible.

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by kesuki (#48459471) Attached to: Sony Pictures Computer Sytems Shut Down After Ransomware Hack

"First see if Disney offers a discount on a new copy with the exchange of a broken authentic disc."

and disney is so going to have an amazon sized warehouse just to replace broken discs for no or low prices.

streaming is an alternative but the companies doing this need rights to content to stream it, and this means loads of cash and complex hardware to store exobytes of data and superfast internet...

compared to making a HTPC that plays video containers made from dvds is better. they only need a usb wireless keyboard/mouse which is cheap to replace when they break it, and for under $300 you can build a multi terrabyte htpc that will use all open source (handbrake to rip, vlc or mplayer or insert software package here to play) and since you are using open source there is no worry about it being defective by design like a ps3 etc. i don't know if the interface to a linux htpc is child friendly haven't had a chance to build one yet, but worst case they ask you for a movie and you play it for them til they are old enough to do it themselves. this is why you have a legal right to make backups. even if the same software can be used to pirate movies. they don't ban gun ownership everywhere and even when they do the criminals still get the guns so legal movie ripping is better than dystopian efforts to regulate backups into non existence for the corporate profit machine...

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chickens are omnivores. they eat everything, grass, bugs, other chickens if they get bloodlust... they will even eat dirt and fecal material... my uncle raises his own chickens and feeds them with some feed and garden greens...

there is also a neat organic chicken method where they are in a moveable, large area cage, which forces them to eat grass and dirt, which they usually avoid as they seek bugs as primary food... it takes grass 7 days to recover from this organic feeding method so you don't need a huge area to do it in. the reason old farms had no problem with bugs was by making the chickens free range in farmland and they would seek shelter (hen house) and without fences you just need a dog or two to keep the chickens on your land... true factory farms produce eggs faster but it is more resource heavy than local farming practices. which we know are sustainable because we have old villages where at one point people were subsistence farming.

they claim you don't need dogs, but dogs also deter chicken raiding foxes or wolves.

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by kesuki (#48446937) Attached to: Alva Noe: Don't Worry About the Singularity, We Can't Even Copy an Amoeba

there is a very important thing to consider.

that the reason computers seem so slow at somethings like ai is because we are already inside a singularity, and that as entities inside the construct have no way to 'meet' the intelligence of our singular mind. to create a true singularity from within a true singularity would be akin to rewriting the whole thing and as the singularity we have no way to overwrite our existence except to die and rejoin it. assuming the developers designed it that way.

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by kesuki (#48400811) Attached to: Preview Jaunt's Made-for-VR 360 Degree, 3D Short Films

3d tv was a dud because tv sets were in a bubble. it takes at least 10 years for someone to want to replace a perfectly fine tv set. 3d films are expensive are large enough that many of the 3d bluray are unable to use a single disc. flash memory is up to 128 GB in sd card format which makes it about as capable as a quad layer blu ray. 360 degree degree 3d films are huge on resources to create and store, though gpus can render worlds in realtime saving the need to store them, but rather to store the bookmarks for lack of a better word that allow hardware to recreate the computer generated vision. . lugging around a 6tb hdd to fit a few movies when lossy 1080p can use around 2.5 gb per layer and thus fit 400 films per terrabyte or 200 3d films, or perhaps fit 33 movies with annoying fisheye lenses that maybe can be software corrected... keep in mind i assumed fisheye and heavily lossy, and i didn't assume 4k or 8k resolutions. so really you can fit 1 movie on a 1 tb hdd. keep in mind the tablet and smartphone movement has made powerful computers something only corporations are allowed to own, there won't be general purpouse computers capable of handling all the data in all the right places to make this work. we need sustainable tech, using cardboard and a smartphone to make a 3d cinema is neat, and perhaps a step in the right direction, towards sustainability, but some of us want to be able to customize the interface however we like it, and if i can have a 8 channel tuner and 8 virtual 60 inch tv sets, with selectable audio like the football channel on direct tv, then a 3d headset capable of that is far more sustainable than buying 8 tv sets or buying two 4k 120" sets side by side...

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by kesuki (#48392079) Attached to: Mathematics Great Alexander Grothendieck Dies At 86

"What criteria would you apply to these people to designate them as "insane", and what behaviour would you change about them to fix it? (And how do measure such a change so that you can tell when they're no longer insane?)"

using windows on a network constitutes as crazy. the change is when they realize we need truly free software, the four freedoms. trying to run the world on windows or macos or android all with the corporation as a benevolent dictator is not good enough. slaves to your corporate masters is no better than joining a cult where the leader is 'divine' and if he asks you to cut your throat you ask when and with what...

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"Nvidia plays the game every bit as dirty as Intel. In this case, Nvidia has created something called 'GAMEWORKS'- a proprietary closed-source library of routines specifically designed to collapse the performance of games on AMD hardware (or older Nvidia hardware). Nvidia pays shills to counter information like this in forums like this one, so let me give you one example."

every company in existance is dirty, can't double the number of billionaires if people aren't overpaying for what they recieve. personally i run amd hardware have been for a long time. recently i built a desktop i picked an 8 core model i used whatever hardware i could find and the system ran at about $1,000 in parts. the chip i used was the last no gpu on die 8 core processor (really 4 physical with 4 logical cores) the only thing i could run that lit all the dark silicon was bitcoin mining. but even so, amd's new chip generation was a shocking dissapointment for me, as they were noticablly slower than the previous generation. the world is full of liers and cheats... i tried a nvidia card a while back and it was incompatible with microsoft aero, the previous attempt to buy an nvidia was too short a chip for the heatsink in an asus brand nvidia... so i see no reason to ever buy an nvidia again, i am not a schill when i say nvidia is not the only laying cheater out there, i will never own another nvidia.

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by kesuki (#48389695) Attached to: Ubisoft Points Finger At AMD For Assassin's Creed Unity Poor Performance

"Unity is playing bad on the PC because they're issuing 50k draw calls on DX11."

yeah well robbing the game addicted of their hard earned money isn't easy when DX12 is not on windows7 but is on windows 8.1 . microsoft is the only winner out of this scene.

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by kesuki (#48389565) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Non-USB Flash Direct From China Safe?

"who remembers all the acronyms?" if the first page does not have it then try if wiki fails you or has too many acronyms on one page then ask the author if they can be reached.

oh no, sdxc chips all use exfat and are limited to 4 gb for a single file, meaning a dvd iso won't fit. the sdhc was 2 gb files so it went up but not enough and according to wikipedia "SDXC adopts Microsoft's exFAT file system as a mandatory feature." i have xc cards already but if the hardware itself won't let you format to say zfs then there isn't much i can do about it...

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by kesuki (#48383395) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Unblock Email From My Comcast-Hosted Server?

"It may be that when one users complains, they block ALL email from your server; not just mail to the complaining account holder."

this is not always true, one of yahoo's partners was once accidently flagged as spam when i was cleaning house... that service then became blocked for about 3 months, then the messages started coming back, then rinse repeat every 3 months. near as i can tell everyone else got their messages from the yahoo partner company despite me having one time accidently flagged them as spam. there is no way to unflag spam(that i know of) and i don't feel like trying to unsubscribe and resubscribe..

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by kesuki (#48343349) Attached to: There's No Such Thing As a General-Purpose Processor

"Of course general purpose CPUs exist, simply because we call them that way."

the wisdom of those real world coders gone from this world is thus. a jack of all trades, is a master of none.

this means simply that a general purpose FPGA that can modulate it's functions can do a lot of different things but not at the same time, and in etched hardware the trade off is having dark silicon for all the tasks a true jack of all trades cpu can do.

for instance, when i was doing video games all day the more games i played in diveresity made it harder for me to 'master' a game. but the one game i mastered i could play at the 1% level rank of 800 out of 1000 on a game ladder. and because doing the same thing over and over made me good, i rebelled a bit and would have to rotate my build orders and strategy selection, though i once took a good undead vs human 1v1 staretegy that requires building an item shop first and when the necesary tech of the item carry ability is done to send the ghoul out hunting the enemy base, equiped with a rod of necromancy for the hero and pick your best mercenary hero, i used tinker. then you focus on killing one militia and try not to let the ghoul die and use the rod of necromancy and a pocket factory to harass, only a human who goes fast footmen with a MK can beat this strategy so i took it to 13:1 after which i got bored with it.

anyways what i mean is because i played so long and hard i got really good at the game. but i like a fpga had to map the circuits to get it to work. i had issues and quit playing games, though not forever. i played the game again a bit later and it took me a full month to get back to doing the same gameplay at my highest level, but then i quit it was too hard on me. i am very much like a fpga in that my functions can be practiced until i am good at them/set the optimal gate array, unlike a fpga the base ability to do stuff takes time for the programming to work right. even then i was only 800 or so of 1000 ranked players. (at the time they had around 30,000 players for the game online durring normal usage times) like a fpga i was reoptomized for whatever i was doing, and so had a memory effect at the tasks i repeated frequently.

anyways, a jack of all trades is unable to truly master something, that is the trade off for designing a chip to be that way, you can make a processor that does one thing well like gpus, you can have a fpga if you anticipate needs to switch its abilities, or you can make proper dark silicon that is switched on only when calls for that function are anticipated/occur. so really a general processing unit does exist and it is just inferior to specialty designs, because of how it is built to do everything a processing unit need might based on predictions of how a person will use it.

in other words a dark silicon design is like a RV it can drive it can be slept in it can tow a car if needed and has a toilet and stuff, they cram everything you need in one box albeit at a price. of being bigger to accomadate anticipated needs. a fpga is like an autobot in the shape of a smaller rv, in that it can reconfigure itself to the needs and thus is lighter and more compact than the dark silicon. finally there is the gpu version this is not an autobot nor a rv but rather a car with a rocket on it's back. it takes you from home to shop etc, but at speeds the autobots and the rvs can only dream of (ignoring the possibility of spaceships/starscream), but it can't do everything else it is only able to move you fast from point a to point b.

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