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Comment: Re:Free market escapades! (Score 1) 60

by HiThere (#47802043) Attached to: China Gives Microsoft 20 Days To Respond To Competition Probe

Imagined? I doubt that. From what I read in the summary it sounded like they were pissed off when their old programs couldn't read the new file format. To me that sounds fair. I don't think very highly of breaking backwards compatibility. It's occasionally necessary, but extremely more rarely than it is done. Usually it seems a strategy to force a purchase of new versions. And to me that sounds like abuse of a dominant market position. (I'd say abuse of monopoly, but somebody always thinks that means there aren't any competitors.)

Comment: Re:Why are the Ukrainians using facebook? (Score 1) 195

by Opportunist (#47800757) Attached to: Ukraine Asks Zuckerberg to Discipline Kremlin Facebook Bots

Yes, people found listeners because the listeners were looking. Because they HAD TO look.

Today, no looking is needed. If you build a small burger joint at the corner and you're the only one in town, people will eventually come to you. If McD opens a branch at every other corner, nobody needs to seek you out.

Comment: Re:Simple (Score 1) 610

by hairyfeet (#47798713) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?
So let me get this straight...I can spend $200+ on thumbsticks that I will most likely never see again, or buy a 50 pack of blank DVDs off of Newegg for $6...hmmm....sorry, not really a hard choice pal. Not to mention how the hell am I gonna reproduce 20 thumbsticks when I need to hand out Windows updates to customers whose net is dodgy or who have shitty captastic cellular net? With DVD I simply push the "make another copy" button and tell it how many I want, then I can just slap in another disc when the drawer opens and not even pay attention to am I supposed to do that with thumbsticks?

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by hairyfeet (#47798689) Attached to: Microsoft Shutting Down MSN Messenger After 15 Years of Service

Yeah and believe me a lot of people were PISSED, as Skype really is a piss poor replacement. On a positive note many of those left for other services, thus showing what I've said all along that Steve Ballmer was a cancer upon MSFT and brought nothing but dwindling numbers and failure with him. Hell if the rumors are true the only reason they were able to get Win 7 out the door without him shitting all over it was he was busy squirting the zune on all the talk circuits (boy THAT worked well) and couldn't be arsed with the flagship product.

So here's hoping that the new guy has a brain, a market with only Apple and Google doesn't sound very nice to me as it would probably be locked down and online only and at least with MSFT you can skip versions you don't like.

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by Opportunist (#47796729) Attached to: Ukraine Asks Zuckerberg to Discipline Kremlin Facebook Bots

I think you give the average FB user far too much credit. It's going to be as usual. Everyone will complain just what kind of un-American asshole or whatever other negative attribute can be mustered FB in general and Zuckerberg in particular is, and the indignation will last exactly until whatever browser game is currently all the craze on FB and their plants need watering, their zombies need feeding or their castles need building.

Face it. People don't give a shit as long as it doesn't cut into their entertainment. Actually, if giving shit cuts into entertainment, they'd rather not give any.

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by ledow (#47796387) Attached to: Wi-Fi Router Attack Only Requires a Single PIN Guess


I didn't personally use Wifi until it had been in place, with an encryption system that had proven itself, for a number of years before I trusted my networks and data to it.

WEP was broken, so I reset the clock. WPA was compromised so I reset the clock. It was only WPA2 that has proved difficult to "simplify" the problem by using real, proven encryption schemes rather than making-one-up-as-we-go-along.

Common bloody sense.

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