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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 237

My parents used to have an dialup account, but they were forced to spend more and switch over to ADSL when AOL stopped providing dial-up modem pools. Still kept the old email account. With an old PC, their routine used to be; switch on PC, go into the kitchen, put the kettle on, put the toaster on, wait for the kettle to boil, wait for the toast to be ready, make some coffee, make the toast, have breakfast, go back to the PC, wait for the login screen to appear, dial into AOL, wait for a modem to be free, feed the cats, feed the dog, wait for the email to download, read email, send reply, do stuff for the rest of the day.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 237

Microsoft lying about minimum requirements.
The question is why?

Honestly, when machines had 4MB of RAM, but Windows was almost useless on it ... it was assumed it was largely because they wouldn't admit to real requirements.

They've been notoriously optimistic about actual requirements for years .. including Vista.

You can likely blame marketing for trying to downplay just how much it really needed.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 2) 237

Boo hoo .. the multi-billion dollar corporation who spends billions of dollars annually can't maintain product releases and instead has decided the world gets to be their beta testers as they go to a shitty rolling release of incomplete software they've announced they'll force people to get.

I'm sorry, are we supposed to feel sorry because MS no longer wishes to to proper release engineering and life cycle management of their products? All so they can jam ads and analytics into our machines without our permission?

Fuck that.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 2) 237

Performance wise yes with enough resources it was fine. But the oem's never sold stock systems with "enough" for the entire time vista was on the market.

Well, was that Microsoft lying about minimum requirements, or OEMs ignoring them?

Because, really, way back in the day with Windows 3.11 when machines were sold with 4MB of RAM ... it was still unusable with only one application running.

Companies have been selling Windows machines with too damned little RAM for 25 years.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 3, Informative) 237

In fairness, with enough resources, Vista didn't suck nearly as bad as people said it did .. I ran it on a quad core machine with 8GB of RAM until a year ago, and it was just fine.

But Microsoft has gone from "Vista sucks and Windows 8 was kind of annoying" to "actively not trustworthy" in this -- this is saying "we don't give a crap about what you are willing to let us do, we're going to do it anyway".

Sorry, but, no way this is anything but Microsoft deciding they'll get your data no matter your opinion.

Comment Surprised? (Score 3, Insightful) 237

Is anybody surprised by this?

Microsoft has pretty clearly telegraphed they don't give a shit about what the people who own the machines want, and they're going to do whatever the fuck they want.

That Microsoft is doing this is surprising in no way to me.

Microsoft simply can't be trusted to not just do what they please here.

Comment Re:freedom (but only for those we like) (Score 1) 50

This. Exactly this.

The correct answer to people spouting bullshit is to call out their bullshit. Don't silence them by squelching them, silence them by showing them that they are wrong, that they are not the "vocal minority that dares to say what others only think", but that they are a loudmouth few who babble what everyone else knows is BULLSHIT.

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