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Comment: Re:a microscopic black hole won't hurt you (Score 1) 122

by HiThere (#49787035) Attached to: Prospects and Limits For the LHC's Capabilities To Test String Theory

Are you sure? ISTM that it would initially prefer either electrons or protons, and when it had swallowed a couple of them it would repell any more. (Electrons are smaller, so it might prefer them, but they are also more uncertain as to their position, so it might prefer a proton.)

So say it swallowed an iron nucleus. This would give it a strong positive charge, so it would repell any additional nucleus. The question is could it also swallow electrons, or would they go into orbit around it?

*My* guess says that it would need to be sufficiently larger that gravitational effects would dominate over electromagnetic effects. OTOH, since 6 picometers is around 1000 times the size of an iron nucleus perhaps I'm overestimating the problem. That said, what's going to slow it down? This is an accelerator, so even if it created something with the mass of Mt. Everest, it wouldn't be at rest, and would, in fact, be moving far above escape velocity.

Comment: Re:"Annoying ads" (Score 3, Insightful) 191

by hairyfeet (#49786685) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

Actually their acceptable ads (which you can turn off with a single checkbox and they even offer the option on first install) is exactly what I've been saying for years should be the only ads allowed due to security concerns,

1.- Static only (no Flash or Java, but they go one further and put no animations like GIFs), 2.- No "pop up/ under" ads blocking content (which is more likely to cause the user to click to try to move it, thus making it a good target for a malware link) but again they go farther with actual size requirements, 3.- Ads have to be clearly labeled as ads (so no fake security dialog boxes or images the user might click on concealing ad links) and yet again they go farther than I came up with by rules for borders and a bunch of rules for hyperlinks.

So as long as advertisers follow these rules? The odds of an ad based malware attack drops right off the chart. All your usual threats, third party flash, fake links, etc are removed from the equation. Most of us have no problem with the sites we use having a few adverts to stay afloat but what we DO very much have a problem with is putting users at risk for the profit of website owners. the ABP acceptable ads rules seems to address this concern and goes above and beyond so ATM I can really find no fault with the system.

Comment: Re:What a guy (Score 1) 343

by Opportunist (#49786481) Attached to: Obama Asks Congress To Renew 'Patriot Act' Snooping

If that's recovery, I don't want to see what your economy would look like if it was in the dump. Your "recovery" is yet another bubble, with the printing press pretty much propping you up and the fact that you can, by holding the de facto international currency in your hands, essentially tax the world by forcing them to keep your inflation artificially low so they don't sit on worthless toilet paper (aka dollar reserves).

Seriously, if the US was any other country, their rating would have bombed by now due to an economy that can not support the amount of money being pumped out aimlessly.

Ok, not true, it ain't aimlessly. But aimed at the by some margin wrongest targets. Instead of trying to use that money to help your economy recover, you prop up failed banks and failing businesses that are deemed "too big to fail". Mostly because a government take over is anathema to your economical dogma, so you pump money into corporations which is not used to create jobs or spur the economy but is siphoned away by those that actually caused all this. And these people are still not held accountable for it, quite the opposite. They're pretty much assured that no matter how much they damage the economy and abuse it for their personal gains, we'll bail them out.

That's hard to trump. I'm not convinced that it can't be done worse, I'm actually pretty sure a Republican could come up with some ways to fuck this up even worse. But I hope we can agree on this being kinda far away from any sensible solution to the problem at hand.

Comment: Re:Disappointing (Score 2) 83

by afidel (#49786371) Attached to: Microsoft Edge To Support Dolby Audio

LOL, more like it's audio for people who care about the quality of audio. I use the DTS HD-MA or TrueHD track with my receiver in pure direct mode so that I don't get all sorts of crap filtering and can just listen to the audio as it was intended to be presented (and how you'd hear it if you saw the movie in a theater, though generally with fewer tracks)

Comment: Re:View from a patent holder ... (Score 1) 76

by HiThere (#49785645) Attached to: Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Patent Troll

Given how bad many issued patents are, I feel that it's the presumption of validity that is the mistake. And that the baby being thrown out is a baby predator...which we would be vastly better off if it were killed.

There actually *is* a good case to be made for certain patents, but for such a small percentage that with the current system even eliminating all patents would be a net gain.

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