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Comment Re: oversupply of labor (Score 1) 214

You're pulling numbers out of your ass.
The reason people like me are "fighting" is that we're walking and talking existence proofs that there really is opportunity for those who are willing to work. And people like you seem to believe that it's all well and good to steal from us in the name of some sort of enlightened collectivism informed by demonstrably false statistics and at-best shaky reasoning. Which is to say that we're calling bullshit on your sloppy thinking.

Comment Re:Why does every story need a villian and a victm (Score 1) 214

1. We live in a free society. That means new ideas don't need to go through the town hall filter before being implemented.
2. Oregon. No the "occupiers" aren't in the right. But without digging in more deeply, I'm not going to assume that a government reg from a hundred years ago has (or had)the kind of popular mandate you automatically assume it does.

Comment Re: oversupply of labor (Score 1) 214

Societies don't treat anyone like anything. Societies don't have volition and responsibility the way individual people have volition and responsibility. Maybe that'll change in the future when we're all Borgified into one hive mind with a single Benevolent Queen to tell us what's what, but until then, we're all individuals and we all have dignity, agency, and responsibility for our own choices in life, and it's morally wrong to deny or degrade those, no matter how warm and fuzzy your motivation is.

Comment Re:It's a lack of perspective (Score 1) 214

Round up the homeless you say? OK. If you've ever seen or dealt with the homeless in any way beyond reading about them in the news, you'll know that almost all of them are on the street because they have mental disabilities that have nothing to do with their income. You could tax everyone at 99% and give it to the homeless but they'll still be on the street pissing themselves because they need to be institutionalized (which I'm OK with paying for out of a tax hike) instead of subsidized.

Comment Re:Why does every story need a villian and a victm (Score 1) 214

because the republicans fucked it up.

Nice memory you got there. Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote because the Democrats had a supermajority in the Senate at the time. Now you could make the valid point that since Liberal Massachusetts elected a Republican senator who campaigned and won on a platform of stopping Obamacare in its tracks* and was about to take his seat and kill that supermajority, Republicans "screwed it up" by forcing the Democrats to rush it to a vote and pass it. But that's a very very very tenuous way of blaming use for your incompetence at consensusbuilding and legislating in general.

*I know this because I voted for the man for precisely that reason.

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